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Red Tape Blues Walkthrough - How to Become The Executive's Assistant

Jessica Dillon

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of quests to do around the cities of Starfield. While "Cydonia" iconCydonia may be focused on mining, there are quite a few problems for you to look into. One of them focuses on providing the miners with better gear; to do this though, you have to embark on a three-part quest starting with Red Tapes Blues. The guide below goes over how to complete "Red Tape Blues" iconRed Tape Blues and become the executive assistant in Starfield.

Red Tape Blues is part of a three part quest series.

How to Start Red Tape Blues

This is a tricky mission to start as it hides itself as an activity, before quickly changing into a full-blown mission. To start Red Tape Blues, head to Cydonia in the "Sol System" iconSol System, it’s on "Mars" iconMars. You will want to go straight back and down the stairs to the mining zone. Standing near the front of the mining section near some mine carts is an NPC named Trevor, when you talk to him he will offer you a side job of collecting resources to help him meet his team’s quota officially starting the quest line.

How to Become The Executive’s Assistant, Deimos Test Answers

Once Trevor has you get up with the first quest, pull out a "Cutter" iconCutter. In the area around you are several spots where you can mine "Iron" iconIron, you will need ten to complete this part of the quest. If you have your quest markers on, then Iron Deposits will automatically be marked in the area. Once you have gathered ten Iron, go to the mine cart in front of Trevor and deposit your haul inside. Go and speak with him again and he will tell you that you need to apply for the executive assistant position with "Deimos" iconDeimos.

To apply for the position, you will need to fast travel to "Deimos Staryard" iconDeimos Staryards, it’s in the same system so it won’t take long to find it. Once there, dock and enter the staryard. You will see a computer a short way in that’s marked, interact with it, and choose to look at the job posting for the executive’s assistant. You will now begin a test to see if you qualify for the position. This part isn’t that important as you will ensure you get the job one way or another, but here are the best answers to give on the test.

  • 5 - 10 Years experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Trick question. Executives aren’t allowed to drink on the job.
  • Offer drinks, Apologize, and assure that the executive will return soon.
  • Use the company credits to immediately charter an expensive luxury craft.
  • Take the info to the board of directors so they can handle it.
  • Contact security and let them deal with it.

If you choose a higher degree or amount of experience you won’t be seen as a great candidate as the company doesn’t seem to want someone overqualified. After you finish up this portion of the quest, return to Cydonia and speak with Trevor again. He will give you the password for the Deimos office computer in Cydonia, head up the steps and go to the office, the computer is in the back left corner and is easy to spot as soon as you walk in. No need to worry about sneaking either, you can walk right up to it and use it since you have the password.

(1 of 11) Speak with Trevor at the Deimos mining site Cydonia.

Once you’re in the system you can see how well you did on your test and read the other applications to see how they stack up. The best thing to do here is to go ahead and delete every other candidate from the system. Once you choose this option, head back to Trevor he will tell you that he just received an email from Deimos and that you got the position as the executive’s assistant, congrats. You will now start the next part of the quest line, "Red Tape Runaround" iconRed Tape Runaround.


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