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One Giant Leap Main Missions

In-game Description


"One Giant Leap" iconOne Giant Leap is a crucial Main Mission in Starfield that tasks players with constructing the Armillary on their ship. Having collected all the Artifacts, players must now assemble them into the Armillary onboard their ship.

Mission Objectives

  1. Build the Armillary on your Ship
  2. (Optional) Talk to your Friends Before you Leave
  3. Power Up the Grav Drive to Jump to the "Unity" iconUnity
  4. Or Remove the Armillary to Grav Jump Normally
  5. Return to the Unity when you are ready

Unlock Requirements

"One Giant Leap" iconOne Giant Leap is automatically unlocked after completing the "Revelation" iconRevelation mission. This mission is located at "Masada III" iconMasada III in the "Masada System" iconMasada System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Reward: New Game Plus

Mission Walkthrough

"One Giant Leap" iconOne Giant Leap commences immediately after the completion of "Revelation" iconRevelation. With all the Artifacts in the player’s possession, they can proceed to construct the Armillary. Before doing so, players have the option to visit their friends and inform them about their accomplishments. This is the last opportunity to converse with Companions and other "Constellation" iconConstellation friends at "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge and "The Eye" iconThe Eye to bid farewell. Speaking with Companions at this point in the game can significantly increase their approval.

When prepared, players should access their ship and utilize the onboard computer to build the Armillary. After departing from the current planet or moon, power up the Grav Drive to initiate an automatic boost to the "Unity" iconUnity. As players progress, they will encounter their own reflection, engaging in a significant conversation. The reflection offers players a choice: to walk into the gate of light and become "Starborn" iconStarborn or to turn around and return to the familiar people and universe.

Before making the decision, players can explore and approach visions of people they know. At the Constellation table, players can learn about the impact of their alignment choice:

  • Siding with the Emissary leads to her seeking other noble Starborn.
  • Siding with the Hunter results in the spread of his views on seizing power among other Starborn.
  • Choosing neither aligns with the path to Unity being discovered by the people on their own.

Players must then make their decision. Leaving the Unity behind returns players to their ship with all the Artifacts, allowing them to continue the game and finish any remaining tasks. To conclude the game, players should walk into the giant ball of light. This triggers the display of beautiful images of the universe and the credits roll.

Upon the completion of the credits, New Game Plus begins in the "One Small Step" iconOne Small Step mission. In New Game Plus, players retain their character levels, skills, and powers but lose their items and relationship progress with Companions.

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