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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

An Skellig - Tower Outta Nowheres and The Path of Warriors

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Gottfried’s Omni-opening Grimoire
Path of Warriors Completion Token
Diagram: Griffin Steel Sword - Superior
Objective Reward
For reaching Undvik XP

The Tower Outta Nowheres (Level 30) Walkthrough

From the Harpy nest (or the crater in the ground where said nest once rested) make your way east to reach a trail, which you can follow north-east, then north through a fork. When you reach a road to the east, follow it a short distance to reach this mysterious tower. Head up some stairs (first stone, then wooden) and enter the tower, wherein you’ll find an active portal. This is not looking good for the Skillgers.

Golem Guardian

Walk through the portal and you’ll find yourself in a larger, underground section of the tower. The portal will close and a disembodied voice will warn you to leave, despite that fact that you have no means of doing so. Still, the automated defenses are merciless, and activate a Golem (level twenty-nine) to deal with the intruder - you. This is the most powerful foe you’ll face in this entire quest, and it can probably kill you in a few hits, while in turn requiring many sword strikes of your own to cut down. Still, Quen will protect and heal you will enough. Use the strong attack/dodge combo, increase you damage with Elementa Oil, and watch out for its multi-strike charge attack.

Trapped in the Tower

When the Golem is disabled, search a body in the middle of the chamber where you fought to come to an obvious conclusion regarding the fate of the Skelligers. Loot some parcels scattered about and return to the south-eastern part of the level where the stairs are to find two chests, one under the stairs to the north, and another (which contains the steel sword “Deireadh” under the stairs to the south.

Return back north-west to where you fought the Golem and note three doorways blocked by force barrier. Head over to the one to the south-west to find a trapped Koviri wizard. The mage and the Witcher will exchange information, particularly about how you’re going to both get out of your respective predicaments. Seems like you’ll need to disable some “Defensive Regulatory Magicon”, which the mage will be able to do when you find him a copy of Gottfried’s Omni-opening Grimoire“ - a book which he presumes was in the possession of the tower’s former owner. Simply put, you’ve got to find a book while the mage sits safely behind a magic barrier. Joy.

Acquiring GOG

Ask him more about himself, the tower, and the Skelligers if you wish, then head over to the doorway to the north-east, which your mage friend kindly dispels for you. Strange that he can get rid of this barrier, but not the one imprisoning him. Go through the now accessible doorway and down some stairs into a watery tunnel, as the tower promises more mischief for you. Swim to the north-east (perhaps stopping to loot a submerged bookshelf as you go) until the path splits. To the east is the library, where the book you’re after supposedly lies. Sadly the way to the library is locked, and if your wizard friend it to be trusted, you’ll find the key in the laboratory.

Swim north through a doorway mostly filled with water, go up some stairs, then make you way through another doorway to reach the laboratory. The lion-share of this quest’s combat will occur here, as the tower decides to throw most of its resources at you here by summoning a variety of monsters in waves. First you’ll have to fend off three Alghouls (level twenty-one), which can get pretty nasty trying to dodge, protect yourself with Quen and pacify them with Axii… although Tawny Owl does help a great deal with this sign-heavy encounter. Next you’ll have to face a Gargoyle (level twenty-six) which you should fight similarly to the Golem. Last up is a Werewolf (level twenty-five) which should actually prove to be the least challenging fight in this tower. It’ll heal constantly, but not too terribly much, and you can counter its regeneration with burning or poison effects. Once the Werewolf is down, the tower will run out of beasties to throw at you, summoning a cow instead and admitting defeat. Loot the beasts you’ve slain, then search the body of a dead Skelliger before heading up some stairs to the north-east, then north-west to find a cozy laboratory. Loot the chest nearby, then grab the “Key to Library” out of small box on a table.

Return south-east to the water and swim over to the three-way split in the path, now turning east to the library. Use the key on what is apparently a solid stone alcove to open up a doorway, which you should swim through, then head up some stairs and through a doorway to reach the library itself. Make your way to the north-eastern end of the library to find the body of a Skelliger lying against a bookshelf, which will give you a clue as to how the tower plans to defend this room. Loot two nearby chests and another container, then turn on your Witcher Senses to spot a number books you can investigate. South-west of the dead Skelliger you’ll find a book on the floor, between two bookshelves, which just so happens to be the book you’re looking for. Grab it, then quickly run out of the room, as the tower will flood the library with poisonous gas in an attempt to suffocate you.

Defeating DRM

With the grimoire in hand, return to the chamber where you fought the Golem and meet up with your mage pal again, who will show that he’s got no trouble disabling his own barrier, after all. Lazy mage! Grab some books out of his room, then follow him through a doorway to the north-west… after he takes down the barrier, of course.

Inside the chamber beyond you’ll have to fight off an Earth Elemental (level twenty-seven) while Sigo Buntz deactivates the tower’s defense mechanisms. As you might expect if you’ve been playing video games a while, he’ll just so happen to complete his task the moment you defeat the Earth Elemental - not a second before. Fortunately, you’ve already defeated one of these foes not too long ago, so it shouldn’t be doubted that you can defeat this one, too. There are some complications, however; the battlefield for this fight is more cluttered and smaller, and near the flat ground near the doorway lightning traps randomly trigger. These can be a boon for you, however, as they’re pretty obvious when and where they’re charging, giving an agile Witcher much more time to get out of the way than, say, a large, plodding Earth Elemental? Each time the Earth Elemental gets hit by the trap it’ll lose about a quarter of its life, speeding the fight up greatly. Otherwise (or in addition), the tried and true strong attack and dodge works fine, perhaps with a little bit of Elementa Oil thrown in.

After the fight loot two chests in the south-western corner of the room, and find a third north-east of where Sigo Buntz deactivated the “Defensive Regulatory Magicon”. There are also several bookshelves to plunder, if you have a taste for some tomes. When you’re ready to go, talk to the mage, who can now use the tower he paid for free of any nasty DRM. He’ll thank you, reward you, invite you to meet up with him back in Kovir at some point, then rudely teleport you outside into the sky over the waters south of Urialla Harbor. Jerk.

Swim north to shore where a bunch of peasants will be busy gossiping about your endeavors. When you make shore they’ll marvel at your accomplishments and offer to reward you. Either take their petty coin, or turn them down and earn their gratitude.

Objective Reward
For getting rid of the tower 40 XP / 65 Crowns / Moonblade / Lesser Svarog Runestone

The Path of Warriors (Level 16) Walkthrough

Now that this quest is over with, naturally another one can be found in Urialla Harbor. Head north to the town square to find two Skelliger Women gossiping south-east of the Blacksmith. Talk to them they’ll tell you about this “Trial of the Path” they were discussing, an ancient Skelliger rite of warriorhood. To learn more, however, you’ll have to take a trip to talk to “Old Gunnar”.

No reason not to complete this quest and be done with An Skellig for good. Head to the nearby signpost and fast-travel to the “Trail to Yngvar’s Fang” signpost, where you’ll find Gunnar. Talk to him and he’ll whine about the good old days, as old people are inclined to do before expressing doubt that a main-lander can complete the trials. Fortunately, you’re not just any main-lander - you’re a Witcher. Ask him about the two paths, then confirm your desire to take on these trials and he’ll overcome his xenophobia enough to let you partake.

Fortunately, you’ve already completed the mountain path and obtained the Trial of Dexterity Completion Token, so that just leaves the underground, watery cavern. Head north up some stairs to trigger the quest to update (and get an experience reward) then use the signpost to fast travel to “Yngvar’s Fang”. Kill any Harpies (level thirteen) that may have respawned, then make your way west down some stairs, which terminate in a slope. You can carefully slide down the mountain here, stopping just in front of the entrance to the cavern you’re looking for. If you have the “Hearts of Stone” DLC installed, this is also a good way to earn the “Rad Steez, Bro!” trophy/achievement.

Objective Reward
For starting on the Path of Warriors 50 XP

Head down into the darkness of the cavern and drop down a ledge, then follow the linear path ahead until land gives way to water. Loot some containers nearby, considering drinking a Killer Whale potion, then dive in and swim south and slightly west, stopping only to loot a chest on the cavern bottom, which is located in front of a column that spans the height of the cavern. Surface for air when you have the chance, then dive and keep swimming south-west, looting a second chest as you go. Continue until you can surface again, doing so long enough to get your breath meter full again, then dive one more time and search the ground near here to find a chest containing the “Path of Warriors Completion Token” .

Swim through the shallows south-west and climb back onto a ledge, then make your way through a C-shaped tunnel, prompting Geralt to whine about rats as he goes. The path will end facing a ledge you can leap up to. Do so, then continue east, climb another ledge, then turn south-west to find that this path ends, too. Out to the south-west is another ledge you can leap onto, but given how dark it is, you might want to drink a Cat potion so you know where you’re going. Nobody likes leaps of faith, after all. Leap across the gap and continue south-west, climb a ledge, then drop down a ledge to reach a small chamber. There’s no going back now, so climb yet another ledge to the east to reach daylight.

You’ll exit this cave near an unmarked Bandit camp, occupied by three Bandits (levels thirteen, fourteen and sixteen) lurk. Kill them, then return to Gunnar, who is probably being pestered by a Bear (level sixteen). Once the beast is dead talk to Gunnar, whose respect you’ll earn by completing the trials… not to mention a more tangible reward.

Objective Reward
For completing the Path of Warriors 50 XP / Diagram: Assault Gauntlets / Mag Deira Cuirass / Sewant Mushrooms x5 / Hardened Leather x2

Griffin Steel Sword - Superior

Only one more thing to do on An Skellig before being done here. Return to Urialla Harbor and head west to find three roads continuing in a westerly direction. Follow the north-most of these three roads to the north-west, and when it forks turn north to reach the ruins of a small village. Loot the various crates and barrels outside the houses as you wish, but keep an eye out for a small road continuing north between two of the houses (there’s another north-running road to the west, but it just leads to an unmarked Bandit camp, and then to the sea).

Follow the eastern of these two roads north and you’ll be accosted by a group of particularly powerful Bandits (level twenty-four), who are camped east of the road. Defeat them, then continue following the road north to find out what they were guarding. At the end of the road you’ll find a shrine, which, if examined with your Witcher Senses will show you the good ol’ wolf carving that means “good shit is nearby”. Sure enough, look behind the shrine to find a chest containing the “Diagram: Griffin Steel Sword - Superior” .

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