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Revelation Main Missions

In-game Description


"Revelation" iconRevelation is a pivotal Main Mission in Starfield, guiding players to recover the last of the Artifacts. Players are tasked with journeying to the Buried Temple on "Masada III" iconMasada III, where they will confront the Hunter and his allies in pursuit of the final Artifact.

Mission Objectives

  1. Go to "Masada III" iconMasada III
  2. Hail the Scorpius
  3. Hail the Helix
  4. Defeat the "Starborn" iconStarborn Ships
  5. Land at the Buried Temple
  6. Find the Artifact
  7. Defeat the Starborn
  8. Defeat the Ecliptic Soldiers
  9. Find a Way to Open the Door
  10. Enter the Anomaly
  11. Leave the Anomaly
  12. Defeat the Starborn
  13. (Optional) Disable the Defenses
  14. Find a Way to Open the Door
  15. Enter the Anomaly
  16. Find a Way Out of the Anomaly
  17. Leave the Anomaly
  18. Defeat the Starborn
  19. Take "The Hunter" iconThe Hunter’s Artifacts
  20. Take The Emissary’s Artifacts
  21. Talk to The Emissary
  22. Talk to The Hunter
  23. Take the Artifact

Unlock Requirements

"Revelation" iconRevelation becomes available after the completion of "Unearthed" iconUnearthed, "Final Glimpses" iconFinal Glimpses, "Entangled" iconEntangled, and "Missed Beyond Measure" iconMissed Beyond Measure missions. This mission is located on "Freya III" iconFreya III in the "Freya System" iconFreya System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

  • 5000 XP

Mission Walkthrough

"Revelation" iconRevelation initiates after players complete the set of missions consisting of "Entangled" iconEntangled, "Final Glimpses" iconFinal Glimpses, "Missed Beyond Measure" iconMissed Beyond Measure, and "Unearthed" iconUnearthed. Upon completing these missions and collecting all available Artifacts, players must journey to the Buried Temple on "Masada III" iconMasada III for the final Artifact. The mission unfolds with various objectives, including combat encounters, exploration, and decision-making.

Completion: Upon successfully persuading or defeating "The Hunter" iconThe Hunter and The Emissary and acquiring their Artifacts, players must speak to their ally if they chose to align with one. The ally will provide all the Artifacts in their possession to complete the entire set. Revelation concludes when players claim Artifact Mu and experience a vision outside the Buried Temple.

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