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Best Stealth Weapons in Starfield

Craig Robinson

Stealth is one of the more iconic playstyles in Starfield, thanks to the combat bonus operating as a sneaky spy offers. The damage bonuses via the stealth perk to suppressed weapons, followed by the sneak attack damage bonuses of Concealment enable for a proper stealth build. So, to match the playstyle, here’s a closer look at the Best stealth weapons in Starfield, offering players the best tools for the job.

Best Stealth Weapons in Starfield

(1 of 2) If you are looking for the best sniper rifle in Starfield, then the Dispondant Assassin is the best weapon for that playstyle.

If you are looking for the best sniper rifle in Starfield, then the Dispondant Assassin is the best weapon for that playstyle. (left), This is perhaps one of the best stealth weapons in Starfield for the early game if you can spare the 27k credits. (right)

However, some weapons are much more suited for the job of a stealth flavor weapon. The examples we think are worthy of noting are as follows:

  • "Unmitigated Violence" iconUnmitigated Violence: The Unmitigated Violence weapon is a unique legendary lazer rifle that you get from the main story. When you start reaching the final third of the campaign, you will find that you have some choices to make. If you take the pathway that can be best described to Constellation getting its revenge, then you can get this weapon. The reason you want it is because of the Instigating weapon perk, which doubles damage to a target if its on full HP. If you turn this weapon into a sort of lazer stealth assault rifle, then you will get the damage bonuses from "Stealth" iconStealth, "Concealment" iconConcealment, and all other weapon skill damage multiplies from "Lasers" iconLasers, "Rifle Certification" iconRifle Certification, and the third and fourth rank of "Sniper Certification" iconSniper Certification for its scope modifiers. With all of that on top of the Instigating perk, then you can deal some incredible multiplicative damage with your weapon to annihilate someone, more than any other legendary in the game. For this reason, we think its the best stealth weapon in Starfield, allowing you to abuse that Sneak attack bonus with all these multipliers for some bonkers numbers.

  • "Despondent Assassin" iconDespondent Assassin: This is another legendary weapon you can get, which is a dedicated sniper rifle. The weapon is an award for starting a quest chain in "Akila City" iconAkila City, starting with a guard called David Wilson near the barrack on the left of the general store and up some steps. The weapon is awarded from completing the side quest chain that begins at that barracks, starting with the quest, Defensive Measures. The reason why you want to consider this weapon is for the following reasons. The first is the side quest chain can be done at any level, with the weapon reward scaling with your level. The other is that it has three perks, which are Anti-Personnel, which increases damage against humans by 10%, and Hitman which increases damage while aiming to by 15%. Combine these two perks together, and you get a great sniper rifle for doing a fairly decent damage multiplier. The only thing missing is the weapon doesn’t come with a suppressor, but, you can mod that on later, since it has 2/3 mods on by default, offering a slot to suppressor to make it very fitting to a stealth sniper build.

  • "Marksman's AA-99" iconMarksman’s AA-99: This is a marksman rifle available for purchase from "Centaurian Arsenal" iconCentaurian Arsenal, located in the "Residential District" iconResidential District of "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis. Head inside the store, near to where the high-rise apartments are, and buy the rifle for around 27000 credits or so, depending on trade discounts and other such factors. This weapon comes with a Short scope, suppressor, and the Hitman perk for the 15% damage increase while aiming. It’s a decent rifle to get fairly early on that has everything you need to get a stealth build rolling. It deserves an honorable mention on this best stealth weapons in Starfield list.

  • Stealth or Assassin named weapons in stores. These weapon tend to have damage bonuses to certain target type, or come with built in suppressors on the weapons. It can be any type of weapon too, ranging from "Drum Beat" iconDrum Beat, Old !Earth weapon, "Equinox" iconEquinox, and many others. This means you can go to a store, find a stealth weapon in Starfield, and be good to go. The RNG of this happening is somewhat uncommon, as the store rotates around every 48 hours in game.

This concludes our list of best Stealth weapons in Starfield. Again, there’s many to choose from, but these are the ones that stand out the most for both early and late game options for stealth builds. If you feel there’s another weapon worthy of making it onto the best stealth weapons in Starfield list, then let us know in the comments below!

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