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Background Checks Walkthrough: How To Stealth Through Ryujin Tower

Shane Williams

"Background Checks" iconBackground Checks is the ninth mission of the "Ryujin Industries" iconRyujin Industries faction quest line in Starfield. This assignment will require you to infiltrate the Ryujin Building to plant a program. Read below to find out the best way to navigate the Ryujin Offices undetected.

Nyx is trying looking to all the suspicious activity at Ryujin Industries.


There are a couple things you’ll want to do to make before attempting this quest to make it easier, such as stock up on Digipicks by purchasing them from the "Jemison Mercantile" iconJemison Mercantile store back on "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis as these will allow you to hack various panels throughout the building and turn off the lights. You’ll also want to upgrade the "Security" iconSecurity Skill so you can digipick advanced locks at least and the "Stealth" iconStealth Skill so you become harder to detect.

How to Start The Background Checks Faction Quest in Starfield

Before you can start the Background Checks Quest you’ll need to complete the previous quest, Top Secret and you can do that by following the steps on our Top Secret Walkthrough: Retrieve The Projection Dominion Files in Starfield. Upon completing the mission, head down the the lower floor of the executive offices and speak with Dalton to get your next objective. After discovering there’s a mole within the company he has tasked you with infiltrating the building without being seen to plant a program on Ularu’s Computer, so you’ll want to track down Nyx to get your hands on this program.

Where to Find Nyx in Starfield

Once you’re back outside, follow the path ahead until you reach the Spaceport Terminal, then take a right and take the elevator to Ebbside. From here, proceed into Madame Sauvage’s Place and speak with Nyx who can be found sitting at a table on the left. You’ll now need to get hold of the program, but Nyx will only give it to you by doing a favor that involves planting the program on a second employee’s computer or by paying up 2,500 Credits. Alternatively, you get the price down for 1,000 Credits by choosing the “Persuade: I’m pretty sure that price is negotiable”.

(1 of 3) Persuade Nyx to give you the program

You’ll want to create a quick-save before attempting to persuade Nyx, as you’ll have to earn six points within three turns so you can reload if you fail. If you keep failing, then consider leveling up the Persuasion Skill to increase your success rate. Regardless if you’re able to get the price down or not, we recommend that you pay the fee as getting to Nyx’s computer undetected is hard enough so you don’t want to add a second objective. With the program in your possession, exit the building and head left then work your way up to the top of the stairs and interact with the button to create a bridge with the container.

How to Reach Ularu’s Computer Undetected in Starfield

Slowly walk across the beam and use the container to reach the opposite side and enter the Ryujin Industries HQ. Before you go any further you’ll want to equip the Novablast Disrupter so you can temporarily take down any guards that spot you and unequip your space suit so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Head through the vent and climb up into the vents above, then quickly open the panel door and interact with the switch to power down floor lights. Drop down into the room ahead and you’ll find your first guard looking towards the wall.

(1 of 3) Use this hatch to enter the vent.

Make sure you’re crouched and slowly walk around the center beam, then open the door and run the Drone Demo as this will distract the two guards up ahead. Whilst the guards are busy talking about the bot, follow the path around to the right and take the stairs all the way up to the top. From here, enter the first room on the right and climb up into the hatch, then enter the small room on the left and power down the next set of floor lights. Continue following the vent around and drop down via the next hatch, then wait for the guard to look in the opposite direction.

Sneak up towards him and shoot him with the Novablast Disrupter and go through the door to the right then work your way around the vent and drop into a room with a bright red light. Go through the door and slowly make your way down the stairs, then enter the vent on the right wall and digipick the panel to turn off another set of lights. Climb up through the next hatch and wait for the robot to make its way over to the right, then head into the room on the left and work your way up the stairs when the guard walks into the room.

(1 of 4) Wait for the guard to look in the opposite direction before taking him down with the disrupter,

At the top of the stairs, shoot the guard with the Novablast Disrupter and climb up into the vent on the right, then follow the path around and take the exit at the top. Walk along the beam and enter the vent on the opposite side, then digipick the panel if you’re able to bypass Advanced Security Level. From here, you’ll want to drop down and head up the stairs, then shoot the guard with the Novablast Disrupter and make a dart for Ularu’s Computer.

Return to Dalton

Interact with it and select the Rover file then climb up through the hatch and follow the path around to reach a vent that’ll lead you outside. Take the elevator down and walk back across the container and return to Nyx by following the waypoint, then wait for them to check the data. Finally, return to Dalton and give him the information and you’ll learn that Imogen the mole and the quest to a close.

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