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Juno's Gambit: Save or Destroy Juno?

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details the three endings you can choose from when dealing with the misc quest Juno’s Gambit in Starfield. You’ll find all the information you need on where to find this quest, how to save Juno and/or the Ryujin Operatives.

This mission feels very relevant to today’s issues around AI autonomy…

How to Start Starfield’s Juno’s Gambit Quest

To begin this quest, you’re going to need to make your way over to the Tau Ceti system in the west region of the Starfield, then travel over to Tau Ceti III’s orbit. When you arrive you’ll be met with a Level 12 Ecliptic enemy ship blasting at you. Before you can start this quest, you’ll first need to deal with this ship.

Once you’ve done that though, you’ll overhear some people on the “Mysterious Ship” nearby talking. Line yourself up with the Mysterious Ship and get ready to dock and board it.

(1 of 2) First take out the Ecliptic enemy ship

First take out the Ecliptic enemy ship (left), then prepare to dock the Mysterious Ship (no hailing needed). (right)

After boarding, speak with the two Ryujin operatives and they’ll explain that the AI on the ship has gone rogue and has killed a technician! They ask you to attach a control board to the AI. Juno (the AI) is not happy about this and you’re tasked first with speaking with Juno to learn a bit more about it (…or her?). You can skip all the deep conversations about her past by saying you’ve made up your mind.

Below, you’ll find the three outcomes that you can choose from when dealing with Juno:

Juno’s Gambit Option #1: Side with Ryujin Operatives

So, if you’re looking to side with the Operatives, you can choose to speak with Juno and be firm in your belief that it’s a malfunctioning AI. Juno will try very hard to persuade you out of it, telling you some really deep stuff about humans being machines made of biomass etc. Eventually you’ll get prompted by the Operatives to get it over with and you’ll need to speak to Juno again and choose the option to attach the control board. This will make Juno “change” and shut down. The guys will be grateful for your help and you’ll get to go on your merry way.

(1 of 3) Side with the operatives and change Juno’s code.

The quest won’t finish until you’ve undocked from the ship and started flying away. You’ll hear Juno boot back up and well…she ends up murdering the two operatives. But you’ll get 3,500 Credits for your efforts at least? Now you can rest easy at night knowing there’s a murderous AI on the loose and it’s partially your fault!

Juno’s Gambit Option #2: Side with Juno

The second ending option you can take is to side with Juno. When you agree with Juno that she’s a “person” with real feelings she’ll ask you to remove the male threats from the ship. Here, you can do one of two things: try to speak with the guys or start firing at them.

(1 of 2) Juno wants you to eliminate the Ryujin Operatives

Juno wants you to eliminate the Ryujin Operatives (left), so time to do some killing at the command of an AI? (right)

Upon their defeat (they’re pretty squishy), you can speak to Juno again and she’ll confirm that you’re her friend. She’ll then ask you for a purpose in life, to which you can answer how you see fit.

You’ll need to return to your ship and undock, then you’ll hear Juno boot back up again and she’ll zoom off into space on her little journey of self discovery. How cute!

Juno’s Gambit Option #3: Save Juno and the Ryujin Operatives

The third option, and arguably the “good ending”, is only available if you’ve joined the Ryujin Industries faction (learn how here). After speaking at length with Juno and agreeing that she should be spared from the “change” and the control board, rather than murdering the two guys, you can speak to them instead. If you’re a Ryujin Operative too you’ll get a unique dialogue option that allows you to convince them to leave the AI alone and head back home to "Neon" iconNeon.

(1 of 2) If you’re a part of the Ryujin Industries faction you’ll get a third option

If you’re a part of the Ryujin Industries faction you’ll get a third option (left), save Juno and the Operatives - yay! (right)

All you’ll need to do then is speak to Juno and tell her the good news. You can also give her a life purpose with this ending as well. Then, you’ll need to head back to your ship and undock. You’ll get the same cut scene with Juno as option #2 but to fully complete the quest you’ll have to take the Ryujin Operatives back home to Neon, which is found on Volii Alpha in the "Volii System" iconVolii System. When you land in Neon, it’ll conclude the mission and you’ll get 4,300 Credits (scales to level)! Congrats on saving everyone!

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