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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 Morkvarg Quests Walkthrough: What to Feed Morkvarg

Craig Robinson
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Morkvarg is a returning character in and around the Skellige area of the map. From around level 15 onwards, players will encounter an unkillable werewolf, which features during a Yennifer main story quest. It also features a part of some side characters’ stories and then is something Geralt may come to resolve at a future point in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Witcher’s Morkvarg werewolf enemy, including how to feed him to lift the curse.

Here is everything you need to know about feeding Morkvarg and lifting the curse.

Morkvarg’s Storyline in Witcher 3

Morkvarg first makes an appearance via a quest players accept from the town of Hindersfjall in Skellige, where players must attempt to confront it. Geralt may pick up a quest called Missing Persons, designed for level 15 players. Here you follow Yennifer into the outback of the area, looking for clues about a missing person. She takes you to a smaller settlement called Lofoten. This is a simple quest, asking to to speak to citizens and ask them what they know about the wild hunt. You get what you want, but a cursed man called Craven knows more - the catch is he is missing after going on a mission to fight a beast called Morkvarg. Here you learn more about this beast, and gain access to the graveyard to by speaking more to the population of the destroyed town until you complete the quest Missing Persons.

During this quest completion, Geraly and Yennifer will see a glimpse of Morkvarg, and attempt to follow it. Get through the proceeding conversation, and then use your witcher senses to track Morvarg to its destination. Be careful, as their are wolves nearby around level 15, so prepare your best beast strategies and chew through them with your steel. After exploring all the pathways available, you will naturally encounter a battered shack with its front door battered open. Investigate the objects in side, especially the severed leg, and you’ll encounter Morvarg.

Here you can speak to Morvarg, before its feral instincts take over, and start to fight you. Fight the best you can, and eventually, you will escape. While looking for an escape, you will find keys on a dead body which allows you to escape quickly back to Yennifer to conclude the first encounter of Morkvarg’s Witcher 3 story.

Other Morkvarg related quests

At around level 25, you will have a quest called Taken as a Lass, which once again has you investigate more information on Morkvarg. Here, you need to visit Freya’s Garden, the garden you initially trialled through to find Morkvarg in the first place. Here you speak to Josta, who is in a shrine in the garden. She sends you on another distant errand to meet someone called Einar. This takes you on some other secondary quest errands, but you will learn more about the beast.

Moreso, players in Larvik’s town may also encounter a wanted poster for a contract to kill Morvarg. Accepting this quest will give players “In Wolfs Clothing”. The quest directs you to someone called Einar, which you will already have if you have already done the Hindersfjall and Lofoten. Once both bits are aligned, you will have everything you need to beat the beast.

Once the stars align here, players can then face down the beast on their terms in some form of side content.

What to feed Morkvarg in the Witcher 3?

You can get two ingredients to free Morkvarg of his curse.

Once you’re happy you can fight this incredible beast, proceed with the contract and Einar’s storyline. As we know, Morkvarg is a creature that is somewhat human after our slight tale with the beast before the fight. And we also know is that this cursed beat cannot die. However, you must find a way. Once again, follow the trail to Morkvarg in Freya’s Garden and track the beast. Once you get up to it, you will get sniffed out, and the fight begins. Use all your anti-werewolf tricks oils and signs you like to use to beat the beast. Once the beast starts getting low health, you can once again speak to it. Apparently the creature doesn’t like pain and immortality when it finally comes across someone who can beat it.

Here the tale of the beast informs you how to lift the curse. To do so, the players need either one of the following items to feed Morkvarg:

  • Werewolf Meat
  • Cursed Fang

Players who want to end the beast’s curse of immortality can force the creature to eat its own meat. You can come back later, fight the beast again in the cave, go through the conversation again, and then make it chow on its pow. The result is the immortality curse if lifted, and the creature will die a beast, with a belly full of its own former flesh - weird.

Option 2: Feed Morkvarg a Cursed Fang (Torador’s Fang)

However, if you want to fully lift the curse of Lycanthropy, then you need a Cursed Fang. are some steps to get the items you need. The first step is you need to find a key. To do that, you need to leave the cave, and flip two nearby levers to open a gate to the north. From there, swim out until you reach under the waterfall, open the chest near some bones and get the Padlock Key.

Now you have the key, you need to find a Chapter House, which once housed Einar. The house is near where you found Skjall’s body, when you first investigated the Missing Person questline many moons ago. From there, head north, and you will find it. Inside the Chapter, House is a few locked chests you can loot, one of which contains Morkvarg’s journal.

With the journal in hand, it’s time to visit Einar again in Larvik. Interrogate the chap about the journal and find out how to get the Cursed Fang. Chances are you will; push his buttons and get into a fight with several of his level 15 pals, and Einar himself. You will loot the Cursed Fang upon defeating them, or somehow smooth talking him. By getting access to the Cursed Fang, you may once again return to the cave you find, Morkvarg. Beat the creature once again, and then feed Morkvarg the Cursed Fang to free its Lycanthropy. You let a marauding freak run wild, but you can get a reward from him. Once you know how to get the reward, you can kill him, and no one will now the better.

Witcher 3: Feeding Morkvarg rewards

Now you know how to feed Morkvarg in the Witcher 3, the question is which rewards do you want. The Cursed Fang route is definitely the more long-winded ones, but it comes with a better payout.

Objective Reward
For feeding Morkvarg his own flesh XP / Salmian Brigandine
For giving Morkvarg the Cursed Fang XP
For finding out Morkvarg’s reward XP, Deithwen / Turn Out Page: Werewolf Decoction
For riding Freyas’ Garden of Morkvarg XP / 85 Crowns
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I'm confused as to why this section's here, we've already covered all this!

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I'm confused as to why this section's here, we've already covered all this!

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