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Every Starfield Starborn Power and What They Do

Jessica Dillon

Once you are far enough in Starfield’s main story, you will begin to acquire powers known as Starborn Powers. These allow you to perform what is essentially a form of space magic. Each power has to be unlocked, and they are all gated behind the game’s main story. While you don’t need to find them all unless you want to, each one is useful in its own way. The guide below goes over every "Starborn" iconStarborn power in the game and what it’s used for.

Using the Anti-gravity power to levitate a Va’ruun zealot.

Every Starborn Power in Starfield

There are a total of 24 Starborn powers to find in Starfield. You will start off with "Anti-Gravity Field" iconAnti-Gravity Field in the Into The Unknown main quest, and then begin collecting more powers as you go to the various temples in the game. In order to get them all though, you will need to keep playing through the main story and gathering artifacts.

Power Cost Effect Temple
"Alien Reanimation" iconAlien Reanimation 35 You can reanimate a defeated alien to fight for you. Temple Phi
"Anti-Gravity Field" iconAnti-Gravity Field 45 Create a zone where enemies float helplessly into the air for a short bit of time. Temple Eta
"Create Vacuum" iconCreate Vacuum 25 Rips O2 from enemies, causing health damage over time. Temple Gamma
Creators’ Peace 25 Causes enemies to stop using their weapons for a short period of time. Temple Nu
"Earthbound" iconEarthbound 15 Change the gravity in the area to match Earth’s can be used to cause enemies to fall down. Temple Epsilon
"Elemental Pull" iconElemental Pull 25 Extracts nearby resources and pulls them towards you. Temple Psi
"Eternal Harvest" iconEternal Harvest 25 Causes plants near you to regrow. Temple Lambda
"Grav Dash" iconGrav Dash 15 Send yourself hurling forward while briefly increasing your damage. Temple Zeta
"Gravity Wave" iconGravity Wave 25 Sends out a pulse of gravity to send nearby enemies flying. Temple Beta
"Gravity Well" iconGravity Well 45 Traps and crushes nearby enemies. Temple Delta
"Inner Demon" iconInner Demon 35 Duplicates your enemy and forces them to attack each other. Temple Upsilon
"Life Forced" iconLife Forced 25 Drains health from an opponent and adds it to your health bar. Temple Pi
"Moon Form" iconMoon Form 35 Causes your character to stand still while greatly increasing your damage resistance. Temple Rho
"Parallel Self" iconParallel Self 45 Duplicate yourself to help in battle for a short duration of time. Temple Sigma
"Particle Beam" iconParticle Beam 15 Allows you to shoot out a particle beam to damage nearby enemies. Temple Omega
"Personal Atmosphere" iconPersonal Atmosphere 45 Creates Oxygen to allow you to breathe easily for a short amount of time. Temple Alpha
"Phased Time" iconPhased Time 45 Slows time for a short duration of time. Buried Temple
"Precognition" iconPrecognition 35 Use to see an NPC walk path, or how they will react to certain dialogue choices. Temple Iota
"Reactive Shield" iconReactive Shield 35 Creates a shield that will bounce back attacks at enemies and increase your damage resistance. Temple Tau
"Sense Star Stuff" iconSense Star Stuff 15 Let you see nearby living creatures. Temple Chi
"Solar Flare" iconSolar Flare 25 Use solar energy to set nearby enemies on fire. Temple Theta
"Sunless Space" iconSunless Space 35 Allows you to shoot out ice freezing any hit lifeforms. Temple Kappa
"Supernova" iconSupernova 45 Cause an AoE explosion in the area around you. Temple Xi
"Void Form" iconVoid Form 45 Allows you to become invisible for a short duration of time. Temple Omicron

Additionally, you can upgrade powers after obtaining them for even more powerful effects. Quantum Essence can also be used to help chain power combos together quickly, you will be able to obtain it after defeating your first Starborn enemy.

Best Starfield Starborn Powers

With 24 powers to choose from, it can be hard to choose which Starborn Powers are the best. Each of the powers above has their own usage, but some are easier to fit into your rotation than others. For instance, "Elemental Pull" iconElemental Pull is great if you enjoy mining for resources, but for players more interested in the game’s combat or just buying the items they need, it’s not going to do much. The list below goes over each power that we believe is the most useful in Starfield, and what situations they are best used for. Keep in mind that if you like combat powers like "Solar Flare" iconSolar Flare and "Sunless Space" iconSunless Space will also easily fall into this category for you as they can deal a high amount of damage.

Anti-Gravity Starborn Power

The very first power you get is among one of our top recommendations. The ability to suspend your enemies helplessly in mid-air during battle is way too helpful to pass up. This can help you get extra damage on a tough enemy or control a crowd of enemies that have all attacked your character at once.

Creator’s Peace Starborn Power

This is an extremely useful power that may not stick out to you at first. Creator’s Peace causes enemies around you to simply stop fighting, even if you hit them afterward, they won’t reengage until the abilities timer runs out. This can help you disarm a camp of Spacers or cause the patrol to stop attacking you after you’ve been caught stealing in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis.

Precognition Starborn Power

This power is a must for any player as it can help you map out the best choices during a conversation. It’s especially useful during faction quests, where you are given multiple routes of completion in the dialogue. On top of that, you can even view an NPC walking pattern, which while not as useful generally, is still a really cool feature to use.

Reactive Shield Starborn Power

A good shield is always a must in games and can be a complete lifesaver. By using Reactive shield at the right time, you can stave off damage and increase your damage resistance at the same time. Best of all, it can help you take down enemies by sending their attacks hurling back at them.

Void Form Starborn Power

The power of turning invisible is nothing new to Bethesda games and is always one of the most useful powers. Whether you need to use it to get into a better combat position, slip away from guards, loot a shop blind, or get out of a tense situation, turning invisible is a magic staple. This is a versatile ability that can be used in and out of combat to make your life in space much easier.

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