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All That Money Can Buy Main Missions

In-game Description

We were ambushed by a group calling themselves the "Starborn" iconStarborn. We’ll need to speak to the other members of "Constellation" iconConstellation about this.


"All That Money Can Buy" iconAll That Money Can Buy is a main mission in Starfield that involves purchasing an Artifact.

Mission Objectives

  1. Talk to Walter Stroud.
  2. Travel to "Neon" iconNeon.
  3. Talk to Walter Stroud.
  4. Check In at Stroud-Eklund HQ.
  5. Talk to Issa Eklund.
  6. Investigate the Seller.
  7. Search the Seller’s Sleepcrate.
  8. Ask About "Security" iconSecurity.
  9. Check the Door Controls.
  10. Talk to Walter Stroud.
  11. Go to the "Astral Lounge" iconAstral Lounge.
  12. Talk to Walter Stroud.
  13. Locate the Seller.
  14. Talk to Walter Stroud.
  15. Negotiate for the Artifact.
  16. Head to the Entrance.
  17. Talk to Issa Eklund.
  18. Go to Slayton Aerospace HQ.
  19. Find a Way to the Next Floor.
  20. Take the Elevator.
  21. Talk to Walter.
  22. Go to the Next Floor.
  23. Climb the Trade Tower.
  24. Confront Nicolaus Slayton.
  25. Talk to Musgrove.
  26. Go to the Ship.
  27. Take Off from Neon.
  28. Return to the Lodge.

Unlock Requirements

This mission can be unlocked by completing “"The Empty Nest" iconThe Empty Nest,” “"Into the Unknown" iconInto the Unknown,” and “"Back to Vectera" iconBack to Vectera.” It is available at "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge on "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis, "Jemison" iconJemison in the "Alpha Centauri System" iconAlpha Centauri System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Upon completion, you encounter a group called the "Starborn" iconStarborn who ambush you. This mission provides the following rewards:

  • 400 XP

Mission Walkthrough

  1. Travel to "Neon" iconNeon, a city on "Volii Alpha" iconVolii Alpha in the "Volii System" iconVolii System. You’ll undergo contraband scans by the "Freestar Collective" iconFreestar Collective Ships before landing at Neon.

  2. Speak to Walter at Neon, and he directs you to the Stroud-Eklund offices.

  3. After clearing a checkpoint, take an elevator to the Stroud-Eklund Corporate HQ. There, you meet Issa Eklund, Walter’s partner.

  4. Walter requests discretionary funds from the company to purchase the Artifact. Issa offers advice on investigating the seller and securing the "Astral Lounge" iconAstral Lounge, and Walter gives you 1000 Credits for preparations.

  5. Return to the elevator and descend to the Lobby. Speak to James Newill at "Newill's Goods" iconNewill’s Goods to gather information about the seller.

  6. Follow the mission marker to Ebbside, where you’ll find the unit with a locked door. Lockpick the door, read the Personal Correspondence on the computer to learn about the seller’s predicament.

  7. Return to Bayu Plaza and proceed to the Astral Lounge in the Trade Tower. Speak to Boone Morgan and consider purchasing the Astral Lounge VIP package for security. Negotiate the price if possible.

  8. Inspect the door controls for the Astral Lounge using the lockpicking minigame.

  9. Return to Walter at the Stroud-Eklund Corporate HQ. He provides you with a code phrase required to identify the seller: “Ramsay and Travers.”

  10. In the Astral Lounge, locate the seller named Musgrove. Use the code phrase to initiate negotiations. Walter advises you to secure the Artifact without risking your life.

  11. Head to the VIP Lounge, where Musgrove awaits. Negotiate the price with him; you can convince him to accept the original deal or pay double.

  12. Upon leaving the VIP Lounge, you encounter a Slayton Agent claiming the Artifact belongs to Slayton Aerospace. Choose to negotiate with him or engage in combat.

  13. If negotiation is chosen, succeed in the "Persuasion" iconPersuasion challenge to avoid combat.

  14. Exit the Astral Lounge and find Issa waiting for you. She informs you about a Slayton Aerospace bounty and your impounded ship.

  15. Follow Issa’s advice to visit Slayton Aerospace offices in the Trade Tower.

  16. Use the elevator to reach the Slayton Aerospace floor. Persuade Ryleigh to allow you to see Nicolaus Slayton, or acquire the access code from the security office if necessary.

  17. Proceed to the "Executive Level" iconExecutive Level to confront Nicolaus Slayton. You can engage in dialogue with him, proposing a business opportunity between him and Walter.

  18. Enter the next room and deal with Musgrove according to your choice—let him go, arrest him, or eliminate him.

  19. Exit the building using the elevators and return to your ship at the Spaceport.

  20. Upon leaving Neon, receive a transmission from the "Starborn" iconStarborn, who demand the Artifact. Decide whether to make a run for it or hand over the Artifact, leading to the start of the “Starborn” mission.

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