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Best Starfield Traits For All Playthrough Types

Craig Robinson

Starfield has many traits, offering players a closer look at some of the more role-play options. Mostly, these are all character flavor themes, rather than OP stats, or specialities. So, this page aims to highlight the best-case usages of every single one. Also, note that some are incompatible, so it’s also something else to consider. With that said, here’s a closer look at the Best Traits in Starfield, how to use them, and some potential combos at the bottom of the page.

Best Starfield Starting Traits

Here is a look at the best Starfield Traits for a variety of playthroughs, playstyles, or role play settings. Image via Bethesda.

Mostly, the Starfield starting Traits are the themes you want your character and playthrough to be about. There are some dialogue and lore-altering ones, some modifying your character background relating to family or housing. This is why we recommend the traits for the best-case scenario, rather than min-maxing builds with them. We’ll break the Traits down into themes, largely because certain themes and options lock you from other traits too.

Evolutionary Traits

  • "Spaced" iconSpaced - Spaced is the best trait if you plan on spending more time in space. This is the best Starfield trait for those wanting to do space piracy, intergalactic trading, or other themes like that. You get buffs to health and Oxygen in space, but get debuffs to them when you arrive on planet surfaces.
  • "Terra Firma" iconTerra Firma: You get Health and Oxygen buffs when on planets, but debuffs when in space. This is likely the best trait for players going Free Star collective, or those doing Homelander and outpost-themed playthroughs.

Both of these traits will lock you out from picking the other one. These traits are only really good for playthroughs that intend to spend more time in space or on planets. Otherwise, their debuffs might not be worth the buffs. You should largely avoid these starting traits unless you have a campaign goal in mind.

Personality Traits

  • "Extrovert" iconExtrovert: You use less Oxygen when adventuring with human companions, but use more when by yourself.
  • "Introvert" iconIntrovert: You use less Oxygen when alone, but use more when with human companions.

The best use of these Starfield traits, is largely build or theme dependent. If you’re using a stealth sniper build, then Introvert is a good option here. However, if you like bringing companions and engaging with that content, then Extrovert is a good buff to take for your build. Again, selecting one locks you out of the other. Most builds will likely use these in some way or another, depending on personal preference.

Backstory Traits

  • "Alien DNA" iconAlien DNA: Increases base health and Oxygen, but healing and food is less effective.- Decent trait for tanky builds that use Martial Hearts and "Wellness" iconWellness, but not so much for "Medicine" iconMedicine skills thanks to its debuff.
  • "Dream Home" iconDream Home: A niche trait to take. We highly recommend taking this on a new character where you have a strategy in mind for earning credits and a build that is focused on mining planets, trading benefits, and more, otherwise, this could become a problem.
  • "Empath" iconEmpath: Doing things your companions like will award better combat effectiveness buffs. This is a good trait to pair with Extrovert.
  • "Hero Worshipped" iconHero Worshipped: You unlock the "Adoring Fan" iconAdoring Fan, and he can become a companion. For better or for worse. Likely a good trait to take alongside Empath.
  • "Kid Stuff" iconKid Stuff: Your parents are in the game, and you can visit them. You send 2% of your credits to them every week. I niche storytelling trait you can take if you want that content.
  • "Taskmaster" iconTaskmaster: Your ship will automatically repair if one of your crew members is trained for that part of your ship. It is a Good trait for companions and space-themed playthroughs and will likely be one of the best Starfield traits in general.
  • "Wanted" iconWanted: Bounty hunters and mercenaries randomly attack you on your travels. Dropping low health grant damage boosts. This is a really good starting trait for backstory reasons, and it also is a reliable method for boosting your combat builds. Despite its risks, it is likely a trait most players take if they are going for combat playthroughs for added loot, combat bonus and generally more action.

Origin Traits

  • Free Star Collective: The best-starting trait in Starfield for players who want to play with the Space Cowboy faction
  • "Neon Street Rat" iconNeon Street Rat: A Starting strait that makes you more susceptible to higher crime ratings, which is likely the best Starfield trait for criminal playthroughs, or those who want to play Crimson Fleet, or play on "Neon" iconNeon and join the Corpo factions. It also feel appropriate for a Ronin build too!
  • United Colonies: Likely the best starting trait for players who want to play either Constellation or the United Colonies factions.

These are all the best starting traits in Starfield for players with a specific playthrough faction in mind. These grant specific dialogues through the game dealing with these factions and against each other. They are likely the most immersive starting traits if those are your goals. Who doesn’t want more Cowboy or UN lines, or to feel like a more threatening thief or criminal?

Religion Traits

  • "Raised Enlightened" iconRaised Enlightened: Grants a box you can use in the Enlightened Church in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis
  • "Raised Universal" iconRaised Universal: Grants access to a box in the Universal Church in New Atlantis.
  • "Serpent's Embrace" iconSerpent’s Embrace: Grants you combat buffs if you keep jumping. It’s a bit of a joke on players jumping all the time for no reason, but it could be okay for non-boost pack combat builds. It also pairs well with the Gymnastic Skill.

Taking any of these locks you out of the other two options. We have not played much with the religions so far, but when we know more, we will provide more information on what they do, as they seem like the most niche, and potentially the worst starting traits otherwise.

Best Starfield Trait Combos

If you plan on being a pilot, either a Crimson Fleet or UC pilot, then you may consider Spaced as a must-have trait, for example. Image via Bethesda.

You can mix and match the traits however you want, as long as it’s in the compatibility rules. However, we have a few suggestions below of traits to use for various playstyles:

  • Combat Traits: Serpent’s Embrace, Wanted and either Extrovert or Introvert, depending on stealth or no stealth gameplay. Empath is also a decent third option if you want companions but don’t want to deal with introvert or extrovert
  • Companion-focused playthroughs: You could use Extrovert and Hero Worship, as they are flattering trait combos if you like companions. You can also take Extrovert if you want to, or dip into Taskmaster for space stuff. You could even take Empath for better companion relationships.
  • Space Pirates: If you like being a space pirate, Neon Street Rat, Spaced, and Taskmaster are three options that work well with each other. They grant better crime ratings for the role play, better space combat buffs, and better ship-focused repairs for your crew to assist you with space piracy.
  • Trading: Kid Stuff and Dream Home are good options here, as you can spend your playthrough trying to make as much money as possible. These likely pair well with Industrialist, Homelander, or "Diplomacy" iconDiplomacy Starfield Backgrounds as they offer better persuasion, starting trade options, and it pairs well with "Geology" iconGeology skill for better planet mining bonuses.
  • Space Settler: Go either UC or Free Star, select Kid Stuff, and make your character role-play feel more Colonist and family-oriented. The other trait is up to you hat you want it to do.

These are just a few of the options and combos that work well. There are likely many more, but, it all depends on how you want your playthrough to go. Hopefully, these suggestions help you with potential ideas and combos for the best Starfield Traits for your playthrough. And there you have it. You now know how to best use the Starfield Traits for every possible themed playthrough or role-play option.

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