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Best Ships For Sale - Narwhal Location and Stats

Nathan Garvin

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your hands on new starships in Starfield; you’ll get numerous free ships as part of various questlines (including the Frontier during the first main quest) and you can board and hijack enemy vessels. Whether gifted or stolen, you can further diversify your armada by purchasing upgrades for your ships, turning a generic pirate ship into something more accommodating.

Should you possess significant funds and simultaneously lack the desire to fuss around with the game’s robust Ship Builder feature, however, you can just purchase new vessels from various ship vendors, and perhaps none of the ships for sale can compare with the "Narwhal" iconNarwhal. This page will cover how to find and purchase the Narwhal in Starfield, and provide information about the Narwhal’s stats and components.

(1 of 5) Travel to the Volii system,

Where to buy the Narwhal in Starfield

The Narwhal is sold by Veronica over at the Ryuji Tower in "Neon" iconNeon. To get there, you’ll need to travel to the Volii Alpha in the Volii system and land at Neon. Once on foot at the landing pad, cross a bridge to reach the city, or rather, an elevator to the city. Disembark and turn left and follow the street to reach Ryujin Tower at the end - it’s easy enough to identify by the red interior. Continue to the far end of the lobby and take an elevator up to Taiyo Astroneering, then head downstairs to find Veronica Young, who peddles starships on behalf of Taiyo, including th mighty Narwhal. This behemoth boasts many tantalizing features, especially for lower-level characters, including over 2,000 hull, nearly 1,000 shields, and a reactor with 36 units of juice. You won’t be able to build anything comparable until you’re over level 40, so this will be an anomalously powerful ship for much of the game, but it has a price tag to match; purchasing the Narwhal will set you back a whopping 450,000 credits (give or take a few thousand).

Narwhal Stats and Components

Unless you’re a relatively high level, the Narwhal’s stats may come as a shock - little else in the game can compete with it. If you dabble in building your own ships and keep them upgraded, however, you’ll start to notice a clear progression as new components are unlocked as you level up. Still, the Narwhal is composed of components you won’t see until you’re over level 40, as evidenced by its stat screen in the purchase menu. Not every detail is made obvious until you purchase the ship, however, and that’s a big ask just to see exactly is under the hood, so we’ll list that information for you below:

The big draw for the Narwhal is its excellent Class C reactor, featuring plenty of power and hull.

Narwhal Reactor Stats

Reactor Class Power Generated Hull Crew Capacity
Pinch 8A Reactor C 36 1950 3

A heifer of a reactor, and one of the Narwhal’s most appealing features. It accounts for most of the ship’s hull (as reactors tend to) and gives a whopping 36 power. It’s a Class C reactor, however, so you’ll need four ranks in the "Piloting" iconPiloting skill to make this bird take to the skies.

Narwhal Grav Drive Stats

Grav Drive Class Jump Thrust
J-52 Gamma Grav Reactor C 50

Featuring a massive amount of Grav Jump Thrust and, you know, who cares what else this Grav Drive has? Jump Thrust is the top feature of a Grav Drive and this one has oodles of it. With the ship’s mass weighing it down, this gets you a range of 30 LY. The ship also has 4x 400G He3 Tanks installed for a total of 560 fuel - this is probably at least twice as much as the ship really needs, and you’ll increase your mobility if you dump some of it.

The Narwhal’s engines consists of 2x Nova 1000 Engines and 2x Nova 1020 Engines, neither of which are particularly good.

Narwhal Engine Stats

Engines Class Max Power E. Thrust M. Thrust
Nova 1000 Engine B 3 12,870 3,375
Nova 1020 Engines B 3 16,080 3,720

The Narwhal has an array of two Nova 1000 Engines and two Nova 1020 Engines, the former of which are, frankly, budget engines that don’t belong on a ship of this stature. None of these engines have great Maneuvering Thrust, and that along with the Narwhal’s mass leaves it with a mediocre 58 Mobility. You can improve this by ditching some mass (some of those fuel tanks won’t be missed), buying some better engines (there are plenty of models that offer both superior Engine Thrust and Maneuvering Thrust). Downgrading the storage on the Narwhal will also help.

Narwhal Shield Stats

Shield Class Max Power Max Shield
"Odin 3040-C Shield Generator" iconOdin 3040-C Shield Generator C 9 995

While its stats may wow new players, the "Odin 3040-C Shield Generator" iconOdin 3040-C Shield Generator isn’t all that special, possessing a bit on the higher end of the typical statline of 100 shields per 1 max power. You can get models with 1600 shields at the cost of 12 max power, which is simply better.

The Narwhal’s weapons leave something to be desired, especially the pulse lasers.

Narwhal Weapon Stats

Weapons Class Range Fire Rate Hull DMG Shield DMG
"Marauder 115N Railgun" iconMarauder 115N Railgun (x2) C 800 1.5 65.83 19.63
"Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser Turret" iconBlaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser Turret (x2) C 1,250 4 8.39 26.24
Tsukisasu 40k Missile Launcher C 4,250 1 86.09 86.09

A fairly standard array of weapons, the potent twin "Marauder 115N Railgun" iconMarauder 115N Railguns are mounted on a Nova Weapon Mount under and protruding from the cockpit, giving the ship its name. These are joined by a pair of "Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser Turret" iconBlaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser Turrets, which, like most turrets, are a nuisance that only fire if enemy ships are to your flank, and are prime for replacement in our opinion. Topping that off is a Tsukisasu 40k Missile Launcher, which provides a punch to an otherwise suspect arsenal.

Narwhal Hab Stats

In addition to all the big fancy bits like engines and reactors and weapons, the Narwhal is comprised several Habs, which comprise the ship’s interior and add various features like Crew Stations, beds and crafting stations. Specifically the Narwhal is comprised of the following habs:

  • All-in-One Berth
  • Captain’s Quarters
  • Computer Core
  • Control Station
  • Infirmary
  • Living Quarters
  • Science Lab
  • Storeroom
  • Workshop

The real winners here are the Control Station (4 Crew Stations), the Infirmary/Science Lab ("Pharmaceutical Lab" iconPharmaceutical Lab, "Research Lab" iconResearch Lab) and the Workshop ("Weapon Workbench" iconWeapon Workbench, "Spacesuit Workbench" iconSpacesuit Workbench, "Industrial Workbench" iconIndustrial Workbench), which should give you all the crafting stations you can have onboard a ship. In addition the All-in-One Berth and the Captain’s Quarters should provide some creature comforts, like bed and a Galley. There are some redundant parts, but sometimes sacrificing a bit of mass to improve the cosmetics is a good thing. Besides, if you need to cut weight, there are better options - like that Galleon S204 Cargo Hold, which constitutes nearly 20% of the ship’s mass.

If you manage to buy the Narwhal early, you can bully enemy ships for quite a long time.

Narwhal Stats Overview

Fuel Hull Cargo Reactor Crew Jump Shield LAS BAL MSL
560 2118 1760 C - 36 7 30 LY 995 25 131 86

All in all, the Narwhal is a fantastically good ship for low-level characters, and if you save up enough money to buy it you’ll likely have a competitive advantage over other ships your level for quite a while. At closer inspection, however, it’s merely a very, very nice reactor bundled with some less compelling components - shedding some of the fuel and downgrading the cargo will make it more combat-ready, as will swapping out some of the weapons (especially those laser turrets). You’ll probably need to level a bit before you can get around to upgrading the shield and engines, but those are less than ideal, as well.

If you want to just build your own ship, or you want more details on what some of these stats do, check out the following pages:

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