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In Their Footsteps Main Missions

In-game Description

The Emissary wants me to search the "Earth" iconEarth’s Moon for a secret connected to the Artifacts.


In Their Footsteps” is a main mission in Starfield that involves seeking answers from the Hunter, one of the Starborn you encountered previously.

Mission Objectives

  1. Hail the Scorpius.
  2. Dock with the Scorpius.
  3. Talk to the Hunter.
  4. (Optional) Talk to the Emissary.
  5. (Optional) Talk to the Hunter.
  6. Leave the Scorpius.
  7. Talk to the Emissary.

Unlock Requirements

You can unlock the “In Their Footsteps” mission automatically after completing the “Unity” mission. This mission is available at "Oborum III" iconOborum III within the "Oborum Prime System" iconOborum Prime System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Upon completing the mission, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Misc. Resources
  • Moon Base Key
  • 750 XP

Mission Walkthrough

The “In Their Footsteps” mission begins immediately after you finish “Unity.” When you arrive at "Oborum III" iconOborum III in the "Oborum Prime System" iconOborum Prime System, the Hunter will send a transmission to your ship, inviting you to board his ship, the Scorpius.

Upon docking with the Scorpius, you’ll have a conversation with the Hunter and meet another Starborn known as the Emissary. The Emissary reveals that they were the pilot of the Helix, the ship that initially confronted you in "Volii Alpha" iconVolii Alpha space during the “All That Money Can Buy” mission. Their intention was to warn you about collecting the rest of the Artifacts, as other Starborn are pursuing them with less benign intentions. As the conversation unfolds, the discussion turns to the topic of “Unity,” and the Emissary discloses that they are the Companion who died during the “High Price to Pay” mission. They originate from a different universe, where you were the one who died in their place.

"The Hunter" iconThe Hunter, whose true identity is revealed as Keeper Aquilus from another universe, joins the conversation as well.

The Emissary and the Hunter present different perspectives on how to approach “Unity.” The Emissary seeks a truce among the three of you, aiming to carefully select who gains access to Unity, while the Hunter believes that rules and constraints serve as a means for those in power to control others and advocates for making Unity accessible to all. You have the option to engage in further dialogue with both of them to understand their motivations, goals, and the significance of being Starborn.

After departing from the Scorpius, the Emissary contacts you once more, providing information to help you locate the remaining Artifacts in this universe. They suggest discussing the next steps with "Constellation" iconConstellation. Subsequently, you’ll unlock three new main missions: “Unearthed,” “Final Glimpses,” and “Missed Beyond Measure.” These missions can be completed in any order but must all be completed to progress the storyline.

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