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Unity - How to Speak With All Three Religions

Jessica Dillon

There is a lot to do during Starfield’s main story, but most of your time will be spent around gathering artifacts. Luckily, some missions give you a break from digging them out in favor of letting you in on the game’s lore. "Unity" iconUnity is one such mission that builds on the words spoken by the Hunter when you confronted him in the previous mission A "High Price to Pay" iconHigh Price to Pay. The guide below goes over how to find the meaning of Unity and how to access the locked door at Pilgrim’s Rest.

Speaking with Keeper Aquilus about the Pilgrim and Unity.

How to Start Unity

Unity will start right after you complete A High Price to Pay. This is a longer mission that is rather helpful in explaining some of the lore of the main quest. You will be visiting with the game’s three religious factions on "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis to learn a bit more about their beliefs and how they may all hold the key that unravels the secret of the universe.

How to Speak With All Three Religions

This quest lets you travel with Matteo to visit all three religions in New Atlantis. The first stop is right across from "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge to visit "Keeper Aquilus" iconKeeper Aquilus, the head of Sanctum Universum. You will find him outside of the building, and after speaking with him for a bit you will go to his office in the Sanctum to speak more about the idea of unity. He will tell you a story about a strange pilgrim that his religion has and then reveal that both House Va’ruun and The House of Enlightenment have a different version of the story.

(1 of 6) You will find Keeper Aquilus outside of the sanctum.

Once you’re done speaking with Keeper Aquilus, head to "The Well" iconThe Wells. Here you will go to visit The House of Enlightenment and speak with "Andy Singh" iconAndy Singh. Once you get his version of the story head to the Spaceport, where you will be entering the UC jail to look for House Va’ruun Zealot. Her name is Mir’za and she will be a bit on edge when talking to you unless you have the "Serpent's Embrace" iconSerpent’s Embrace trait. After a pick of talking though, she will tell you the story of the pilgrim that is much different from the other religions’ accounts. Once she’s done, head back to Keeper Aquilus and speak with him, you will determine that what you have been given are actual coordinates.

How to Solve The Puzzle at Pilgrims Rest and Hyla II

Head to Indum II to find the location of Pilgrim’s Rest. You will have to walk a short bit after you leave your ship on the planet. Once you get there, some markers will show up. Go inside the main house and pick up the Pilgrim’s Writing. You will see a computer with a locked door next to it. In order to get inside you have to answer a series of questions correctly. Here are the replies you need to input in order to unlock the door in Pilgrim’s Rest.

  • What is the Unity?
  • People are necessary. But people are madness.
  • Myself.
  • In stopping. In embracing compassion.

After this the door will pop open and you will be able to get into the room with the final writing. Pick it up and head back to your ship. You will now head to the planet named "Hyla II" iconHyla II. Once you land, you will be headed to the Ancient Ruins. They are rather tall so you should be easy to spot them without an issue.

(1 of 9) Head to Indum II to find the Pilgrim's Rest.

Once you arrive, there will be a glowing console. You need to press the left button three times and the down button once to line up the stinger and complete the map. Once you do, coordinates will show that send you to your next destination, at the end of the Scorpius constellation. Travel here and you will once again be confronted by the Hunter starting the next main story quest, "In Their Footsteps" iconIn Their Footsteps.


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