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The Persuasion Skill in Starfield - Increasing Your Persuasion Success

Shane Williams

Once you’ve created your character and have begun your Starfield Adventure, you’ll notice that you can unlock a variety of skills which will improve your combat and exploration experience. However, a lot of these skills won’t become useful until you start increasing their level and to do that you’ll need to complete certain challenges. This page will provide you with the necessary tips to level up your "Persuasion" iconPersuasion Skill.

Passing Persuasion Checks will become easier if you fully rank up the Medicine Skill.

What Does The Persuasion Skill Do in Starfield?

Whilst you’re progressing through the large variety of main/side quests that Starfield has to offer, you’ll meet some interesting NPC’s and your dialogue choices could change the outcome. Sometimes one of the options requires you to persuade the person you’re talking to by choosing the correct options, but until you start leveling up this skill, the chance of successfully persuading someone is very low. So you’ll want to always create a quick-save before you initiate the conversation in case you fail. If you level up this skill, then the chance of success of persuading someone is increased by 10% each rank.

Level Stat
1 10% increased chance of success when persuading someone.
2 20% increased chance of success when persuading someone.
3 30% increased chance of success when persuading someone.
4 50% increased chance of success when persuading someone.

How to Level The Persuasion Skill in Starfield?

Before you can start leveling up the Persuasion Skill you’ll need to unlock it and that can be done by heading on over to the social category and using up one of your skill points. Alternatively, you can choose a background at the start of the game that comes with it already unlocked, such as Diplomat, Industrialist, Sculptor or Space Scoundrel. In order to level up this skill and reach rank 4 you’ll need to successfully persuade someone in a conversation 50 times.

Once you select the option that’s tagged with Persuade, you’ll be given four choices that are marked with 3 colors and these are essentially the difficulty rating, so Green is most likely to work but as a result you won’t get many points towards your target. Yellow is essentially a 50/50 chance and will give you an average amount of points and finally Red which is extremely unlikely to work, but if it does, then you’ll get a lot of points which will most likely pass the check.

You’ll see how many points points you’ll need to to pass a persuasion check as well has many attempts that are available, but until you start leveling this skill you’ll want to use consumables or equipment to temporarily increase your chance of successfully persuading, such as "Sparkling Wine" iconSparkling Wine which will give you a 10% persuade chance for 5 minutes or the Fitted Business Suit which gives adds a 10% increase to your persuasion success.

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