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Where to Find Helium-3 in Starfield

Jessica Dillon

Helium-3 is one of the most common resources in the game, and you have most likely either seen it in a shop or listed as a planet resource. That’s not to say that every single planet has He-3, and you’re likely here because now that you’re looking for it, every planet you check comes up bare. The guide below goes over where to find "Helium-3" iconHelium-3, how to safely farm it, and what the inorganic resource is used for in Starfield.

Helium-3 will be kept inside a container in your inventory.

Helium-3 Farming Locations in Starfield

Helium-3 or He-3 as it appears on planet overviews is one of the most common inorganic resources in the game with a rarity value of 0. Helium-3 is a gas that must be harvested from vents. This can be a hazardous process as the gases coming from the vents are toxic. If a player interacts with them for too long, then lung damage will occur prompting you to seek medical help. Additionally, not every vent will have Helium-3, you will need to use your scanner to verify the resource before running into the gases.

If you are into outpost building and can produce a gas extractor, then you can easily harvest Helium-3 from the ground without having to worry about developing a nasty cough that interferes with both your stealth and oxygen usage. Information on building the proper type of extractor and using it can be found in our guide here. Keep in mind that you will also need gas storage in order to keep large quantities of the resource. Here are a few planets where you can find the resource readily.

Planet Location
Curbeam This is a moon located within the "Alpha Centauri System" iconAlpha Centauri System, making it an easy stop after you take off from "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis.
Linnaeus IV-b This is a bit further away as the "Linnaeus System" iconLinnaeus System sits close to the "Olympus System" iconOlympus System. Here not only can you find He-3, but "Aluminum" iconAluminum, "Iron" iconIron, and "Beryllium" iconBeryllium. This makes this a perfect planet for starting outposts.
Tau Ceti I Tau Ceti is the system to the left of Alpha Centauri. This is another great planet as it contains many frequently used resources such as "Iron" iconIron, "Nickel" iconNickel, and "Copper" iconCopper. The planet also hosts a few rarer resources like Palladium and "Platinum" iconPlatinum.

(1 of 3) You can scan a planet to identify Helium-3 hot spots before you land. This will have deposits you can set extractors on top of.

If you stumble upon a planet that says it has Helium-3, be sure to scan it to see where the resource is located and land there. Once you are on the ground you can pull out your scanner to further help you hunt down the resource. The planets above are an easy way to find it quickly. Along with the three planets listed above, you can also easily find Helium-3 for sale around the universe. The "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority is known to sell it, and they have a store and kiosk in every major city. Due to Helium-3 not being a hard-to-find resource, you can usually snap a ton up for a decent deal or just a few credits per individual piece. Even more so if you have the "Commerce" iconCommerce skill which reduces the purchase cost of items with each tier you unlock.

What is Helium-3 Used For?

Helium-3 is mainly used as a fuel source for both cargo links and powering your base. In addition to this, there are three weapon mods where the resource will be needed. While this may not seem like much, due to being a primary fuel source He-3 will play a large role in your outpost and you will need to keep a supply being mined at all times.

Helium-3 Outpost Uses

Helium-3 has a very limited, but very important use in outposts. Helium-3 is used as fuel to produce power within your outpost. This can be done by building the Fueled Generator, which produces 20 power, and keeping it full of Helium-3 so that your base can keep running. This is a great solution as you won’t have to rely on the sun or the wind to keep your outpost up and running.

Helium-3 Cargo Link Uses

Helium-3 is the fuel source that you will need to fuel cargo links. These are the lifeblood of mining and resource-producing outposts as they allow inventory to make its way from your extractors into cargo holds. In addition, once you unlock Manufacturing 1, you will also be able to use "Cargo Link" iconCargo Links to transfer inventory between your different outposts. Helium-3 allows this to happen and can help you create a resource network that can easily trade and fuel with your other bases. For more information on the cargo linking system and how to use it, check out our helpful guide on cargo links here.

Helium-3 Weapon Mod Uses

Additionally, there are a few weapon mod recipes that call for He-3. The red dot sight, laser sight, and foregrip with laser sight weapon mods will ask for He-3. Each of the weapon mod recipes only calls for one container of Helium-3 making it an easy way to better your aim. Outside of this, there isn’t much use for Helium we can find. Given its role in power creation at outposts though, this is a resource you want to harvest in large quantities as it’s a guaranteed way to keep the lights on at your outpost.

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