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How to Get Indicite Wafers in Starfield

Craig Robinson

Indicite Wafers is a high-grade crafting material in Starfield, needed to use higher research projects for Spacesuit Mods. However, this material is very hard to come by, as it has a very low chance to spawn across the galaxy. To assist you with this, we are here to offer tips on how to get "Indicite Wafer" iconIndicite Wafers in Starfield.

Indicite Wafers Farms in Starfield

(1 of 2) Players struggling to get these from stores can craft them instead via the Special Projects option.

Players struggling to get these from stores can craft them instead via the Special Projects option. (left), If you're going to craft Indiite Wafers in Starfield, you need to stock up on these via crafting or from more common store purchases. (right)

As it currently stands, Indicite Wafers have an extremely low chance of appearing in stores. However, they can spawn in any of the more misc or general store locations, so players can find them no matter where they go, presuming luck is on their side.

The best places we have seen reported by players are as follows:

Outland sells more complicated crafting items, where you can find things like "Nuclear Fuel Rod" iconNuclear Fuel Rods, "Drilling Rig" iconDrilling Rigs, etc. These items you often don’t find too often, and are used in the research project constructions for more advanced Outpost buildings. So, a high-grade crafting material like Indicite Wafers can appear here too. The other stores on the list are your standard pop-in and get-lucky with their RNG store items so, you may need to do the wait 48-hour local timer trick to refresh stores and hope you get lucky.

Alternatively, players can learn to craft Indicate Wafers if they choose to level up their "Special Projects" iconSpecial Projects to 4. This allows players to craft them in an industrial workbench they can build in their homes or outposts, or stumble upon around major cities and POIs. We understand this is a bit of a commitment, considering you need to level a row 3 skill to 4, then work through special project tasks, but, it’s the only guarantee we are aware of at the moment outside of hoping you get lucky from store rotations.

If you want to craft them, you are going to need the following resources:

The crafting materials to make them are simple enough, with Semimetal Wafer produced from rank 2 Special Projects using 2x "Gold" iconGold, 2x "Antimony" iconAntimony and 1 "Zero Wire" iconZero Wire, all of which can be found in stores fairly often, or farmed from planets and moons.

If neither of these options sounds good, and you still want your Spacesuit 3 research, you may get lucky and skip it. We recommend saving the game before crafting and hope you get sudden developments, allowing you to skip the grind for Indicite Wafers, as sudden developments can grant random resources to the project of any remaining project.

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