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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

How to Find the Grandmaster Griffin Gear

Nathan Garvin

The enemies you’ll face in Toussaint are more dangerous than those you left behind in the north, and suitably you’ll be able to track down new Witcher set upgrades to compensate. On this page we’ll tell you how to find all the diagrams for the Grandmaster Griffin Witcher set, which will complete the quest Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Griffin Gear and advance Master Master Master Master!.

Suggested Level
Important Items in this Area
Captain Augustus Fierabras’ Report
Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Steel Sword
Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Gauntlets
Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Boots
Power Crystal
Moreau’s Journal
Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Trousers
Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Silver Sword
Notes on the Back of a Diagram
Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Armor

How to Start Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Griffin Gear

The hunt for the Grandmaster Griffin set is covered entirely by the treasure hunt Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Griffin Gear, which itself is an objective for the secondary quest Master Master Master Master!. You can start the latter by checking the notice board near “The Gran’Place” signpost, where you’ll find the notice Contract Grandmaster Armorer, after which you need to find the shop of the Grandmaster Smith - Lafargue - in the heart of Beauclair and talk to him… or you can skip the notice board entirely and just talk to Lafargue. While you’re talking to Lafargue, you’ll be able to ask about each set of diagrams individually, just pick the option “Tell me about the Griffin” to start Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Griffin Gear.

Getting these diagrams will take you pretty far afield, and may overlap with the quest [Contract: Bovine Blues]. If you’re careful, however, you can avoid conflict when going after the first set of diagrams. The second set of diagrams, however, requires you to infiltrate Mont Crane Castle, which is one of the hanse stronghold you’re tasked with clearing for the quest Knight for Hire. Needless to say, there are plenty of Bandits (levels forty and forty-eight) here as well as some Hanse Dogs (level forty) that may be summoned. You don’t have to clear the castle, but you’ll have to clear the lower level to reach the hidden lair where the Grandmaster Griffin diagrams can be found, which has its own guardians.

Suffice to say, if you want to start this set, you’ll need to be sneaky. If you want to complete it, you’ll need to fight for it.

(1 of 2) You’ll encounter a pair of Slyzards at Fort Ussar - defeat them or avoid them,

You’ll encounter a pair of Slyzards at Fort Ussar - defeat them or avoid them, (left), then search under some stairs along the eastern end of the ruins to find the first set of diagrams. (right)

Where to Find the Grandmaster Griffin Diagrams at the Fort Ussar Ruins

The Fort Ussar Ruins house the first half of the Grandmaster Griffin diagrams, and these ruins can be found along the eastern edge of Toussaint. To get here, you’ll need to head northeast from Flovive to reach the Ardaiso Quarry, and from there continue east to the Fort Ussar Ruins. Hitting Flovive and the Ardaiso Quarry will not only get you some signposts you can use, but the quest [Contract: Bovine Blues] also potentially overlaps with your business at Fort Ussar. You can start [Contract: Bovine Blues] by reading the notice Contract: Mysterious Plummeting Cattle on the Flovie Notice Board and you can advance the quest by talking to Foreman Pafnuzio.

Whether you advance [Contract: Bovine Blues] or not, your ultimate goal is the Fort Ussar Ruins, along the western end of which you’ll find a Slyzard nest, where a Wounded Slyzard (level thirty-seven) and a Slyzard Female (level thirty-eight) lurk. Fortunately you don’t need to fight them to get your hands on the first half of the Grandmaster Griffin set, but if you want to also clear [Contract: Bovine Blues], you’ll need to take them out. Deal with the Slyzards or avoid them, then search the eastern end of the ruins to find a chest tucked under some stairs. Inside you’ll find Captain Augustus Fierabras’ Report, Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Steel Sword, Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Gauntlets and Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Boots.

This is out of the search range of the Slyzards, so you can safely plunder the chest, then leave without fighting, if you wish.

(1 of 2) Defeat some bandits along the lower reaches of Mont Crane Castle,

Defeat some bandits along the lower reaches of Mont Crane Castle, (left), then search the northwestern walls to find a secret passage. (right)

Where to Find the Grandmaster Griffin Diagrams in Mont Crane Castle

The second half of the Grandmaster Griffin diagrams can be found in the Mont Crane Castle, which is a fairly short distance northwest of the Fort Ussar Ruins. There is a complication, however, namely that Mont Crane Castle is a hanse stronghold, and clearing it is one of the tasks you’ll need to complete for the quest [Knight for Hire]. As such, it’s absolutely crawling with Bandits (levels forty and forty-eight) and perhaps the odd Hanse Dog (level forty). You don’t have to clear the castle to get these diagrams, but you do have to butcher several Bandits on the lower level to clear the area you need to search. Just keep in mind that if you don’t clear Mont Crane Castle, the enemies will fully respawn when you leave.

(1 of 3) Search the hidden lab to find a Power Crystal,

Enter via the southwestern entrance and kill several Bandits (level forty), then head to the northwestern wall and use your Witcher Senses to spot a bogus section of wall, which you can dispel via the Eye of Nehaleni. Once the wall is gone, head downstairs into the ensorcelled ruins and search a bookshelf-lined cubby to the southeast to find a Power Crystal on a desk. Take the gem and search another nearby cubby to find a button on the wall which you can press to reveal a secret door, beyond which is a chest containing Moreau’s Journal and some other trinkets. Loot what you want, then put the Power Crystal in a holder near a portal frame, hit it with Aard, then go through the portal.

(1 of 4) After going through the portal, you’ll need to defeat a Golem,

The portal will take you to a chamber, where you’ll quickly be greeted by a Golem (level forty). Use the ol’ strong attack and dodge strategy to whittle it down, then head upstairs to the west and loot a bag on a chair, within which you’ll find the Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Trousers. On a table to the right, near some alchemy equipment, you’ll find the Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Silver Sword, which will also get you the Notes on the Back of a Diagram. Finally, search a small chest on some nearby shelves to score the Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin Armor.

(1 of 2) Dispel some illusory rubble,

Dispel some illusory rubble, (left), after which you’ll find yourself facing off against two lesser vampires, both of which are fond of leaping attacks. (right)

Now that you have the entire Grandmaster Griffin set, use the Eye of Nehaleni on some rubble to the northwest, then drop off a ledge and into some water. Swim to land and you’ll find yourself in another chamber, where a Fleder (level forty-four) and a Garkain (level forty-four) prowl. Both are capable of leaping attacks (the Garkain is especially shameless about spamming these), so you shouldn’t be shy about applying Vampire Oil and buffing with decoctions and potions. Defeat the lesser vampires, then exit the cave.

You’ll surface north of the Mont Crane Castle; it’s a fairly long walk back to Beauclair, but if you visit Lafargue you’ll complete Master Master Master Master! and, most importantly, you can now get him to craft the complete Grandmaster Griffin set, assuming your wealthy enough to afford it.

Check out the following pages for more Grandmaster Witcher sets:

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