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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Bandit Camps

Nathan Garvin

Like guarded treasure, bandit camps mark locations where enemies - in this case bandits, deserters, or other inherently hostile ne’er-do-wells - can be found covetously guarding some treasure or other. Find these bandit camps, kill the occupants, then steal their worldly possessions. This page will cover every guarded bandit camp in White Orchard, including their locations, what types of bandits you’ll find there, and what loot you can plunder.

White Orchard Bandit Camp Locations

Bandit Camp Location
Southwest of the Crossroads Signpost map marker
West of the Ransacked Village map marker
South of the Ford Signpost map marker
Southwest of the Broken Bridge map marker
Northwest of the Sawmill map marker
Northwest of Cackler Bridge map marker

You’ll find six bandit camps strewn throughout the White Orchard region, mostly deserters who fell into the habit of pillaging their fellow Temerians following the collapse of armed resistance to the Nilfgaardians. Whatever their origin, they’re now a threat to decent folk and aren’t above trying their luck by attacking a roaming Witcher. You should, of course, respond in kind and liberate their plundered wealth. Their camps store their ill-gotten gains, functionally making these events similar to guarded treasures. In later areas the monsters you’ll find at guarded treasure events will vary, but bandit camps always consist of the same scofflaws, but their armaments can make them trickier to fight than the garden variety Drowner or Nekker.

Generally you should seek to eliminate archers first, lest they fill you full of arrows while you try to fight their fellows. Use strong attacks to chop through the guard of enemies wielding two-handed weapons before parrying-and-countering the enemies armed with single-handed weapons, and especially the shield-bearing foes. Axii can be used to sow chaos in the ranks of your foes but it’s effectiveness can vary wildly between casts, so you may be better off just using Quen to absorb the odd hit.

Bandit Camp Southwest of the Crossroads

Perhaps the most generic bandit camp on the list, you’ll find some ruffians guarding a bridge west, southwest of the Crossroads signpost. Perhaps affiliated with the thugs in the ruins to the south (see below)? Either way, there’s an archer, a swordsman and an axe-wielder - a little bit of everything to help you figure out how to prioritize foes. Kill them, then loot the chest they guard on the southern side of the bridge.

(1 of 2) Learn targe prioritization by dealing with the first group of bandits,

Learn targe prioritization by dealing with the first group of bandits, (left), then reappropriate the treasure they guard on the southern side of the bridge. (right)

Bandit Camp West of the Ransacked Village - Viper Steel Sword

A rather interesting bandit camp; to reach this one you’ll need to follow the road southwest from the Ransacked Village until you cross a bridge. Once on the western side of the bridge, turn north and vault some brickwork, heading into the forest until you spot some collapsed brickwork ruins forming a ramp. You can use this ramp to jump onto some higher ledges, ultimately reaching the ruins towering above the village below. Several bandits have made this their lair, including an archer, a swordsman and an axe-wielding leader. Kill them and head inside the ruins, where you’ll find a chest you can loot to complete the event. This chest contains the diagram for the Viper Steel Sword and hence this bandit camp is part of the quest Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear.

(1 of 4) From the Ransacked Village, follow a road southwest then west across a bridge,

Bandit Camp South of the Ford

Standard bandit camp here: located in the woods south, southwest of the Ford signpost you’ll find a modest campfire occupied by five ne’er-do-wells - two archers, two swordsmen and an axe-bearing leader. Charge in and kill one or both of the archers, then dodge around to draw the melee bandits from any surviving archers and cut them down. Once the archers are dead, defeating the melee combatants should be relatively trivial. Loot a chest near the campfire to complete the event.

(1 of 2) The quicker you slay archers, the easier your life will be.

The quicker you slay archers, the easier your life will be. (left), Not only do you need to slay the bandits at a bandit camp, but you must loot their treasure to truly complete the event. (right)

Bandit Camp Southwest of the Broken Bridge

From the Broken Bridge signpost (which itself is southwest of White Orchard town), head southwest into the forest until you find this bandit camp. Nothing too special about this one: there’s an archer, two swordsmen and an axe-wielder guarding a modest camp, although you may also have to deal with Wolves on your way through the forest. Kill the bandits and loot a chest (among various other containers) under a tent.

Bandit Camp Northwest of the Sawmill

West of White Orchard town you’ll find the Sawmill signpost, which marks the Abandoned Site a short ways to the west. In the woods north of this abandoned site you’ll find a bandit camp, on the edge of the swamp surrounding the Nilfgaardian Garrison. Again, nothing terribly special here aside from the Wolves that might ambush you en route. Make it past the wildlife and you’ll get to cut down an archer, two swordsmen and an axe-wielder, just like last camp. Plunder a chest near a tent to complete the event.

Bandit Camp Northwest of Cackler Bridge

The biggest bandit camp in the White Orchard region; it’s in the woods northwest of Cackler Bridge. It’s also part of the treasure hunt [Dirty Funds], which you can start by visiting the hidden treasure map marker a good ways to the west. In terms of loot and combat it doesn’t matter much if you’ve started the aforementioned treasure hunt, however - when you arrive you’ll find a rather large camp atop a hill, where six bandits dwell. These include two archers, a swordsman, two axe-wielders and their leader, who bears a shield into battle. The first three can be fought separately, leaving you with only two axe-wielders and the leader - just land strong attacks on the axe wielders until they’re gone, then parry-and-counter the leader to death.

(1 of 3) Search a hidden treasure event to find some Scrawled Notes, which will start the quest “Dirty Funds”, directing you to this bandit camp.

Once the camp is yours, loot the large tent to find two large chests near a grand bed and a smaller chest in the corner. Surprisingly well-appointed, for bandits. You can find a Soaked Letter on a cabinet to the northwest which explains the unexpected opulence. While plundering these three chests is enough to complete the event, there are plenty of other parcels to loot around the camp, and while most of them contain junk, the odd rune or component should be sufficient incentive to keep you searching.

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