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Starfield Alternating Currents: Junction Box & Choice Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The Alternating Currents quest in Starfield is a side quest for players who complete the prelude quest in "The Well" iconThe Well. This quest operates the same as the one before it, only this time, you checking in on the "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority and working out why the last box went to it. Throughout this mission, you have an awkward Locate the Junction Box objective in Alternating Currents and a choice for Louisa or Zoe. So, here’s everything you need to know about this awkward quest.

Alternating Currents: Locate the Junction Box

(1 of 3) Go to the engine turbine room and climb the one furthest to the right to reach the locate the junction box objective.

When you get to the Trade Authority, Zoe will ping you that there is another locate the junction box objective for Alternating Currents. To do this, you need to head back over to "Jake's" iconJake’s bar and look for an objective about some pipes. There are two ways to do this.

  1. One is to look for a platform that spans above into the "Jake" iconJake’s Bar slum area. You can follow it along, then look for a second floor above the football goalpost and climb up. From there, look for part of the fence that has broken, and you can climb up to another point, and then jump across to the platform.

  2. Alternatively, go to the power room where all the generators are and climb up the one to the right if you face them all. From here, parkour up the generators until you can reach the raised platform where the Locate the Junction Box objective is.

Once you’re up there, feel free to press the objective button, and go from there. Be warned, the objective is slightly bugged at the time of writing, so it may still say that it needs activating, despite already being activated.

Once you activate the one in the Well, you must go to the "Residential District" iconResidential District on the surface. It is here you get the inkling that there’s a choice to make. Proceed through the mission, go into the Tower it points you towards, enter the floor, lockpick the door, and then download the data from the terminal.

Alternating Currents: Louisa or Zoe Choice

At the end of the Alternating Currents quest in Starfield, you get a Louisa or Zoe choice, which implies there are a few differences.

Now you have the data, go back into the well either via the elevator in the train station below MAST, or via the elevator in the Spaceport near the coffee shop. Now you’re down there, go to the Trade Authority in the Well, and either make the Louisa or Zoe choice to end Alternating Currents.

Some choices have a deeper repercussion that comes later, implying that there could be some changes to the UC Vanguard storyline, or other storylines involving UC or just general reactions. However, we have yet to see anything to confirm this, so note that it may have deeper choices, but it doesn’t seem to be the case for now. If anyone notices anything, please let us know so we can update the page since we did this side quest fairly late.

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