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Delivering Devils Starfield Walkthrough - How to Get Percival Out of Debt

Jessica Dillon

"Delivering Devils" iconDelivering Devils is a faction quest in Starfield that sends you on a search for a missing scientist. While the quest is rewarding, there are three different paths you can take to complete it, two of which cause you to miss out on a major reward. The guide below goes over how to find Percival and what route you should take to pay off his debt if you want to earn the "Pick-Me-Up" iconPick-Me-Up recipe.

You will need to find the missing scientist Percival Walker on Mars.

Delivering Devils Starfield Walkthrough

Delivering Devils is the third main mission in the UC "Vanguard" iconVanguard quest line. This quest will activate as soon as you complete Grunt Work and is given by Commander Tuala at the MAST headquarters in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis on "Jemison" iconJemison in Alpha Centauri. This quest will take an hour or two for you to complete if you choose to do things the hard way, but it’s worth it for the rare reward.

Where to Find Percival in Starfield

You will be sent to find a man named Percival at "Cydonia Central Hub" iconCydonia Central Hub to hand over the Terrormorph sample. To start, head to the "Cydonia" iconCydonia Central Hub on "Mars" iconMars. Once inside, make your way to the "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority, and follow the room around the back to find "Oktai Enbayar" iconOktai Enbayar. When you ask him about Percival he will reveal that he doesn’t know where he is and that he owes him a considerable debt. You are then tasked with helping to find Percival so that you can deliver the Terrormorph sample safely.

Clearing Percival’s Debt in Starfield

Once you finish up, take the elevator down to the Sixth Circle. Once you enter the bar, a man will speak with you, before refusing to give you any more info. From here, talk to Lou, the bartender to learn about Percival’s debt. Lou tells you that if you can clear the debt that they will help you find them. At this point, Lou will tell you that you can either pay it off yourself, at the cost of 21,867 Credits, or enter the server room and use hacking to erase the debt altogether.

(1 of 7) You will need to visit the Cydonia Central Hub on Mars.

After the conversation ends, another NPC named Cambridge will call you over from the other side of the bar. Speaking with him reveals that you can deal with the problem by clearing out the Spacers from a nearby mine and bringing back some research information. Either way, you will have to clear the Spacers out of this area to complete the quest, so this may be the best way to go. If you wish to get things over quickly though, then just head back to Oktai and pay off the debt. This will make you miss the Pick-Me-Up Drug recipe that comes with doing Cambridge’s amount. This recipe can increase your carry weight for 15 minutes making it an important reward.

How to Find The Server Room in Cydonia

The server room is easy to find, just head to the Broken Spear, it’s a bar on the same floor as the Trade Authority. Once there, head through the door behind the bar, and follow the path pack until you come to a door. The door has an Advanced Lock, so you will need to have your skill leveled up to get in. Once you do, simply go over to the computer and erase Percival’s debt. After this, speak with Oktai and then head back to Lou to learn Percival’s location.

How to Retrieve The Research For Cambridge - Best Delivering Devils Route

The best route to take is Cambridge’s as this is also the area where you will find Percival at the end, meaning you will need to fight through the Spacers no matter the path you take. You will need to head to the Red Devils HQ on Mars. This is an abandoned mine that is close to Cydonia. Upon approaching the area several Spacers will attack you, wipe them out, and then head inside. The mine isn’t a huge dungeon so proceed forward with a bit of caution as there are a lot of Spacers hiding around every corner. You will need to clear them all out before you will be able to collect the research.

For the most part, this shouldn’t be too hard as this isn’t a high-level mission. Once you make your way through the mine and wipe out the last Spacer, you will need to head into the lab. Once there, use the intercom to call Cambridge, he will tell you to grab a mining laser that’s on the table behind you and go back into the mine to collect a sample of the rare mineral. The sample is located just outside the lab, so it will only take a few seconds to mine.

Once you are back in the room, place the sample in the cutter and wait for it to process, once it’s done collect the sample. Go back to the intercom and call Cambridge to report the news, he will tell you to grab the keys on top of the cutter and take the nearby elevator to the service. Once this is done, return to him at the Sixth Circle to show him your findings, after a bit, he will give you the information you need to wipe out Percival’s debt. Head back to the Trade Authority and show Oktai your findings to erase the debt. You now need to head back down to speak with Lou who will tell you that Percival’s hiding in the Red Devils HQ.

(1 of 10) The Red Devils HQ is located a short walk from Cydonia.

Go back to the mine and follow the markers until you reach Percival. You will go into a new part of the mine and eventually see him sitting on some steps in front of his labs. Once you talk to him he will start to examine the sample. After learning that it’s a dangerous mutation you will both head back to the Sixth Circle to speak with Hadrian. After a chat, you will be sent to the next mission in the quest line, "Eyewitness" iconEyewitness.


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Pick Me Up doesn’t increase carry weight permanently. The tooltip for the drug says it’s a 15min duration.

Jessica Dillon (Staff)

We updated the article, thanks for catching this!

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Pick Me Up doesn’t increase carry weight permanently. The tooltip for the drug says it’s a 15min duration.

Jessica Dillon (Staff)

We updated the article, thanks for catching this!

View Entire Discussion (2 Comments)

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