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Unity Main Missions

In-game Description


Unity” is a main mission in Starfield that involves unraveling the hidden meaning behind the word “Unity.”

Mission Objectives

  1. Talk to Keeper Aquilus.
  2. Enter the Sanctum Universum.
  3. Talk to Keeper Aquilus.
  4. Talk to the House of Enlightenment.
  5. Talk to the Va’ruun Prisoner.
  6. Return to Keeper Aquilus.
  7. Go to Indum II.
  8. Go to “Pilgrim’s Rest.”
  9. Search for clues on “Unity.”
  10. Access the Locked Room.
  11. Search the Room.
  12. Read “Pilgrim’s Final Writing.”
  13. Find the “Scorpion’s Sting” on "Hyla II" iconHyla II.
  14. Go to the Last Star of the Scorpius "Constellation" iconConstellation.

Unlock Requirements

You can unlock the “Unity” mission automatically after completing “High Price to Pay.” The mission is available at "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge on "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis, specifically in "Jemison" iconJemison within the "Alpha Centauri System" iconAlpha Centauri System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Upon completing the mission, you’ll receive 800 XP, which contributes to your character’s progression.

Mission Walkthrough

The “Unity” mission begins immediately after you finish “High Price to Pay.” At the conclusion of the previous quest, Matteo suggests visiting Keeper Aquilus of the Sanctum Universum to discover the meaning behind “Unity,” a word frequently mentioned by the Starborn. You’ll find Matteo conversing with Keeper Aquilus outside the Sanctum in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis, near the "Freestar Collective" iconFreestar Collective Embassy. Join the conversation and express your interest in discussing “Unity.” Keeper Aquilus will invite you inside the Sanctum Universum for a more private discussion.

Sit at the table and share your experiences with Keeper Aquilus. He’ll recount an old tale about a pilgrim who discovered the “true meaning of Unity” and provides you with the phrase “Infinitum Addendum.” You’ll be advised to speak with a member of House Va’ruun and the House of Enlightenment, both of whom may offer different versions of the story.

  • The House of Enlightenment can be found in "The Well" iconThe Well on New Atlantis. Follow the mission marker to meet Andy Singh. Inform him about Keeper Aquilus and the Pilgrim. Andy Singh will tell you a story, not of the Pilgrim, but of the Drifter, featuring numerous references to the ‘second’ person. In his interpretation, ‘Unity’ is equated with ‘the One.’

  • The House of Va’ruun prisoner, Mir’za, is located at the UC "Security" iconSecurity Office in the Spaceport of New Atlantis. Enter the security office, proceed to the far right, and speak to her through the cell. Mir’za will recount the story of the Unbeliever, describing ‘four’ conflicts over ‘one hundred and twenty’ days assigned by the Great Serpent to test Va’ruun’s faith. In her interpretation, ‘Unity’ is portrayed as a deceptive shadow meant to mislead the faithless.

Return to Keeper Aquilus at the Sanctum Universum and share the three numbers and the code phrase you obtained earlier. You’ll help Keeper Aquilus connect the dots between each story. He’ll then direct you to the second planet in the "Indum System" iconIndum System, specifically at the coordinates 4,120. Before departing, Keeper Aquilus will inquire about your interpretation of ‘Unity,’ allowing you to respond with your perspective.

Board your ship and travel to Indum II within the Indum System. Land on Pilgrim’s Rest and equip your scanner. Inside a greenhouse-like structure, you’ll discover Pilgrim’s Writing 3 and Pilgrim’s Writing 4. In an open area beneath tarp, you’ll find Pilgrim’s Writing 2. Pilgrim’s Writing 1 can be located in a makeshift shack, with Pilgrim’s Writing 5 inside. These writings provide clues for unlocking the locked door within the shack. To unlock the door, select the following options:

  1. What is the Unity?
  2. People are necessary. But people are madness.
  3. Myself.
  4. In stopping. In embracing compassion.

After providing these responses, you’ll gain access to the locked room. Inside, you’ll find Trackers Primer 02, which permanently increases your ballistic weapon damage by 5%, and a Rare Sidestar inside one of the storage boxes. Most importantly, you’ll discover Pilgrim’s Final Writing, which directs you to "Hyla II" iconHyla II.

Hyla II can be reached in the "Hyla System" iconHyla System. Upon arrival, you’ll encounter a "Crimson Fleet" iconCrimson Fleet Reaper and must engage it in combat while navigating through an asteroid field. If you defeat the reaper, you’ll receive a transmission from a UC Ship offering a reward for your assistance. After dealing with this encounter, land on the Ancient Ruins. Proceed to your mission marker, which will lead you to unique-looking ruins. On a circular platform, a beam of light will illuminate a distant constellation. Using the provided glyph, manipulate the beam of light to illuminate each point in the constellation. You can move the beam of light upwards, left, right, or down by selecting the corresponding parts of the glyph.

Upon successfully completing the constellation, the ruins will point you to the final star in the Scorpius constellation. Head to "Oborum III" iconOborum III in the "Oborum Prime System" iconOborum Prime System to conclude the mission, leading into “In Their Footsteps.”

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