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Almagest Station Casino: Jackpot Combination Solution

Seren Morgan-Roberts

If you’ve found yourself wandering to the far corners of the Starfield universe, you might have come across The Almagest station casino in the "Olympus System" iconOlympus System. This abandoned casino is home to some Spacer enemies, but you’ll also find riches within the casino vaults. This page gives you all the details on how to find the hidden casino vault and how to open it using the manager’s secret Jackpot Combination!

Where to Find The Almagest Casino

The Almagest station is a space station orbiting the planet "Nesoi" iconNesoi in the Olympus System. When you get close enough to the station you can dock onto it by targeting it. This station once acted like a casino but has since been abandoned!

The Almagest is a station that orbits Nesoi in the Olympus System.

Once docked, head inside and you’ll be greeted by Spacer enemies in the foyer area. There’s low gravity on this station so you’ll need to float around and try to shoot at the enemies - combat in low gravity can be a pretty interesting experience!

Before we can grab the abandoned riches that this casino has to offer, however, we’ll need to find the Combination number!

How to Find the Jackpot Combination

To find the combination number for the Jackpot, locate the bar area in the middle of the station then head east. There are a fair few Spacer enemies at around level 8, so if you’re a bit lower leveled consider bringing some extra med packs!

After heading left, boost yourself upwards to reach the upper area in the central part of the station. There’ll be a Level 14 Spacer Punk enemy awaiting you, so be prepared to get out your best gun to face this guy if you’re a lower leveled.

The Spacer Punk might pose some issues for lower levelled players!

We found that the enemies in this station dropped some great loot, including a Legendary dagger, but since loot is randomized we can’t guarantee that all players will be so lucky!

Once you’ve cleared out all the enemies, locate the Manager’s office on the upper central floor of the station and head into it via the door on the side. In here you’ll find some safes that you can digipick (A Novice, Master and Advanced lock). And opposite the safes, you’ll find the Manager’s Computer. Open it and click on the Jackpot Combination file on the left side of the monitor.

This file has the Jackpot combination: 12, 19, 36, 5.

(1 of 3) First you'll need to fight your way through the casino to find the manager's office.

How to Find the Jackpot Backend

Now you have the Jackpot Combination, it’s time to find the actual Jackpot! Head back down to the bar area, then proceed to the east again, but this time heading as far down as you can go.

In the room full of casino screens, you should spot an open vent on the back wall. Head into it and fly up into the room above. Here, you’ll find the Jackpot Backend. Interact with it and you’ll need to put in the Combination in order: 12 then 19 then 36 then 5.

(1 of 3) Find the vent on the bottom floor of the station.

Upon inputting the correct numbers, you’ll receive 3,700 XP. In this room you’ll also find some contraband in a chest. It’s worth a lot of money but if your ship gets scanned entering certain settlements, you might get in trouble for having them on your person/ship! Take them at your own risk! After grabbing the Jackpot credits you can head back to your ship and leave Almagest Casino behind.

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