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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Exploring Skellige - From Ard Skellig to Faroe

Nathan Garvin
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Important Items in this Area
Notes About Treasure

Smugglers Cache (Level 16)

A good place to start your final bit of maritime exploration is from the port of Fyresdal, which hopefully still has a boat you can commandeer. Grab a boat, then sail south-east, navigating around a few islands infested with Ekhidna, which you should already have dealt with. Keep on course to the south-east to find a Smuggler’s Cache event, where some treasure is protected by more Ekhidna (level sixteen). Further south-east you’ll find a nearly identical event; Smuggler’s Cache, guarded by Ekhidna, treasure underwater, all that jazz.

Hidden Treasure (Level 13)

Now for an ever-so-slight change of pace; sail south and slightly WEST to find some islands projecting off the tip of Ard Skellig’s south-western peninsula (the peninsula on which the “Elverum Lighthouse” is located) and sail between the two larger, western-most islands to find a Hidden Treasure event.

Dive off your boat and swim to the southern side of the eastern of these two islands to find a beach you can clamber onto, then dispatch a few Sirines (level thirteen). Once done, turn your attention to the west, scale a ledge, then turn on your Witcher Senses and search to the north to find a chest hiding behind a bare tree and some bushes. Loot it to complete this event, but there’s more treasure nearby; if you continue west a bit you’ll find another chest well-hidden amongst some foliage. Furthermore, in the waters off the western end of the island to the west you’ll find another chest, just waiting for a Witcher to come claim its contents.

Smugglers Cache (Level 18)

Sail south-east to find a Smuggler’s Cache event west off the isle of Faroe. Kill some Drowned Dead (level eighteen) underwater, then loot some chests.

Guarded Treasure (Level 13)

Now continue your zig-zagging course by sailing back up north-east to reach a comparably large island south-east of the ones near which the last Hidden Treasure event was located. On this snowy island’s north-western end you’ll find a beach which you can land on, just make sure to clear out the Sirines (level thirteen) as you do. Once those pests have been dealt with, turn south to find some ledges you can climb on. Here you’ll have to make a series of jump and climb a few ledges to follow the broken path that corkscrews around and up the mountain that dominates this island. Eventually, however, you’ll reach a ledge where a skeleton with a bright red shield sits watch over a chest. Loot the chest to complete the event, then climb back down to the beach.

Spoils of War (Level 13)

Your next destination is a small island to the north and slightly east where you’ll find a Spoils of War event along the north-eastern edge of the island. Dive off your boat and slaughter a group of Sirines (level thirteen), after which search north-west of a shipwreck (the mast of which you can see sticking up out of the water) to find a chest.

Guarded Treasure (Level 18)

Sail east and slightly south from this island to find another, slightly larger island. Make your way to its northern shore and land to find that the island is infested with Drowned Dead (level eighteen). Kill them, then turn south-east to find a ledge you can climb. Do so, then immediately turn south to find a cubby in which a chest awaits your plundering hands.

Treasure Hunt - Ironsides Treasure (Level 13)

To the north-west lies another map marker - a Hidden Treasure event - near an even larger island. The treasure you’re hunting doesn’t lie on the island itself, however, but rather there’s a handful of tiny islands to the north-west, just off one of the island’s peninsula’s pointing to the north-west. Sail near the south-eastern-most of these tiny islands to find the event, then jump off your ship and swim to the northern side of this tiny island to find a skeleton trapped underneath half of small boat. Loot this skeleton to find some “Notes About Treasure” . Read the notes to start the quest “Ironsides’ Treasure”.

Swim east to find a search area, then dive and search just west of the center of the search area to find the treasure chest you’re after, which is rather hard to spot from the surface, as the sunken ship nearby can obstruct your view of the chest from the surface.

Smugglers Cache(s) (Level 16)

Collect your treasure and sail north-west to find a Smuggler’s Cache event, which is just south off the coast of the “Grotto” signpost. Dive under the water and kill a host of Ekhidna (level sixteen) then loot three chests before you make your way north-east to find another, identical Smuggler’s Cache event.

Spoils of War (Level 16)

Now make your way north and slightly east to find an island, whose sheer cliffs make it difficult to scale. Fortunately, you have no business on dry land. Instead sail around to the northern end of the island to find a sunken ship, the skies and waters around which are patrolled by Ekhidna (level sixteen). Kill the beasties, then search between the two halves of the ship to find a chest.

Smugglers Cache (Level 13)

If you sail south-east from here you’ll find an island occupied by Sirines (level thirteen). There’s not much in the way of treasure here, but it is a rare patch of flat ground where you can kill a good number of Sirines and recover their Shells, should you have a mind to dismantle them into Pearls.

East and slightly north of this island (or south-east of the Spoils of War island) you’ll find the final unexplored maritime map marker on Skellige… or at least the last one you’re high enough level to complete. Huzzah! You’re almost done! Sail to the map marker to find a derelict ship which marks a “Smuggler’s Cache” event. Kill the Sirines (level thirteen) frolicking and loot three chests floating nearby.

Last stop on Skellige is the island of Faroe, in the south-eastern corner of the map. There are two bays along the northern end of the island, the western-most of which is your goal… or you can just find a signpost and fast travel to the “Harviken” signpost.

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"then loot three chests before you make your way north-east to find another, identical Smuggler’s Cache event."

It's more east and slightly north.

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"then loot three chests before you make your way north-east to find another, identical Smuggler’s Cache event."

It's more east and slightly north.

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