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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wine Wars: Coronata Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Side Quest Wine Wars: Coronata in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine, including information about how this quest relates to the other Wine Wars quests, and how to unlock the achievement/trophy The Grapes of Wrath Stomped.

Suggested Level
Important Items in this Area
List marked with the seal of Liam Coronata
Letter to Cosmo Cyrille
Key to Lockbox
Orders on elegant stationery
Dirtied Letter

To start this quest you must first start [Wine Wars: Belgaard] by witnessing a spat between two vineyard owners near the Plegmund’s Bridge signpost (you can grab the notice Announcement from the Office of Internal Revenue of the Duchy of Toussaint from pretty much any notice board in Toussaint to guide you here, if necessary). After you approach and witness the feuding vineyard owners they’ll each ask you to help their troubled vineyards, and you should accept both offers. For the purposes of this quest, agreeing to assist Liam de Coronata - whether you also later agree to help Matilda de Vermentino or not - will start this quest.

The substance of Wine Wars: Coronata involves running around Toussaint to five points of interest and clearing them. The areas you need to clear to complete Wine Wars: Coronata can be found to the east and northeast of the Plegmund’s Bridge signpost, and compared to the areas you need to clear for Wine Wars: Vermentino, they’re less spread out. Start out your trip by heading due east from the Plegmund’s Bridge signpost to reach the Coronata Estate, which has its own signpost for you to discover along the southeastern end of the estate.

(1 of 3) The location of the Coronata Abandoned Site.

Coronata Site - Abandoned Site

You’ll find this Coronata site to the southeast of the Coronata Vineyard signpost, which happens to be an Abandoned Site hidden in the forest. This trivial diversion requires you to put down one Archespore (level thirty-eight). After this mundane feat of witchering, Geralt will meditate, and the area will repopulate itself. Loot the site for some meager goodies, and search a corpse on the back of a wagon to find a List marked with the seal of Liam Coronata. Aside from the fact that Liam put his worker’s lives at risk to secure spices for his wine, he seems like an alright dude… At least he used the carrot instead of the stick?

(1 of 4) The location of the Coronata Hidden Treasure site.

Coronata Site - Hidden Treasure: Coin Doesn’t Stink

A far distance east of the Coronata Vineyard, just across a bridge that spans the river, you’ll find the Hidden Treasure: Coin Doesn’t Stink. Unfortunately this place is guarded by a pair of Rabid Rock Trolls (level thirty-seven). Kill them, then loot a corpse near the end of the bridge, upon which you’ll find a Letter to Cosmo Cyrille and a Key to Lockbox. Read the aforementioned letter to start the quest Coin Doesn’t Stink, which will draw you back to the Coronata Vineyard.

Don’t bother running back west, however, as there’s a convenient signpost to be found to the south. Just follow the road south, southeast until you reach a fork, at which take the eastern road to shortly discover the Dun Tyne Crossroads signpost. Use this device to fast-travel back to the Coronata Vineyard and make your way northwest to find a search area. At the southwestern end of the search area you’ll find a pile of dung covered in straw, where the application of your Witcher Senses should detect a chest sticking out. Loot the chest to complete this quest.

(1 of 4) You’ll find this Coronata Vineyard Infestation event on the northwestern outskirts of the vineyard.

Coronata Site - Vineyard Infestation

You’ll find this point of interest northwest of the Coronata Vineyard signpost, a generic “Vineyard Infestation” event. Despite the fancy name, it’s little more than an over-glorified “Monster Nest”, so kill the two Archespores (level thirty-eight) then drop a bomb in their nest to end the threat they pose to the nearby vineyard. Do be sure to loot the destroyed nest, too. While not terribly dangerous foes on their own, in groups Archespores can be annoying, since they’re all deploying explosive pods and spitting poison. Make sure to apply Cursed Oil to your silver sword to increase your damage output, and if you can, hit them with Igni, as they’re fairly vulnerable to fire damage. If you chug a Superior Golden Oriole potion, you’ll turn their poison projectiles into a source of healing, making them much, much easier to deal with.

(1 of 3) You’ll find the Coronata Guarded Treasure event northeast of Coronata Vineyard.

Coronata Site - Guarded Treasure

Northeast of the Coronata Vineyard you’ll find a Guarded Treasure event, which is very similar to the Coronata Vineyard Infestation event (see above) inasmuch as you’ll need to kill two Archespores. Same rules apply, Cursed Oil and Igni will speed up the fight, while Golden Oriole trivializes their ranged attacks.

Once the Archespores have been pruned loot a thoroughly bloodied corpse to find some Orders on elegant stationery detailing a conspiracy against the Coronata Vineyard. The letter is signed by “V”, but perhaps it would be better to keep looking for clues rather than jumping to conclusions?

(1 of 3) Perhaps the furthest afield Coronata event, a Person(s) in Distress can be found far to the northeast of the vineyard.

Coronata Site - Person(s) in Distress

A fair distance northeast of Coronata Vineyard you’ll find a Person(s) in Distress event. This is also northeast of the Trading Post signpost - try not to snoop around too much, as you may end up starting the quest [Mutual of Beauclair’s Wild Kingdom].

Work your way around to the northeast of the map marker, as the event itself is in a cave - or rather, a ravine - which you can safely access from that direction. Enter the cave and dispatch a trio of Bandits (level forty) to rescue their hysterical captive, an Herbalist from the Coronata Vineyard. Listen to her squeal, then when she asks for an escort back to the vineyard, turn her down. You’ve got some business to see to here, first. Loot one of the dead Bandits to obtain a Dirtied Letter, which provides further evidence of intentional sabotage at the Coronata Vineyard.

You’re technically done resolving all the problems immediately plaguing the Coronata Vineyard, but you haven’t actually hindered whatever conspiracy was behind said problems. You can return to the Coronata Vineyard anyways and, with his problems resolved, allow Liam to purchase the Belgaard Vineyard, which has problems of its own to resolve. Or, if you want to earn more rewards and actually get to the bottom of this conspiracy, you can put this quest on hold and deal with Wine Wars: Vermentino.

If you’ve completed all five tasks for both Wine Wars: Coronata and Wine Wars: Vermentino without turning either quest in to the respective vineyard owner, the quest [Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina] should automatically begin.

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