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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hazardous Goods

Nathan Garvin

Much ink has been wasted on the lives of the affluent, powerful and famous, but the pampered existence of these privileged few depends on the dirty, dangerous and thankless work of the common folk. One such working man, Gert Borel, makes a living in part due to his foolhardiness and thus far unfailing constitution, which allows him to deal with the plague-touched bodies of his fellow peasants. Help this salt of the earth deal with a hardware malfunction in the quest Hazardous Goods in The Witcher 3; this page will provide a walkthrough for the aforementioned quest and will cover the aftermath.

Quest Objectives

Starting Hazardous Goods

You can find this quest by stumbling across it - from Lindenvale follow the road east towards Toderas and you should stumble across a group of Ghouls (Lv4) threatening a wagon on the road. There are three bridges crossing the river north of Lindenvale - this quest starts just a bit west of the middle bridge.

Defeat the Ghouls and Rescue Gert Borel

Geralt doesn’t really need an excuse to fight Ghouls, but the start of this quest is as clear-cut as Witcher’s work gets. Kill the Ghouls by whatever means you have at your disposal - these critters shouldn’t be much of a challenge by this point in the game - and rescue Gert Borel. You don’t have to worry about Gert being attacked, as the Ghouls will ignore him in preference to Geralt. After all three Ghouls are slain you’ll can talk to Gert, who shows an alarming lack of caution considering the… hazardous goods he’s transporting.

(1 of 3) You’ll find Gert’s cart along the road east of Lindenvaule.

After a bit of silly bigotry you’ll get a chance to pick a dialog option. Suggest burning the wagon (“Oughta burn your wagon.”) and after some chatter Geralt will get the honors of carrying out the task, over Gert’s grotesque penny-pinching. Hit the wagon with Igni and after some more chatter Geralt will give Gert some more wise advice. The quest ends with you getting a pittance of EXP for your troubles.

Check Up on Gert Borel

The quest may be over, but there’s a followup event you can find involving Gert. Gert lives south of Toderas, west of Benek, in a small house surrounded by three Monster Nests. Honestly it’s a wonder he’s lived this long - he shouldn’t be bragging about his resilience to disease, but rather his great fortune that he hasn’t become some monster’s snack by now.

Finding this run-down house should be easy enough - you can see it on the map, but it’ll be a while before Gert appears at home. A few weeks need to pass before he’ll appear, so you might be better off just busying yourself with other tasks, but it’s worth noting that if you wait near Gert Borel’s house, he won’t appear until you fast travel away, then back again. When he finally shows up, talk to the man and it’ll quickly become apparent that his fortitude finally failed him. Not fully, however, and the vigor that once used to spare him from the torments of the plague are now prolonging his suffering. He’s got a simple request - kill him and burn his body. If you decline, nothing will happen, but if you agree Geralt will put Gert out of his misery off-screen, earning him a small amount of EXP. Burning the body afterwards provides no further reward and there are no consequences either way, but it’d be cruel not to send ol’ Gert off the see his dearly departed wagon.

(1 of 3) Some weeks after the quest you can find Gert Borel at his house west of Benek.

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