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Sowing Discord Guide: Influence Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa

Matt Chard

Sowing Discord is the fifth mission in the "Ryujin Industries" iconRyujin Industries faction quest line in Starfield. This assignment leads you to the "Astral Lounge" iconAstral Lounge where you’ll need to use your smarts to sway a deal between Infinity LTD and Quantum Synergies. Read below to find out the best way to convince both Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa against Infinity.

Sowing Discord will have you persuade both Arthur and Zola to not deal with Infinity LTD.

Talk to Imogene

As always, this mission will begin immediately after the previous mission, Access is Key by talking to Imogene on the Operations floor of Ryujin Tower. For this mission, Imogene wants you to head to the Astral Lounge in "Neon" iconNeon to sway Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa against Infinity LTD ahead of their upcoming meeting with them.

Before you rush on to complete the mission, you can ask Imogene about Arthur Cruz, and Zola Adisa, and you can also read the dossiers on them to help you persuade them to see that the deal is bad for them. Also, she will give you a Fitted Business Suit which will increase your persuasion chance by 10% which is extremely useful for this mission, so equip it to help with future persuasion checks. When you’re ready, exit the tower, and head to the opposite end of the strip where you’ll find the Astral Lounge.

(1 of 3) Imogene will give you two dossiers, one for Arthur, and one for Zola.

How to Influence Arthur Cruz

You can find Arthur in Booth 1 on the second floor of the Astral Lounge which is the first door to your right after exiting the elevator. When you approach him, you’ll want to impress him enough to go against Infinity LTD. You can use the dossier below to get to know him better.

Exit the elevator, turn right, and enter the first booth on your right to find Arthur.

  • The first notable choice you’ll need to make is when he asks if you are here on behalf of Infinity LTD. Either persuade him (random chance) or tell him that if you wanted to work in tech, you’d choose Ryujin as this both dismissed Infinity outright while complimenting Ryujin at the same time, win-win.

  • Although he recognizes the weight Ryujin has, he knows that not all of it is good to which you can respond with “It’s the cost of maintaining high profits and innovation”. Arthur loves nothing more than high profits.

  • Finally, Arthur will ask your opinion on Infinity and the only real choice will be to persuade him not to deal with them. Before you do that, leave the conversation, make a quick save then persuade him. Now, if you’ve read the dossier, you’ll know that telling him their profits are fabricated and one audit would ruin them should scare him off a little. Now, tell him that Ryujin’s profits are 25% higher as well as better quality, and that should be the nail in the coffin for Infinity LTD.

(1 of 4) Choose either to persuade Arthur, or select the bottom option.

Here is what is on the dossier for Arthur Cruz:

Notable Relationships

  • None. Arthur is a Self-Made Man.


  • Charismatic and Friendly.
  • Obsessed with facts and details.
  • Always wants to increase his net worth.
  • Financial Security is the end all be all.

Talking Points

  • Infinity LTD profits are fabricated. An Audit would ruin them.
  • Ryujin’s profits are 25% higher despite offering a better product.
  • Infinity LTD has bad legal and marketing teams.
  • Ryujin = Financial Security.

How to Influence Zola Adisa

You can find Zola sitting on a couch at the back of the club, on the first floor. When you approach her she’ll immediately notice your suit. You are wearing the suit, right? Use the dossier below if you need refreshing on what her likes/dislikes are. Like Arthur, you need to convince Zola that Infinity isn’t the right fit for her.

Zola can be found on the first floor at the back of the club.

  • Now tell her that you’re here for a little bit of both when asked if you’re here for business or pleasure, and she’ll tell you she’s here for the same thing.

  • Next up, tell her that she must be here for business with Ryujin. She knows that Infinity LTD is a budget version of Ryujin, so that’ll make her a little embarrassed.

  • This will lead to a persuade option which you should take, but leave the conversation first, make a quick save, then try. First up, tell her that Infinity LTD is a cheap version of Ryujin. Then tell her that Infinity LTD lacks a clear vision with constant reorganization. This should be enough to make her change her mind about Infinity.

(1 of 4) Select the top option when you speak to Zola for the first time.

Here is what is on the dossier for Zola Adisa:

Notable Relationships

  • Mother is a retired CFO for Inception Technologies.
  • Sister is in Public Relations for Centauri Mills.


  • Narcissist. Obsessed with public perception.
  • Professional. Appreciates professionalism in manner and appearance (Wear your suit!).
  • Loves Innovation/being part of something new.
  • Believes in top-quality products.

Talking Points

  • Infinity LTD is a budget Ryujin Industries.
  • Infinity LTD doesn’t innovate, but copies.
  • Infinity LTD lacks a clear vision.
  • Always praise Quantum Synergies if you have the chance.

Switch Nina Hart’s Presentation

One last thing to do, and it’s a lot simpler than it looks. Nina’s presentation is on the floor up, so head to the elevator and go to the VIP balcony. When you exit the elevator, follow the hallway left until you reach the open area with the VIP Booths. Nina’s presentation will be in the booth to the left. Head over to the booth, pick the lock (novice), and enter the room. Walk over to the glass table in front of the door and switch over the presentation. That’s it, job done.

(1 of 2) Nina's presentation can be found in the VIP booth on the second floor. This can be found by heading left when exiting the elevator.

Nina's presentation can be found in the VIP booth on the second floor. This can be found by heading left when exiting the elevator. (left), Unlock the door, and switch the presentations. (right)

Return to Imogene

All that’s left to do is let Imogene know that the assignment is complete and that it went off without any hitches. This will complete the quest, and you’ll get your rewards before she immediately gives you the next mission, "Accidents Happen" iconAccidents Happen.

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