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All Crimson Fleet Faction Quests and Rewards

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a full list of all Crimson Fleet faction quests and their rewards in Starfield. You’ll also find links to full walkthrough guides for each quest, with in depth explanations for every choice and consequence!

During this questline, will you choose to side with the Crimson Fleet or the UC SysDef?

How to Start the Crimson Fleet Faction Questline

In order to start the Crimson Fleet faction questline, you’ll need to find a way to join them. There are three ways that you can go about joining the Crimson Fleet, but all three options will result in you first having to work for the UC SysDef as an undercover agent and this will start the "Deep Cover" iconDeep Cover quest. You’ll be tasked with infiltrating the Crimson Fleet and when you do this, you’ll get the choice to continue working undercover or become a double agent. Head over to our guide on how to join the Crimson Fleet for more information!

During this questline, you’ll join the Space Pirates and work with them to uncover Kryx’s Legacy. Eventually, players will get to choose whether they ultimately side with the pirates or with the UC SysDef, but first you’ll need to make your way through the following quests:

Mission Link Reward
"Deep Cover" iconDeep Cover Walkthrough 4,800 Credits.
"Burden of Proof" iconBurden of Proof Walkthrough Momento Mori legendary weapon; 1,400 Credits per Evidence (20 in total).
"Rook Meets King" iconRook Meets King Walkthrough 5,800 Credits; the Pirate Swashbuckler Gear.
"Echoes of the Past" iconEchoes of the Past Walkthrough "UC Prison Shuttle" iconUC Prison Shuttle ship; "Keelhauler" iconKeelhauler legendary weapon; 7,800 Credits.
"Breaking the Bank" iconBreaking the Bank Walkthrough 3,000 Credits (if you get the ES Award for Naeva)
The Best There Is Walkthrough 9,600 Credits.
Absolute Power Walkthrough 12,400 Credits.
Eye of the Storm Walkthrough 8,400 Credits.
Legacy’s End Walkthrough 250,000 Credits.

Are you done with the Crimson Fleet and looking for more Factions to join? Take a look at our other faction guides below:

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