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Crippling Combat

In-game Description

Specifically targeting the pressure points and nerves of various limbs can disable an opponent, limiting their combat effectiveness.

Category iconRank 1

+30% chance to down humans

Category iconRank 2

+50% chance humans don’t recover from down

Category iconRank 3

Humans enter downed state earlier

Category iconRank 4

100% more damage to downed enemies

Skill Rank

Icon for <span>Crippling - Rank 1</span> Crippling - Rank 1, Icon for <span>Crippling - Rank 2</span> Crippling - Rank 2, Icon for <span>Crippling - Rank 3</span> Crippling - Rank 3, Icon for <span>Crippling - Rank 4</span> Crippling - Rank 4

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