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Revelation Walkthrough - How to Complete Starfield's Final Battle

Jessica Dillon

"Revelation" iconRevelation is the second to last mission in Starfield and is made up of several big battles. If players aren’t prepared then they will likely be wiped out halfway through this mission as you will use a lot of ammo and health items. The guide below goes over how to make it to the Buried Temple and defeat the final boss, the Hunter or Emissary depending on your choice in "Unearthed" iconUnearthed.

In Revelation you head to the Buried Temple for the final artifact.

How to Start Revelation

Revelation is the second to last mission in Starfield and extremely straightforward. Once you complete Unearthed, "Final Glimpses" iconFinal Glimpses, and "Missed Beyond Measure" iconMissed Beyond Measure, you will be able to start it. Keep in mind that this is mostly a battle mission, so you will need to be prepared before going to Masada-III. You will also face either the Hunter or Emissary at the end of this mission. If you choose to not side with either of them, then you will fight them both.

How to Find The Buried Temple

Before you even think of going to Masada-III you need to stock up on a lot of weapons, healing items, and ammo. You will essentially be fighting six large battles. The last of which is the game’s final boss battle. There are no puzzles to solve here, and getting lost won’t happen, it’s just a straight-out battle until you reach the location of the final artifact. Once you’re ready jump to Masada-III this is a long way away so you may need to system-hop for a bit. As soon as you arrive in front of the planet you will be engaged by either the Hunter or Emissary. After fighting a short bit, backup will arrive to help you out. Keep in mind that this won’t happen if you choose to side with no one, and you will be fighting both enemies at once.

Once you have run off the main boss and destroyed the ads, you can land on Masada-III. Speak with your teammate of choice outside your ship and then head for the military facility. You can bring a companion on this mission, and we highly recommend you do so. The first encounter has you fighting on the ground and on some high railing on the outskirts of the base. Here you will be fighting a small horde of Starborn, led by Guardian Musa, must wipe them all out before proceeding. Keep in mind that they can teleport around during the fight and you should be fine.

You should now head deeper into the base. Here you will be met with several Ecliptic Soldiers and another "Starborn" iconStarborn, Guardian Athaliah. Wipe out the Ecliptics when they’re in range, but focus on taking down the Starborn. This is a large area and he will teleport around quite a bit. There’s nothing really special about this battle though, so keep fighting until you wipe them out, and be sure to loot any nearby supplies. There should be a keycard on the ground, grab it and use it to head into the base. Once inside follow the path forward and an anomaly will pop-up go through it to see when you first started the game. After a short bit of time you will pop back. Push forward into the next room.

(1 of 16) Masada III is the final stop in your adventure.

This is one of the harder sections of Revelations, you are now in a room with robots, turrets, and Starborn. Try to ignore the extra defenses, and focus on defeating Guardian Tueta and Guardian Rinn. Once they’re defeated, you can enter the control room and shut down the facility defenses. Follow the path forward after it’s safe and you will enter another anomaly. This time you will speak with Petrov and he will attack you. You need to kill him and his crew, but they are incredibly weak. Once you do another anomaly will appear, go through it to make your way to the Buried Temple.

Take the elevator down, you will flash to another reality where your character was killed, and then return. When you reach the bottom of the elevator you will see several supplies on your left, collect what you need and proceed forward to confront Guardian Fionn. This Starborn will create copies of himself, ignore them, and run towards the quest marker to find the real Fionn. Focus on defeating him as he’s easy and all the copies will disappear. You now can go through the final door into the Buried Temple.

How to Defeat The Hunter or Emissary in The Final Fight

Inside of the Buried Temple, you will find either the Hunter, the Emissary, or both if you choose to go solo. You will have a chance to persuade them to simply stand down and give you the last artifact. If you end up fighting though, be prepared for a time. The boss isn’t hard to damage, but they can teleport around and have some space magic that allows them to create a single clone. In addition, you will begin to warp through several different familiar locations and must adapt to fighting in each one of them.

(1 of 7) You can persuade the boss to give up.

These locations will include "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge, "The Well" iconThe Wells, Club Astral, and NASA. All you need to focus on is hunting down and killing the boss with high-powered weapons. Once you do, you will warp back to the Buried Temple and be able to collect the artifacts from their body. If you defeat the Hunter you can loot the "Unmitigated Violence" iconUnmitigated Violence Laser Rifle. If you kill the Emissary you can loot the "Eternity's Gate" iconEternity’s Gate Particle Beam Rifle. The final artifact will now let you grab it, get it from the middle of the temple, and return to your ship. When you’re ready to go to the final mission, "One Giant Leap" iconOne Giant Leap builds the Armillary, adds the final artifacts to it, and then grav jumps to any system.


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