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One Giant Leap Walkthrough - What Happens When You Choose to Become a Starborn

Jessica Dillon

The final mission of Starfield is called "One Giant Leap" iconOne Giant Leap. This is a short mission with a huge choice to make and the only way to get to new game +. It’s up to you whether you want to be turned into a Starborn or not, and how you handle the conversation that happens after you make the final grav jump. The guide below goes over how to complete One Giant Leap and what changes happen when you become a "Starborn" iconStarborn.

Speak to yourself to reveal all the secrets of the universe.

How to Start One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap is the final mission in Starfield. Due to this, it won’t become available until you finish every other mission. Once "Revelation" iconRevelation is done, One Giant Leap will start. You can choose to go to the mission at any time by placing all the artifacts on your ship and then grav jumping to any system.

What Happens at The Unity

Once you are ready to go, set up the Armillary and grab jump. A different screen will show up and then you will be in a space with a copy of yourself. Walk up to them and you will be able to ask questions and talk about what it means to become a Starborn. In addition to this, your copy will show you what will happen if you leave the current universe behind. When you do you will get a Starborn Spacesuit and a Helix ship. All you need to do is walk through the portal. Doing so will cause you to lose everything other than your skills, talent, and level. You won’t have to go through the start of the game again though as your ship will just appear in front of "Jemison" iconJemison.

You can also decide not to turn into a Starborn if you want to explore more. This will allow you to keep all your items and keep exploring the current universe. It’s entirely up to you if a bit of new dialogue and an easier time leveling to higher levels is worth it. Keep in mind that you can go through the "Unity" iconUnity many times, and there’s a chance that the universe you enter next will have small tweaks like "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge being full of copies of yourself. Either way congrats, you’ve completed Starfield.


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