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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hindarsfjall - In Wolfs Clothing

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Werewolf Meat
Cursed Fang

Morkvargs Plea

Return to town and claim your reward from Thorleif (the reward was included at the end of the quest, earlier), then exit out the western gate again. It’s time to deal with Morkvarg, and that means talking to this Einar. Head down the road until a fork branches to the north-east, leading down a steep slope and to the port, where Einar commands his crew. Talk to him and he’ll tell you more details about Morkvar’s attack on Freya’s Garden and subsequent transformation. He gives you an eye-witnesses’ confession, plays up his piety, but ultimately isn’t terribly helpful.

Oh well. Return to Freya’s Garden by using the convenient “Larvik” signpost, then head back up the stairs, return to the garden, drop down a ledge to the south, then go through the doorway to the north-east. Jump over a wall to the north-east, cross the bridge then climb the wall to the north to return to where the sluice gate levers were. Ignore them for now and continue north past a tree to find a cave, where Morkvarg is busy arguing with some armor. After he’s done whining about some key, he’ll sniff you out and attack. Put him down - he fights like any other Werewolf, save he’s not a big fan of that whole “regenerate when my health is low” thing the other ones did. You know, the most annoying part? Yeah, so he shouldn’t bother you in the slightest, just strike him with three fast attacks at a time, preferably after dodging one of his attacks or blocking it with Quen, using Cursed Oil to up the damage.

When Morkvarg falls, that’s when things get interesting. Talk to the fallen beast-man and he’ll promise you a reward if you free him from his curse. Righty-o. Question him, hear his sob story, then finish him off and loot his remains for some “Werewolf Meat” , among other goodies. While you’re here, search the cave, namely the north-eastern corner to find a hole in the ground, which suggests more caverns underneath this one. Next investigate the armor Morkvarg was talking to, before finally grabbing the book “ Polymorphy“ off the ground nearby.

The Cause of the Curse

Now, Morkvarg was ranting about some key, and given the way he obsessed about it, it might be a good idea to go find it and see why he wants it so badly. Leave the cave, return to the sluice gates and repeat the process you did earlier; namely, flip the right (northern) lever first, then flip the left (southern lever). This should have opened the northern-most sluice gate, so dive into the water again and swim north, the dive under a waterfall and swim through the underwater passage to the north, then east. When you surface, loot a chest then search some bones nearby to find the “Padlock Key”. Morkvarg has been here for years and still hasn’t found this key?

Swim back out of this cave, climb out of the water, then return south-west back across the bridge, climb onto the roof of the shack, then from there climb over the wall. Continue backtracking to the south-west through the garden, then scale a wall to return back to the tree where Yennefer busily waited for you to do all the work earlier, where Skjall’s body still rests. From this tree head north-east to reach the chapter house, which you can now explore. The eastern room has two chests you can loot, while the western one contains a chest, which in turn houses “Morkvarg’s Journal”. Give it a read to find out some interesting information about Einar… yeah, gonna have to go have another chat with him…

Leave the garden and fast-travel back to Larvik, the head to the port and chat with Einar again, who is considerably less friendly this time around. Probably has something to do with Geralt’s greeting. You can avoid a fight by saying “We don’t need to fight”, then “Lift curses - that’s what I do.” After which he’ll explain how, exactly, Morkvarg got cursed. You can convince him to give you what you need to break the curse by then saying “Do it for the priestesses.” Of course, what fun is that? Einar was far from a saint in the past, and while he might now try to stand on the moral high ground, where’s the justice for all his victims? Sure, it’s not a Witcher’s job to mete out such justice, but since Einar is so easily provoked, one can hardly fault Geralt for picking a fight here. If you do, put down Einar (level sixteen) and the handful of Warriors (level fifteen) that join him. Either way, make sure you get the “Cursed Fang” , either by convincing Einar to hand it over, or from his cold, dead hands.

A Fitting Feast

That last step was unnecessary, as you’ve had the means to partially cure Morkvarg’s curse since cutting some meat off of him earlier, but now, with the Cursed Fang, you have all options at your disposal. Return to Freya’s Garden, find Morkvarg in his cave again, and put him down. When he’s on the ground, talk to him one more time to get several options. If you want to partially cure Morkvarg’s curse, feed him some of his own meat. This will allow his hunger to be sated, but it won’t cure his lycanthropy - he’ll die as a beast, which isn’t much of a change, really.

Objective Reward
For feeding Morkvarg his own flesh XP / Salmian Brigandine

A Cure for a Killer

On the other hand, if you give Morkvarg the Cursed Fang, he’ll turn back into his human self. Be sure to have asked Morkvarg for a reward before freeing him, and when he’s back to his old, raping, pillaging, murdering self, be sure to remind him about the reward he promised. After he tells you how to claim the reward, you can let Morkvarg go free - and by his own admission, he seeks nothing less than to continue his reign of terror - or you can put him down. Best part is, you can still claim the reward whether you let him live or not. The most lucrative course of action - and the one that seems to result in the most justice and less marauders roaming free - is to kill Einar and take the Cursed Fang, then free Morkvarg from his curse, and after you get the reward, kill him.

Objective Reward
For giving Morkvarg the Cursed Fang XP

Claiming Your Reward(s)

However you did it, you’ve got a reward to collect… or possibly two! First things first, return to the cave-shrine of Freya to the east and talk to Josta, who will give your reward.

Objective Reward
For ridding Freya’s Garden of Morkvarg 50 XP / 85 Crowns

If you gave Morkvarg the Cursed Fang and got him to promise you a reward, fast-travel back to Novigrad, more particularly the Southern Gate of the city. From the signpost cross a bridge to the north-west, go through an arched gateway, then immediately turn west and go under a red brick arch and enter the first building to the north, where you’ll find the Loan Shark, who will furnish you with a reward once you drop Morkvarg’s name.

Objective Reward
For dropping Morkvarg’s name in Novigrad 50 XP / Deithwen / Torn-Out Page: Werewolf Decoction
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