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No Sudden Moves Main Missions

In-game Description

Vladimir Sall needs my help with something. I’ll have to speak to him to find out what.


No Sudden Moves” is a main mission in Starfield that involves acquiring another piece of the Artifact.

Mission Objectives

  1. Talk to Vladimir.
  2. Travel to the Scow.
  3. Board the Scow.
  4. (Optional) Disable the Engines.
  5. (Optional) Talk your way in.
  6. Find Captain Petrov.
  7. Access Petrov’s Vault.
  8. (Optional) Fight Petrov.
  9. (Optional) Pick the Vault Door Lock.
  10. (Optional) Pickpocket the Key to the Vault.
  11. Follow Petrov.
  12. Steal the Artifact.
  13. Leave the Scow.
  14. Add the Artifact to the Collection.

Unlock Requirements

You can unlock the “No Sudden Moves” mission automatically after completing “Short Sighted.” The mission is available at "The Eye" iconThe Eye in the "Alpha Centauri System" iconAlpha Centauri System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Upon completion, you’ll acquire the Artifact from Captain Petrov. However, something seems to be wrong in "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge. You should investigate to find out what’s happening. The mission provides a reward of 750 XP.

Mission Walkthrough

  1. No Sudden Moves” begins right after you complete “Short Sighted.” Speak to Vladimir at "The Eye" iconThe Eye. He will inform you about a job involving stealing an Artifact from Captain Petrov. The companion accompanying you may vary depending on your playthrough. If you indicate that you’re ready to proceed immediately, your companion will be locked as your follower for the mission’s duration.

  2. Travel to "The Scow" iconThe Scow:

    • Track the quest to set a marker for your destination, and make your way to The Scow, Captain Petrov’s salvage ship. It is located in the "Procyon A System" iconProcyon A System.
  3. Board the Scow:

    • Once you locate The Scow, attempt to hail it to interact with the crew. They will initially refuse visitors. You will have a few options to proceed.
  4. (Optional) Disable the Engines:

    • If you choose to disable the engines, this can serve as a distraction.
  5. (Optional) Talk your way in:

    • You can use persuasion or other dialogue options to gain entry to The Scow. Depending on your companion, certain choices may be more effective.
  6. Find Captain Petrov:

    • Enter The Scow and navigate through its interior to locate Captain Petrov.
  7. Access Petrov’s Vault:

    • Engage in dialogue with Captain Petrov and express your interest in his Artifact. Depending on your companion or your persuasion skills, you may convince him to show you his collection.
  8. (Optional) Fight Petrov:

    • If peaceful negotiations fail, you may engage in combat with Captain Petrov. After reducing his health sufficiently, he will surrender, allowing you to take the Artifact without further harm.
  9. (Optional) Pick the Vault Door Lock:

    • If persuasion and combat aren’t viable options, you can attempt to pick the lock of Petrov’s vault.
  10. (Optional) Pickpocket the Key to the Vault:

    • Another option is to pickpocket the key to the vault from Petrov.
  11. Follow Petrov:

    • Depending on your choices, Petrov may lead you to his vault, where you can obtain the Artifact.
  12. Steal the Artifact:

    • Retrieve the Artifact from Petrov’s vault.
  13. Leave the Scow:

    • Exit The Scow after obtaining the Artifact.
  14. Add the Artifact to the Collection:

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