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Where is House Va'Ruun? Can You Join The Faction in Starfield?

Jessica Dillon

House Va’ruun is made out to be a major player in Starfield’s politics, but finding them is tricky. If you’re lucky, you may have come across a Va’ruun ship in space or even met a Va’ruun Zealot enemy on a random planet. For the most part, though, it seems that House Va’ruun has all but completely disappeared from the known systems. The guide below goes over where to find House Va’ruun and if you can join the faction.

The House Va’ruun embassy in New Atlantis is almost completely abandoned and overrun with plants.

Where Can You Find House Va’Ruun in Starfield

House Va’Ruun is a hot topic as they are one of the three major factions tied into Starfield’s story, but seem to be missing in action. Originally House Va’ruun was one of the causes of the Serpent’s Crusade, a war in 2,240 where the faction launched an all-out war against the rest of humanity. After the war came to a close, and leadership surfaced, the embassy that you can find in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis popped up, but after the Colony War, the faction all but completely vanished.

You can find some followers of The Great Serpent still around, like "Andreja" iconAndreja, but even they have no idea where House Va’Ruun has gone, they are simply not really present in the game. The only major exception to this rule is a man named Bal’mor who is still present at the New Atlantis embassy. Lore in the game explains that House Va’ruun has gone into isolation and the location of Va’ruun’kai, the faction homeworld is currently unknown. This has caused a bit of confusion as a woman with a faction-like design was shown in the Starfield presentation during the Starfield Direct wearing serpent jewelry, but as of writing this is nowhere to be found in Starfield. The only other evidence of the group is the Va’Ruun Zealots that will randomly appear in space, but even these are rare.

Can You Join House Va’Ruun in Starfield?

You can join house Va’ruun if you choose the Serpent’s Embrace trait at the start of the game. This will give you unique Va’ruun dialogue options that pop up when speaking with other followers. Sadly, outside of this, there is no way to join the faction or interact with them. The skill itself does revolve around constantly using grav-jumps, possibly hinting to why House Va’ruun themselves are so hard to find in Starfield.

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While House’ Va’ruun may not be the faction line you were hoping for, there are still tons of things to do in Starfield.

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