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How to Find and Complete Run the Red Mile in Starfield

Matt Chard

At some point in Starfield, sooner or later, you’ll end up at the Red Mile, especially if you’ve been completing missions in Akali City. Even some rumors in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis can lead you there. So, what is Red Mile? Well, Red Mile is a casino-like outpost that is best known for its vicious blood sport that goes by the same name where participants risk their lives for fame and fortune. If you want to risk your life for some paltry rewards, the Red Mile is your place. Read below to find out where to find the Red Mile, and how to complete the Run the Red Mile mission.

The Red Mile is an Outpost on Porrima III, in the Porrima System. Run the Red Mile is a mission within it.

Red Mile Location

The Red Mile can be found on the "Porrima III" iconPorrima III planet, in the "Porrima System" iconPorrima System. From the "Alpha Centauri System" iconAlpha Centauri System, move your reticle directly east, and you’ll find it. To get there, you’ll have to travel through the Olympus and Volii systems before you reach Porrima.

(1 of 3) Head to the Porrima System.

Run the Red Mile Mission Guide

When you land, enter the Red Mile, and you’ll see an NPC called "Mei Devine" iconMei Devine in there. She’ll offer you the chance to compete in the Run the Red Mile competition where patrons can bid on whether the “runner” will make it back alive. For the competitor, it’s a great way to obtain fame and fortune…provided you don’t die. Anyway, talk to Mei, and agree to compete in the competition, and she’ll head to the stage at the back where she’ll make an announcement about your run. Before heading out, talk to the bartender, and purchase as many "Med Pack" iconMed Packs as you can, and movement enhancement drugs such as Amp, "Squall" iconSquall, and Runner’s Rush.

Talking of Runner’s Rush, if you purchase an extra one, you can give it to "Donovan Rhys" iconDonovan Rhys who holds the record for the Red Mile, and he’ll give you some tips (not worth it). Before you attempt the Red Mile, make sure you’re not/won’t get over-encumbered, and make sure you’re stocked up with the items stated above. When you’re ready, head over to the large red door next to Mei, make a quick save, and go through the door. In the next room, you’ll have various workbenches where you can upgrade your weapons and Spacesuit if you want, and make your way down the stairs to the elevator. Take the elevator down, and you’ll be at the start of the Red Mile.

(1 of 4) Speak to Mei to start the mission.

If you look in the distance, you’ll see a tower/beacon. That is the Red Mile and your goal. From here to there, you’ll have to contend with numerous Red Mile Maulers. These vicious creatures have a tendency to charge at you, and attack you with melee, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all they have. They can jump, and they also have a ranged attack that deals damage over time while also slowing you down. Their levels range from 8 to 14, but they have a ton of health, so fighting them can be tedious. Did I mention that they like to fight in packs? No? Well, they do.

In all honesty, it’s a pain to do the Red Mile while defeating every enemy along the path as it can double or triple the time it should take to do it, and if you’re going to be running the Mile 30 times, it’ll get tedious very quickly. Not to worry though as you purchased the movement-increasing drugs and Med Packs, right? When you’re ready, pop an Amp, or drink a Runner’s High and beeline it to the marker. Technically there are three routes, left, center, right, although it doesn’t appear to make much difference, although the left path seemed like it had fewer enemies. Whatever route you choose, don’t just run in a straight line as the Maulers can and will fire ranged attacks at you which can slow you down.

(1 of 2) The tower/beacon at the back is your goal.

The tower/beacon at the back is your goal. (left), These will make it difficult for you to reach it. (right)

Make use of your surroundings when making the dash to the beacon by jumping on the various containers, and rocks as this will make it harder for the Maulers to follow you. Along the path, you’ll find numerous corpses of previous contestants along the trail. They don’t have anything special, but you can get some Credits from them if you choose.

When you reach the beacon, interact with it, then make your way back to Mei. Yes, you need to run back through all those Maulers. If you have a Booster Pack, and by now, you should. You can hover on top of the rocks protruding out of the ground which helps in avoiding some of them. If you have to, or for some reason want to fight the Maulers, a laser weapon works best ("Equinox" iconEquinox/"Orion" iconOrion), but due to their large health pools, and lackluster loot, they’re best left alone.

(1 of 3) Place the Beacon and half the mission is done. Now, you have to get back!

Eventually, when you get back to the Red Mile outpost, head over to Mei for your reward which appears to be a rare shotgun, although it is suggested by the community that this is random, and some Credits.

Run Red Mile Tips

Here are a few tips to make your Red Mile run as easy as possible. Bear in mind that your difficulty will make this easier/harder for you depending on what mode you’re playing on.

  • Use Movement-Speed Drugs/Aid. Stuff like Amp, Runners High, Squall, etc.
  • Bring plenty of Med Packs. Some can be purchased from Sati the Bartender in the Red Mile.
  • Due to the planet having a freezing temperature, there is a chance of getting frostbite if you spend too long out there. Bring "Heal Gel" iconHeal Gel/"Heal Paste" iconHeal Paste on the off chance that you do get it.
  • There are three routes to the beacon, left, center, and right. Left may be slightly easier, but there isn’t too much difference between them.
  • The gravity in Porrima III is 2.01 G which means you’ll consume more oxygen when sprinting.
  • Run to the beacon, ain’t nobody got time for fighting.
  • If you want to fight the Maulers, use Laser Weapons

Is it Worth Completing the Red Mile Multiple Times?

You can do the Red Mile again, after completing a "Freestar Collective" iconFreestar Collective mission, "On the Run" iconOn the Run as it involves Mei. After the second time running the Mile, you can repeat it by resting for an hour and speaking to Mei again. The record for the Mile is 28 times from your friend in the bar, Donovan Rhys. To answer the question, is it worth completing the Mile again, the short answer is no. The longer answer is still no, but if you’re a masochist, and you want to do it for completion’s sake, then you could change the no to a yes. Every time you complete the Red Mile Run, you’ll get a few thousand Credits each time, and when you break the record, you’ll get a rare rifle called the Desperation. Although it’s not a bad gun by any means, it’s not worth the hours of boredom, and time wasted (unless you like this) to get it.


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