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The Best There Is: Huan Daiyu, Ensign Uniform & ComSpike

Seren Morgan-Roberts
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This page offers a guide on how to complete the "Crimson Fleet" iconCrimson Fleet faction quest, "The Best There Is" iconThe Best There Is in Starfield. You’ll find information on where to find Huan Daiyu, how to get an Ensign Uniform and whether you should betray Huan to get the ComSpike!

How to Start The Best There Is

This quest is started immediately after finishing Breaking the Bank, the fourth Crimson Fleet mission. During that mission you uncovered the vague location of the Legacy Ship and now Delgado needs you to steal a top piece of kit from the UC called “ComSpike”.

After speaking with the UC SysDef team at the end of "Breaking the Bank" iconBreaking the Bank, return to "The Key" iconThe Key and speak with Naeva and Jazz. Your first task is to locate Huan Daiyu, who’s going to smuggle you aboard the SY-920 UC ship so you can find the ComSpike.

Naeva will tell you to meet with Huan Daiyu who can smuggle you aboard the UC ship.

Once you’re done talking to Naeva, head over to "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis to find Huan Daiyu at "The Well" iconThe Well bar at the Spaceport. When you talk to Huan, she’ll tell you to meet her at her the Jade Swan ship which is docked at the Spaceport.

Huan also mentions that you won’t be able to fast travel to and from the SY-920 once you’re on board, so make sure you’ve got all your gear ready - though if you’re going stealth mode on this quest, you won’t have need for weapons.

When you’re ready, head over to the Jade Swan spaceship and speak with Huan again once you’re on board. Again, she’ll reiterate that there’s no going back until this mission is complete so make sure you’re ready to go before you say yes. Whilst you’re waiting around to get ferried to SY-920, you can actually loot the Captain’s Locker found near the cockpit for a whole host of Credits, weapons, ammo and more!

How to Sneak around SY-920

Before you board the ship, Huan tells you that you should grab yourself a uniform to help blend in. She also mentions using the vents to keep a low profile, and they can be useful for bypassing security clearances in a pinch. We found it surprisingly easy to make our way around the “heavily-guarded” UC military ship without being caught. All we had to do was persuade the initial guard to let us find our ensign uniform and we were pretty much good to wander around the ship wherever we pleased (provided we got security codes etc). Didn’t even need to do all that much sneaking!

Just another UC Grunt…don't mind me!

If you’re looking to stealth this mission, we recommend avoiding any risky lockpicking of doors and weapon cases if there are people nearby as this might trigger some hostility. Also just don’t speak to anyone you don’t need to - it’s not worth it!

Where to Find an Ensign Uniform

So, as you first try to exit the initial docking area, a military officer will stop you and you’ll have to persuade him that you forgot your uniform. It’s a pretty high check (the highest we’ve seen so far!) with 8 bars to clear to succeed. We only have one skill point in persuasion but managed to luck our way with some high risk persuasions. If you succeed, you can pass through and find a uniform in one of the bunker rooms. We equipped Ensign Ziremi’s Uniform, and make sure you know the name of the uniform you’re stealing and equipping as you’ll need it for later!

(1 of 3) The persuasion check is quite high and if you've got no points in persuasion it might be tricky.

If you don’t succeed on the check, then unfortunately, you’re going to have to do a few more things to be able to grab yourself an ensign uniform. Stop talking to the military officer and walk nearby some of the Cargo Haulers in the cargo area. They’ll be talking about a guy called Elijah who’s looking for a maintenance key card. Once you’ve triggered that optional quest objective you can head down to the lower area using the lift and pressing the down button.

Speak with Elijah and he’ll mention that a guard has a maintenance key. Head just round the corner and you’ll find a UC Marine leaning on some machinery. There’s a maintenance key card right behind him, but you’ll have a hard time stealing it without getting caught. Instead, speak with the marine and tell him that Elijah is searching for him. Then as he’s walking away you can swipe the card.

Get the marine to leave so you can steal the keycard.

Now you have the card, you can head over the locked door across the room and up the steps. Then pass through into another maintenance room to locate the vents. Follow the vents all the way up and around to pass into a locker room. Careful heading out of this room as there’ll be guards around. Wait for them to pass down the hallway then sneak out slowly to head to one of the uniform locations. If they see you they’ll become immediately hostile so be patient here. As I mentioned earlier, the persuasion check route is definitely the easier method but there’s some element of luck to that. As soon as you’ve found a uniform, equip it immediately to stop the guards from opening fire on you!

So, now that you’re all dressed up, you’ll need to make your way to the Command Bay - the door is nearby the officer that stopped you in the cargo area. At the door to the Command Bay area you’ll get stopped by another security officer but now you have your uniform on, you can say that you’re reporting to the Command Bay for duty and he’ll let you pass on through. In this next room, just head over to the elevator and take it up to the Command Bay. You can open the elevator by using your ID card on the card reader to the right of the doors (it came with the stolen uniform).

Now you’re in the Command Bay, you can optionally speak to Huan on the intercom outside the elevator. She’ll mention you need a clearance code and she suggests a computer in the security office. In this next area head to the left and then through a set of doors to find the security office. To get into the Clearance Code Computer, you’re going to need to pass a Novice pick lock check. If you don’t have any digipicks or you fail the check and run out, you can just use the vents nearby to pass the checkpoint clearance.

If you want to use the clearance code, however, you’ll need to check the name on your stolen uniform. There are three sets of clearance codes and they correspond to the starting letter of the officers’ surnames. So, we got Ziremi’s uniform and had to memorize the Q-Z clearance code.

(1 of 2) Use the Clearance Code Computer to obtain the right code

Use the Clearance Code Computer to obtain the right code (left), then speak with the officer to let you through (or just use the vents!). (right)

Once you’ve got that, head over to the clearance checkpoint officer and hand him the correct code. Nothing bad happens if you get it wrong so don’t worry about everyone immediately turning hostile!

Next up, you’re looking to get more intel on the ComSpike. Head through and run over to a room full of tech equipment. Interact with the Data Access Computer and open the project file for ComSpike. Then, upgrade your security clearance and also find out about the project lead. You’ll now need to find a man called Dr. Gabriel Vogel in Engineering Bay 4.

Follow the marker over to an elevator and take it to Engineering Bay 4. On this next floor, you’ll have another optional objective to speak with Huan. If you do, she’ll mention that you’re gonna have to find your own way off the ship and she isn’t gonna hang around for you!

After talking with her, head down the stairs and locate Dr. Vogel’s office. Once you’ve talked to him at length about the ComSpike being attached to a ship, you’ll eventually get the option to either persuade him that you should be the test pilot, or you can opt to betray Huan and get the ship that way.

The Best There is: Should you Betray Huan Daiyu?

So, should you betray Huan or just try to persuade him that you’re a test pilot? Well if you betray Huan, she won’t die or anything but she will not be pleased that you blew her cover and ruined one of her most lucrative smuggling routes. Delgado won’t be too pleased either, but there won’t be any major consequences just a mild telling off during the dialogue. The SysDef also seem to like you even more if you betray Huan, so if you’re siding with SysDef over the Fleet, consider taking that route.

(1 of 2) Will you betray Huan or persuade Vogel that you're a new pilot?

Will you betray Huan or persuade Vogel that you're a new pilot? (left), The latter option is a pretty reasonable persuasion check. (right)

Alternatively, if you like Huan and want to do the job right by Delgado’s standards, you’re gonna have to pass a "Persuasion" iconPersuasion check. It’s not as high as the last Persuasion check with the officer, as you’ll only need to pass 6 bars. When you do succeed, he’ll give you the passcode to access the prototype ComSpike ship at Docking Bay 8. And if all else fails and you really don’t want to betray Huan, you can try to pickpocket the passcode and port 8 keycard from Vogel (won’t be easier than passing a persuasion check though!).

Before going to the ship, grab the SY-920 Pilot suit from a room nearby. Just head through the door at the back of Vogel’s office, then take the vents into another room and the suit will be on the bench up ahead. Equip it and then make your way to the locker room nearby, as we’re going to be bypassing the next security clearance. Find the vent and travel through until you pop out on the Docking Bay level. Make your way over to Docking Bay 8 and use your ID Card to activate the door, then hop into the prototype ship.

As soon as you start piloting the ship the UC will become hostile and send a bunch of ships out to shoot you down. You can stay and attempt to fight, but this ship’s lasers and ballistics aren’t that great so you’re better off just grav jumping immediately to The Key.

The UC will become hostile upon realizing the Prototype ship is launching without authorization.

When you arrive at the Key, you’ll need to speak with Huan first and depending on your choice she’s either gonna be angry with you or sing your praises and hand you a drink! After speaking with her, go over to the controls room to talk with Delgado and Naeva.

Your next task will be to find the electrical absorption tech in "Neon" iconNeon, but before you can begin the next quest, "Absolute Power" iconAbsolute Power, you’re first going to have to report back to Commander Ikande. If you didn’t kill anyone aboard the UC military ship he’ll commend you for your stealth, and will be even more pleased if you betrayed Huan.

Being a snitch is a hard job…too much traveling involved.

At the end of the mission, he’ll reward you 9600 Credits, and you’ll also get the Achievement/Trophy The Best There Is.


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If you Persuade the Scientist that you are his test pilot you actully get a Optional Objective to register the Comspike for a test flight, Doing so lets you fly without triggering an attack

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If you Persuade the Scientist that you are his test pilot you actully get a Optional Objective to register the Comspike for a test flight, Doing so lets you fly without triggering an attack

View Entire Discussion (1 Comment)

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