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Missed Beyond Measure Main Missions

In-game Description


Missed Beyond Measure” stands as a significant Main Mission within the Starfield universe. This mission calls upon players to participate in a memorial service.

Mission Objectives

  1. Wait for the Service (5 UT Days)
  2. (Optional) Wait 24 Hours (UT) to Skip the Memorial
  3. Attend the Memorial Service Today
  4. Say a Few Words
  5. (Optional) Speak with Everyone
  6. Leave When You’re Ready

Unlock Requirements

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Upon the completion of “Missed Beyond Measure,” players receive the following rewards:

  • 750 XP

Mission Walkthrough

  • After concluding the events of “In Their Footsteps” and arriving at "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge, Noel will halt the player’s progress upon approaching other "Constellation" iconConstellation members.
  • Noel expresses her desire to gather everyone for a proper farewell to a deceased crew member, based on previous player choices, specifically during the “High Price to Pay” events.
  • Players can choose to attend the memorial service immediately or opt to complete “Unearthed” and “Final Glimpses” before returning.
  • Alternatively, players can expedite time by interacting with their room’s bed and selecting the ‘Wait until Memorial’ option.
  • Once players choose to attend, they arrive during a fellow member’s speech, concluding with an opportunity to offer their own words.
  • The speech content is customizable through player choices. Noel acknowledges and appreciates the player’s contribution.
  • During the event, players can interact with other attendees, fostering deeper connections with companions. Aja Mamasa, Constellation’s former chair, is also present for the first time.
  • Engaging with "Barrett" iconBarrett (if he survived previous events) reveals insights into his feelings, allowing players to earn his approval.
  • Upon concluding interactions and when ready, players can exit The Lodge to complete the mission.
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