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All That Money Can Buy Walkthrough

Jessica Dillon

The eighth main mission in Starfield takes you to the planet of "Neon" iconNeon to do business with a seller who’s come into possession of one of the artifacts. This time you will be getting to know Walter, a CEO who funds "Constellation" iconConstellation. The mission focuses heavily on using persuasion to help make things easier and gives you multiple ways to deal with the quest. The guide below goes over how to get the artifact from the seller and escape Slayton on Neon.

You will need to speak with Walter Stroud to start All That Money Can Buy.

How to Start All That Money Can Buy

To start "All That Money Can Buy" iconAll That Money Can Buy, you must first start the main quest in Starfield and complete the previous set of quests:

After these are done, return to the lodge where you will speak with Walter. When you are ready to venture off with him let him know. This will get you started on the quest All That Money Can Buy. This quest is a bit different than the others as the Social skill tree comes in handy almost the entire time that you are playing through the quest. If you haven’t invested into the Social Tree, then don’t worry just bring a extra credits with you and you can smooth everything over using the power of money.

How to Buy Security and Find The Artifact Seller on Neon

You will be headed to the Volii system to visit Neon, a cyberpunk-themed city sitting atop a large ocean. Once you are there, you will speak with Walter and then head inside the city to "Stroud-Ekland" iconStroud-Ekland Headquarters. You can access this by using the elevator marked by the quest marker. Here you will meet Walter’s companion Issa Eklund. The two will speak about the meeting to buy the artifact, before sending you to check things out at the meeting spot, the "Astral Lounge" iconAstral Lounge.

You will be given several objectives that will make your life much easier. One is to ensure that you have security on your side at the Astral Lounge. You can do this by speaking with the bartender and paying 4,000 Credits to become a VIP. Additionally, you have the option to persuade "Boone Morgan" iconBoone Morgan down to only paying 1,000 Credits. After this is done, you will want to take the elevator in the Astral Lounge up to the meeting room. Make sure you have a Digipick on you. Head around to the meeting room and use the Digipick to hack the door. This is an easy puzzle so don’t fret over it too much. Once this is done, check the computer to gain access to control the door.

For your third objective, you are going to check into the sellers themselves. Head back into the main part of Neon and down to Newill’s Goods. Here you will speak with the clerk, "James Newill" iconJames Newill. He is willing to give you information for 2,500 Credits, or you can persuade him to get it for free. He will send you to Ebbside to look into Sleep Crate One. Follow the quest marker to the location, and then use a Digipick to gain access to the room. Check the computer and you will learn that the seller is desperate. After all your preparations are complete, head back to Stroud-Ekland Headquarters to Find Walter.

After speaking with his wife for a bit, you will have a brief conversation before heading to the Astral Lounge and Walter will explain how to locate the seller. Once there, go to the area near the bar, and you will see a man with a suitcase named Musgrove. When you speak with him, tell him the passcode, I’m with Ramsay and Travers. After this, head upstairs to the VIP room, and the negotiations will begin. For the most part, it doesn’t matter what you say, but you will want to avoid killing Musgrove.

(1 of 15) Speak with Walter outside your ship after you arrive on Neon.

The best way to go about things is by locking the door so he can’t escape. He will try to call security after that, but seeing as you bought them off, he will concede and sell the artifact to Walter for a reasonable price. After this though, you run into some trouble as it turns out he stole the artifact from Slayton as an agent will confront you, either kill him or persuade him to let you go. Either way, you will be headed to meet Slayton as your ship is now impounded which you find out once you are back down to the Astral Lounge.

How to Navigate Slayton Aerospace HQ and Get Off Neon

You will now need to follow your quest marked back into the main part of Neon, here you will take an elevator to Slayton Aerospace HQ. There are quite a few paths you can take here, you can just run through killing everything, or speak to the receptionist and persuade her into letting you up to meet Slayton. If you choose to go on a killing spree, then just proceed through the HQ destroying everything in your path until you reach Slayton. If you choose the safe choice then things are a little bit easier to manage.

You will need to take the elevator up, of course, Slayton stops it mid-way. Luckily Walter’s wife frees you and then gives you directions on how to safely reach Slayton’s office with only minimal fighting when you’re going up the outside catwalk. Once you do reach Slayton’s office, you are once again given several choices on how to proceed. You can either kill everyone or persuade him into letting you go after deciding the fate of the seller. It doesn’t matter whether you let him go or send him to jail at this point, Slayton will still let you go if he’s alive.

(1 of 7) Head to Slayton Aerospace using the elevator marked by your quest marker.

After you have made your choice, head back to your ship and leave Neon. You will have to actually take off from the planet as a scene plays where you are confronted by the "Starborn" iconStarborn for the first time. When this happens either try to defeat the ship or grav-jump away quickly and return to the large to start the next main mission, Starborn. We do not recommend giving up the artifact since escaping is so easy, so avoid doing so at all costs.


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