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Sam Coe Romance Guide in Starfield

Craig Robinson

"Sam Coe" iconSam Coe is the space cowboy companion players can get their hands on in the main storyline of Constellation. As you progress through the main storyline, you will eventually unlock the companions in the game. You can opt to take one on your journeys with you once you get them as active companions. Sam Coe is one of the earliest ones you can get, if you so choose to, meaning you can get to roaming Sam Coe fairly early on. Here’s a closer look at a** Sam Coe romance guide**, to assist you with the journey from cowboy to homewrecker.

Here is a walkthrough including tips and a general theme on how to get the Sam Coe personal quest and Romance options in Starfield.

How To Romance Sam Coe in Starfield

You’re on track to romancing Sam Coe in Starfield when you unlock the Flirt Option.

Sam Coe is a companion you can unlock after completing the mandatory "Sarah Morgan" iconSarah Morgan companion main story quests. Once you return with the artifact in question, you can get a lead to "Akila City" iconAkila City, which allows you to meet space cowboy, Sam Coe, one of the heirs of the founders of the Freestar Collective and Akila City, in the garden of the Lodge. From then on, you need to do the following to romance him:

  1. Go to Akila City in the Cheyenne Star system.
  2. Follow the questline which leads you to Sam’s family estate and get the map.
  3. Go to Empty Nest and retrieve the artifact.
  4. Fight or persuade the Shaw gang to leave you alone.
  5. Return to the Lodge with the Artifact.
  6. Once that’s done, you can get an activity to speak to Sam Coe again.
  7. Proceed through the dialogue to get the flirt option with him. It’s typically around 3 dialogue choices in the conversation.
  8. If you opt to flirt, then you can proceed to build up a rapport with him with enough flirty conversations as you progress through the game
  9. After enough flirting, you can eventually get a personal questline with Sam, leading to a divorce of his wife.
  10. If you’ve romanced him enough, you can get the quest to get into a romance with Sam Coe. You’ll go full home-wrecker with his wife, and if you’re male, a bit of Brokeback Mountain too.

To unlock the first Flirt dialogue option after the Sam Coe main storyline quest, you can do the following. These are the options we took to see the Flirt option pop up, but, there could be other ways:

  1. Such an honor. You should see my diary.
  2. Well then, I want my miracles.
  3. Serious parenting thoughts.
  4. You should then get the flirt option at the bottom of the next dialogue option.

Sam Coe Liked That

Engage with Sam Coe’s dialogue options, be interested in his backstory and his family, and chances are he will like it.

If you want Sam Coe to like you more as you build rapport with him to get those new dialogue options to flirt, always try to make him like you.

  1. The best way to do this is to engage Sam Coe with openness about his family, thoughts, and what it means to be a Coe. You get a few of these options when you meet him after finishing Sarah Morgan’s quests, all the way too bringing back his artifact.
  2. He also seems to like it if you treat Cora well. - You’re aiming to be her step parent, after all.
  3. Let Sam Coe do Sam Coe dialogue options as he’ll approve of you letting him speak.
  4. He also seems like a more lawful neutral character, in that he’s okay doing cowboy stuff as long as it means doing good when it comes to the more side quest options in the game and when you have dialogue options.

This is the general theme of how to increase approval with Sam Coe in Starfield, to make it easier to romance him.

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