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Into the Unknown Mission Walkthrough in Starfield

Scott Peers

The "Into the Unknown" iconInto the Unknown mission is one of the first that you’ll acquire in Starfield. You’ll get it alongside Back to Vectera and "The Empty Nest" iconThe Empty Nest, and you can do each of these in any order that you like. This mission has multiple steps to complete, and you’ll meet a few new characters along the way including Vladimir Sall and "Andreja" iconAndreja, one of the romanceable characters who you can invite as part of your crew, or have them come along as your main follower to replace "Sarah Morgan" iconSarah Morgan. You’ll also encounter your first experience of the powers system in Starfield towards the end of the quest, with the "Anti-Gravity Field" iconAnti-Gravity Field power being the first that you gain access to. On this page, we’ll guide you through every step of the mission.

Into the Unknown Mission Walkthrough, Starfield.

Talk to Vladimir Sall on The Eye Space Station

The first thing that you need to do when you start this mission is find and speak with Vladimir Sall. He’s a member of Constellation, and he can be found on a star station known as "The Eye" iconThe Eye, which is orbiting Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. You can travel to The Eye quickly by opening your quest log, then selecting “Set Course” in the bottom right. You’ll then have the option to fast travel there immediately.

After the loading screen, you’ll find yourself directly in front of The Eye station. You need to approach it and then press the interact key / button to open up options for docking. A cutscene will follow and you’ll have the opportunity to board the station. Once inside, speak with Vladimir to introduce yourself and learn more about his place in Constellation. He’ll also give you some information that you can use to find the next artifacts, and he’ll ask that you try to find his colleague Andreja to make sure she’s safe.

(1 of 2) You’ll find The Eye station orbiting the planet Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri system.

You’ll find The Eye station orbiting the planet Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri system. (left), Approach The Eye and intereact with it to open up the option for docking. (right)

Where to Find Andreja on the Planet Niira

After speaking with Vladimir, you’ll have three new objectives: Find Andreja, Go to Niira, and Go to Piazzi I. We’ll start with the first, so you can take Andreja along with you sooner rather than later if you prefer. She’s also on Niira, so you’ll complete both objectives at the same time. Niira is in the Narion system, which you can find by opening your star map.

Find Andreja in the Abandoned Mine

When you arrive in the Narion system, you’ll see the planet Niira directly in front of you. Open your map to find the "Abandoned Mine" iconAbandoned Mine noted on the planet, and fast travel there. Upon landing you’ll see the Abandoned Mine just in front of you, so you can make your way to the entrance. You’ll see Andreja dealing with some enemies just as you enter, and she’ll immediately speak to you. Go through the motions of dialogue to let her know that you’re also part of Constellation, and that you know Vladimir.

Kill the Spacer Enemies in the Mine

After the brief conversation with Andreja, you can make your way to the bottom of the mine to look for the artifact. There are quite a few Spacer enemies along the way here, so be ready to fight your way through. There’s plenty of spaces to take cover, and you’ll need to do this when you reach the central chamber, where the bulk of the enemies are located. The path to the central chamber is fairly linear, but you can explore the nooks and crannies for more loot if you wish.

Take the Iota Artifact

Once you reach the central chamber, you’ll find a bunch of enemies on the platforms below. You can take cover and take these out with a rifle or a similarly adept long-range gun if you prefer, or you can throw explosives down at them if you have any. Either way, you’ll need to kill everyone here if you want safe passage. With everything cleared, make your way down the ladders or use your booster pack to break the fall if you prefer to jump, and follow the objective marker to the location of the artifact. You’ll need to break the "Caelumite" iconCaelumite deposit before you can take the artifact, which you can do with almost any weapon.

(1 of 4) Travel to the Abandoned Mine on Niira to find Andreja and the Iota artifact.

Go to Piazzi I to find the Zeta Artifact

Now that you have the Iota artifact, Andreja will ask that you don’t mention what she did to the spacers in the mine. You can tell her whatever you want for now, and choose whether to tell him later. It’s now time to travel to the Piazzi I system, where you can find a second artifact.

Explore the Hillside Cave in the Piazzi System

As ever, you can fast travel to the Piazzi I system from the star map, or by using your main mission journal. Once there, you’ll be in the orbit of the planet known as Piazzi I. Select the Hillside Cave to travel to the relevant location, and once landed just follow the quest marker to get to the cave entrance.

Once you’re inside the Hillside Cave, you’ll find it almost entirely abandoned aside from some hostile robots. They’ll open fire as soon as they see you, so be sure to use your flashlight to find them first. There are only a handful of these robots on the route down to the artifact, which can be found in the bottom part of the cave. Just make your way down until you an go any further, and you can’t miss it as you follow the quest marker.

As before, you’ll need to break the deposits surrounding the artifact before you can take it, and you’ll have another psychedelic scene before finding yourself back in the cave.

(1 of 2) Travek to the Hillside Cave on Piazza I in the Piazza system.

Travek to the Hillside Cave on Piazza I in the Piazza system. (left), You’ll need to kill a few robots in the cave, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. (right)

Return to The Lodge on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System

Now that you have both the Iota and the Zeta artifacts, you can return to "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge on Jemison to add it to the collection. What follows is a brief scene of discussion between the members of Constellation, and you’ll have a few dialogue options which you can go through based on your roleplaying preferences. Soon enough, you’ll be asked to return to Vladimir on The Eye space station.

Speak with Vladimir and Travel to Procyon III

When you speak with Vladimir after adding both of the new artifacts to the collection at The Lodge, he’ll tell you that the grav anomaly generated by one of them matches a similar anomaly on another planet. He wants you to investigate this, so you’ll be off to the Procyon A system next, where you’ll find the planet known as Procyon III, where the anomaly is located. Use your map or the mission journal to travel to the scanner anomaly on the surface, and when you land be ready to use your scanner to locate the relevant area.

Follow Distortions on the Scanner

This time, when you reach the planet surface you won’t have a clear objective marker initially. Instead, you’ll need to open your scanner and look around until you notice the outer rim of the circle becoming distorted. This indicates the direction that you need to go in, and if you look closely you should be able to see a tower-like structure in the distance, which is your ultimate destination. Make your way there and be ready to fight some alien creatures along the way. Alternatively, you can just run there without stopping and let your companion deal with them.

How to Investigate the Source of the Anomaly

When you reach the tower, look for two vertical walls which mark the entrance, shown in the screenshot below. As you walk towards the door, it will gradually become accessible as the pillar blocks descend. Inside, you’ll find a mysterious structure which begins spinning as you approach it. You’re asked to investigate it at this point, but there are no further instructions.

You’ll notice that you’re in a state of zero gravity here, and What you need to do is look for some spinning light structures throughout the room. They shine brighter than the other simulated stars, so you should be able to tell them apart, especially since they’re spinning so rapidly. You need to follow these and fly through them continually. You’ll notice that the mysterious structure at the center of the room begins to spin more rapidly with each set of spinning lights that you pass through. Keep doing this until the structure stops, turning into a stationary circle that you can fly through.

(1 of 4) Move your camera with the scanner open until you notice distortions on the edge of the circle.

After flying through the circle, you’ll find yourself outside and you can speak with Andreja for a bit. You can choose to explore the planet a bit more before you leave, but the next step in the mission is to return to The Lodge on Jemison.

Return to The Lodge and Use Your Anti-Gravity Field Power

Now that you’ve acquired your first power, you can return to The Lodge on Jemison and demonstrate it to the other Constellation members. Speak with Vladimir until he asks you to show them, and once you do the quest will complete.

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