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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: The Oxenfurt Drunk Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Katakan Mutagen
Key to Katakan Lair
Katakan Trophy

The Oxenfurt Drunk Contract Walkthrough

To ease into the Novigrad section, let’s start out by doing a quest that not too far from Velen. It’s in Oxenfurt, in fact, which is technically Redanian-controlled territory, even if it’s just a short distance from where you were stomping around a moment ago. Track the quest “Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk” and head to the “Oxenfurt Harbor” signpost. If you didn’t pick it up, it comes from the town boards in Novigrad.

Now that that’s done with, you can proceed with new business. Near Radovid’s ship you’ll find a Redanian officer named Nikolas Friedman. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the job, making excuses for why they can’t handle this apparently mundane task. Haggle for more coin, then question him for details to get referred to a survivor and a surgeon.

Witnesses to monster attacks are rarely helpful; it’s always roaring, fangs an ell long and claws many cubits in length - fantasy, exaggeration, and no good details. The corpse will likely tell you more, but head over to the tavern near the Armorer’s shop (the same tavern that poor Stjepan manages, sans one “Yennefer of Vengerberg” card) to find a Woman you can talk to standing near the bar. Isn’t she one of Dandelion’s girlfriends? Nevermind, recycled character models. Anyways, either pay her 30 Crowns to get her talking, or just use the Axii sign to save money and earn experience. Also, given the quality of the information she gives you, it’s a waste of thirty Crowns. As usual, the peasant has no useful information to impart.

Well… there is one bit of information that might prove useful. Leave the tavern and head down the street to the south-east, turning under an arch to the north-east the first chance you get. Once past the arch immediately turn west and activate your Witcher Senses to find a bracelet lying on the ground near a brazier-adjacent bush. Investigate it to gather a scant bit of evidence, then head south-west down a street, past a barber shop, down some stairs and over a short wall to find a Medic standing in front of a house along the beach.

He’ll prove difficult - and will display ignorant negligence bordering on the criminal - but he’ll capitulate readily enough. When you have the key head into the morgue behind the Medic and investigate the two bodies to identify the creature. Shouldn’t be surprising - the monster would have to be a creature which can pass as human in order to prey on its victims.

Objective Reward
For identifying the nature of the monster 20 XP

Unfortunately the beast prefers to hunt drunks, which means Geralt will have to do some drinking to make proper bait out of himself. Purely for professional reasons, don’tcha know. Oh well, if it must be done, it must be done! Return to the tavern and talk to your ol’ buddy Stjepan and tell him about your business venture, after which he’ll shrewdly practice his and demand 50 Crowns before drowning you in cheap wine.

Once you’re properly sloshed, head outside the tavern and walk around. After the beastie doesn’t bite, head south, south-west down another street and meander around down there and let Geralt sing his lewdness. After a music critic complains, continue south, south-west and around a corner to the third marked area, this time proving more successful in your efforts. When your foe shows up (after a wonderfully crude and laconic challenge from Geralt) smack the beast around - you’ve fought Katakans before, and this one is no different, it just has a fancier life bar. Vampire Oil and Igni work wonder, as does protecting yourself with the Quen sign.

After damaging sustaining a bit of damage the beast will run off, and an inebriated Geralt is too slow to respond. When you recover, turn on your Witcher Senses and search for a glowing red series of rings, which marks the Katakan’s position as detected by Geralt’s Witcher Senses. Chase the beast to the north, where it’ll make for house on Oxenfurt’s northern peninsula. The vampire was wise enough to lock the door, but if it thinks such a mundane defense will save it, it’s got another thing coming!

Getting the Key to Karakan’s Lair

Head to the northern side of the building and climb a ladder, then enter a doorway to reach a loft. Loot a chest, then jump down to the bottom floor and finish the fight with the beast. It’s an uncomfortably enclosed area, and the camera combined with the Katakan’s speed will do you no favors, but persevere and slay the beast. Once it’s dead, loot its remains for a “Katakan Mutagen” , the sword “Deargdeith” , the “Key to Katakan Lair” and a “Katakan Trophy” , then head south-west to return to Radovid’s ship and report your deeds to Nikolas Friedman and claim your reward. Kind of funny that the beast Nikolas was looking for was just down the street this whole time, eh?

Objective Reward
For defeating Gael 300 XP / 204+ Crowns

You’re done with Oxenfurt for now, time to head back to the city of Novigrad itself. Let’s start off by finishing up “Following the Thread”, then it’ll be time to check off a few more quests you may or may not have dealt with already before moving on to new things.

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