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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hunting a Witch

Nathan Garvin

After tracking down Hendrik - a Nilfgaardian spy with intel on Ciri - during the quest The Nilfgaardian Connection you’ll be left with two leads: talk to the Bloody Baron and find out what he knows about Ciri, or search for the witch that Ciri quarreled with. Rumors of such a witch popping up around Midcopse gives Geralt a lead, and a choice - you can pursue either the aforementioned Bloody Baron questline or the witch. You’ll need to do both eventually, and it doesn’t really matter which order you choose. This page will provide a walkthrough for the quest Hunting a Witch in The Witcher 3.

Quest Objectives

Search for the Witch in Midcopse

First step in this quest is to travel to Midcopse, a village a good ways south, southwest of Heatheron, southwest of Crow’s Perch. Once you arrive the entire town will be engulfed in a search area, where you’ll be tasked with finding out where the witch lives with little direction. There are several ways you can get the info you need, but if you can’t be bothered you can also just stumble across the witch’s house blindly - she lives in a hut northeast of the village. It can be clearly seen on the map, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

Eavesdrop on Gossiping Women

An easy way to get the information you need is to find a pair of gossiping women near a house southwest of the well in the middle of town. Get close enough so you can hear them talking (or rather, see the speech text over their heads) but not so close that they get spooked and stop talking. If they stop talking, move away and try again.

Talk to the Peasant Who Visits the Witch Often

North of the well in the center of the village you’ll find a peasant woman sweeping outside of a house. Talk to her and ask “Looking for the witch.” and she’ll refer you to her husband. This relapsed layabout can be found nearby, in between the blue house the lady you just talked to is standing in front of and the wooden house next to (east of) it, just north of where the Blacksmith works. Talk to a peasant in a blue shirt and either pay him 50 Crowns or use the Axii sign on him to get the intel you need - the latter option is cheaper and worth more EXP, and is probably the most lucrative way to go about this phase of the quest.

Talk to the Old Man

Finally, you can just exit the town by following a road to the west to find an Old Man sitting north of said road. Talk to him and pick the dialog option “I’m lookng for the witch.” and he’ll just tell you. Not everything has to be complicated.

Find the Witch’s House

Learn how to find the witch’s house… or not, it’s not actually a requirement. As mentioned earlier you can just look for the house on your map - it’s northeast of Midcopse - and just head over there, but if you want to follow the advice you’ve been given all proper-like, here’s how to reach the witch’s house:

  • Exit Midcopse via the northeastern road - the pond you’re looking for is just north of this stretch of road, across from the signpost.
  • Continue northeast from the signpost until you reach a shrine in the middle of a crossroads.
  • At the crossroads turn northwest and follow the road as it runs along the pond.
  • You’ll find a boulder in the middle of a crossroads, at which turn northeast again.
  • Kill a pack of Nekkers (Lv4) which prowl along the road near a dilapidated wagon - the final landmark you need to look out for.
  • Continue following the road northeast to the witch’s house.

When you arrive you’ll get a scene, after which the witch will have retreated indoors and the peasants dispersed. Prime opportunity to have a chat with this witch.

Talk to the Witch

Head inside the hut and have a look around. Grab the letter Recipe for Black Eyeliner from a stool opposite the door (useful in case Geralt ever has to go goth), then investigate some pots on a table to the east. Seems we’ve come up with only the mundane, so far. Explore a room to the west where you can find a Letter to Alexander on the bed, some books on a table, a pentagram on the floor, a bauble on a desk… and of course you can loot the cellar.

When you’re ready to get on with things, however, investigate a skull on a shelf along the southern end of the western room, which opens up a portal. No mere peddler of ointments and salves, this witch. Head through the portal to find a subterranean garden at the other side. The Witch - a sorceress named Keira Metz - invites Geralt up to talk to her. First grab the book Elven Sages from a bench to the east, loot whatever plants you want in this unnatural garden, then head upstairs to meet with the witch.

Keira will greet you with a pleasant view, after which the two exchange in some playful banter. Exhaust Keira’s dialog options and whatever you pick you’ll be told about some elven ruins where you might just find some more leads on Ciri. You won’t be going alone, however, as Keira Metz has some unfinished business with a masked elven mage who is also looking for Ciri. She’ll offer to travel to these ruins with you, and if you respond with “Can we go?” you’ll head there immediately, while if you pick “Can’t go just yet.” Keira Metz will go on ahead to these ruins and await you there. Either way, this quest ends and the followup [Wandering in the Dark] begins.

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