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The Medicine Skill in Starfield: Increasing Your Healing Potency

Shane Williams

Once you’ve created your character and have begun your Starfield Adventure, you’ll notice that you can unlock a variety of skills which will improve your combat and exploration experience. However, a lot of these skills won’t become useful until you start increasing their level and to do that you’ll need to complete certain challenges. This page will provide you with the necessary tips to level up your "Medicine" iconMedicine Skill.

Healing will become a lot less stressful if you fully rank up the Medicine Skill.

What Does The Medicine Skill Do in Starfield?

There are three key items to heal yourself in Starfield and that includes "Med Pack" iconMed Packs, "Trauma Pack" iconTrauma Packs, and Emergency Kits. However, until you start leveling up this skill, the amount of health these items restore isn’t great so you’ll have to use a couple at a time to get full HP and this could be tricky to do during combat. If you level up this skill, then the potency of the healing items will be increased as well as the speed it takes to use them will be decreased.

Level Stat
1 "Med Pack" iconMed Packs, "Trauma Pack" iconTrauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 10% additional Health 10% faster.
2 "Med Pack" iconMed Packs, "Trauma Pack" iconTrauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 20% additional Health 20% faster.
3 "Med Pack" iconMed Packs, "Trauma Pack" iconTrauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 30% additional Health 30% faster.
4 "Med Pack" iconMed Packs, "Trauma Pack" iconTrauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 50% additional Health 50% faster, and have a chance to cure an affliction.

How to Level The Medicine Skill in Starfield?

Before you can start leveling up the Medicine skill you’ll need to unlock it and that can be done by heading on over to the Science category and using up one of your skill points. Alternatively, you can choose a background at the start of the game that comes with it already unlocked, such as Combat Medic, Cyberneticist or Sculptor. In order to level up this skill and reach rank 4 you’ll need to use healing items 100 times while wounded.

If you’re trying to level up this skill as quickly as possible, you’ll want to try and get yourself in combat situations which be done by visiting mines, exploring planets to find hostile creatures, then you’ll want to lower their health until they are one shot and allow them deplete most of your health before finishing them off. Here you can use multiple healing items at once, so using 100 items will be done in no time. However, you’ll need the items to do this, so be sure to purchase healing items from vendors and pick up any that are left laying around in random settlements.

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