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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Other side content around Lord of Ulvik

Nathan Garvin

Guarded Treasure (Level 13)

Ignore the road into the mountains for a bit and from Hjalmar’s ship continue north-west and you’ll pass under some wooden structures, near which are all manner of barrels, crates and parcels to loot. Scour the area for goodies, then continue north-west until you find a Guarded Treasure event just off the shore to the west. The guardians in question are a flock of Sirines (level thirteen) and another Ekhidna (level nineteen). Exterminate them, then head to a small rocky island to find the chest they were guarding.

Return to Hjalmar’s ship and head up the western road at the triangular fork, following it as it turns south and leads up into the mountains. Shortly on you’ll find a rock slide, where it appears a good part of Hjalmar’s crew met their ends. Investigate it to get a rather tepid response from Geralt, then continue following the road until it forks. The north-eastern road will just take you back to the “Marlin Coast” signpost, while continuing south leads to a broken bridge.

Process of elimination, then, dictates that you head north-west. Cross a rickety bridge, loot some roadside supplies and identify the corpse of another Clan an Craite explorer. Keep your Witcher Senses on to spot the signs of a litter being dragged, then follow the road as it veers north, where you’ll eventually witness a symbiotic relationship between monsters.

You’ll first encounter the Lord of Undvik near an ominous, inland ship (left). Inside the ship is Octo, who is quite barmy after all he’s been through (right).

After the giant leaves, head south and kill some Sirines (level fifteen), then loot some barrels and crates to the east of the ship, all the while enduring some singing. Once you’re done looting turn west and use a hull breach to climb into the ship, where you’ll find a man named Octo. Talk to him to learn that… well, he’s not quite right in the head, but given what he’s been through, that’s not surprising. He’ll talk about the giant and also tell you that he saw Hjalmar and his crew, although he can’t give any specifics beyond that. As you go to leave, he’ll made an odd request for some mundane objects - Twine and Nails.

Leave the ship and head north-east under the vessel, then follow some wooden frames to the north-east. While you go, keep your eyes to the north-west to find some planks on a rocky ledge, which you can loot to obtain some Nails. You have the Nails you need now, but the Twine, you’ll have to provide on your own. Fortunately, it’s a common enough item you’ll get from dismantling all sorts of armor. If you’ve got the materials, return to Octo and hand them over for a surprisingly large experience reward.

Objective Reward
For bringing Octo some Nails and Twine 200 XP

Leave the ship again and this time head south-west to find a road, which you should follow south-west, then west. Follow it until you find a fork, at which point turn north-west to find Hjalmar’s camp. At the camp Geralt will state the obvious, after which activate your Witcher Senses and investigate the bodies to surmise that it was probably the Sirines that killed the warriors - not the giant. You’ll also find tracks leading along one road to the north-west, while a trail left by a boat being dragged leads to - then along -another road to the south-west.

Head south-west, then south, following the trail until you reach the northern shore of a large lake. Search a body near the shore west of the dock and investigate a boat nearby to gather a bit of information, then continue south-west across a rocky pathway alongside a waterfall to find the “Urskar” signpost. Ignore the carnage lying around, as you merely came here for the signpost, which will make the necessary backtracking quicker and easier.

Treasure Hunt: Shortcut (Level 13)

Speaking of backtracking, return back north-east across the shallows and turn your attention to the house near the dock, looting a chest under a shelter out front of said house. Once done, turn east to find a cave, which is infested by Wraiths (level sixteen). Head inside the cave and banish the Wraiths, then loot a chest before turning east and exiting the cave via another opening.

Loot some parcels near a boat along the shore, then turn north-east and run along the coast, cross a bridge, then search another boat to find a “Torn Piece of Paper” . Give it a read to start the quest “Shortcut” then turn south-west and swim into the lake, diving near the search area to start looking for your treasure, which is, of course, under water. Dive right at the center of the search area to find a sunken ship, on which you’ll find a chest. Loot the chest to score the steel sword “Bloed Aedd” , amongst other treasure, and more importantly, complete this quest.

Important Items in this Area
High-Quality Smithing Tools
Old Key
Mysterious Map
Key to Vigi’s Cage
Diagram: Mastercrafted Wolven Boots
Plain Key
Traveler’s Notes

Master Armorer (Level 24)

When you surface you’ll find the “Clan Tordarroch Forge” signpost, which is a welcome discovery. Before you mess around with the building to the east, though, let’s take a short - but profitable diversion. Head north from the signpost to find a road leading west into a cave, which is occupied by an Ice Troll (level twenty-six). Kill it and loot a chest to find some “High-Quality Smithing Tools” and the silver sword “Deithwen” . These tools should allow Fergus to craft whatever armor your imaginations come up with… or what’s on whatever diagrams you find.

Geralt discovers the giant’s grisly pantry (left). Make s short diversion and slay the Rock Troll that guards the smithing tools Fergus wants (right).

Treasure Hunt - Ruins, Hidden Treasure, You Know… (Level 18)

Loot the giant and its cave, then leave and return to Dorve. It’s time to go hunt down that treasure mentioned in the letter you picked up earlier. Head along a trail north-east of Dorve until you find some ruins, which are guarded by some Sirines (level thirteen). Kill them, head through a doorway into a ruined tower, then scale a ledge to north-west and climb a ladder. Here you’ll find a monster nest you can’t deal with, but more importantly you’ll find a chest nearby. Looting it completes the quest “Ruins, Hidden Treasure, You Know…” .

Mastercrafted Wolven Boots Location

Leave the tower and follow the road south-west towards Dorve, and when you reach a fork continue south to reach another, larger ruined structure. Make your way to the south-western edge of these ruins to find an ornate chest, just lying on the snow. Inside you’ll find the “Diagram: Mastercrafted Wolven Boots” .

Gull Point

Now, there’s more to do around Undvik, but it’ll require some sailing. Use the “Dorve Ruins” signpost to return to the “Marlin Coast” signpost, then board your ship (ignoring Hjalmar and company). Your goal now is to sail north out of the bay, then make your way south along the eastern end of the island. Stick close to the coast, however, as you’ll discover the “Gull Point” signpost on a peninsula. What purpose does this signpost serve? Not much, really… but who doesn’t want to fill out their map?

Smugglers Cache (Level 10)

Continue sailing to the southern end of Undvik and note three smaller islands south of Undvik, running in a line from south-east to north-west. Sail to the southern end of the eastern-most island, making your way between the islands two small peninsular “arms” and two tiny islands. Off the southern coast of this island you’ll find a Smuggler’s Cache event, with the customary three barrels floating near a derelict vessel. Dive into the water and kill some Drowners (level ten), then loot the treasure.

There’s still a little bit of treasure to be had around here, so swim back to your boat, then pilot the vessel north to the southern shore and make your way onto the island. Trudge uphill to the northern end of the island to find an altar, upon which lies the corpse of a dead bear. loot two chests on either side of the altar, then return back to your ship.

Sail north-west and land on south-western end of the middle of the three islands. When you find purchase on land, work your way uphill to the north-east and activate your Witcher Senses to spot a chest well-camouflaged in some bushes to score some treasure. Loot this chest, then make your way east over some short, snowy hills to reach more forest and continue traveling north-east along the transition where green vegetation gives way to rock and snow to find a second chest hidden by some trees. Loot it, then make your way to the north-western end of the island, which forms a diagonal line. Near the center of this coast you’ll find another, smaller, circular chest full of goodies.

Guarded Treasure (Level 21)

Return to your ship and sail to the eastern coast of the next island to the north-west, even though your destination is the south-western corner of this island. Still, sheer cliffs prevent you from getting on the island at any other place (save the northern end of the island, but why make your on-foot trek longer?). Land near the island, then make your way onto the beach and head uphill to the south-western end of the island to find a Guarded Treasure event. Here you’ll find a Cyclops (level twenty-one), which is easily dispatched with a few blasts of Igni (gotta love that damage-over-time!) Put the beast down, then loot the chest it was guarding to complete this event. If that’s not enough loot for you, however, you can find a few parcels and a crate along the northern end of the island, near the beach.

Hidden Treasure (Level 16)

One more island remains to the north, and this one is rather oddly shaped, looking as it was split nearly in half. Sail to the northern end of the island, then navigate south-east down the island’s cleft to find a Hidden Treasure event near the shore. Make your way to the shore and kill two Bears (level sixteen), then search an armored corpse lying amidst some crates and parcels to find a “Plain Key” . Once you’ve got the key, head uphill to the west and slightly south to find the chest the key unlocks. Loot it to complete this event.

Treasure Hunt: Precious Haul (Level 13)

Only one more event to clear before you’re done with Undvik. Board your ship and sail out of the cleft, then sail north-east. Spot an tower looming in the distance on a rocky island that seems almost… custom-built for the purpose of housing an ominous tower. You’re not here to mess with that tower just yet, however, instead you want to make your way to the peninsula to the south of the island this tower is on, which makes the north-westernmost point of Undvik. Sail through Harpy-infested waters and under a natural stone bridge, then sail south-east along the peninsula’s eastern coast to find a wrecked ship.

Abandon your boat and swim over to ship to find a corpse on the deck, which can be looted for some “Traveler’s Notes” . Read the notes to start the quest “Precious Haul” then swim north to the south-eastern end of the island with the tower on it to find the search area. Kill two Sirines (level thirteen) then dive to find a chest in the center of the search area.

You’re now done exploring Undvik, so sail back to the “Marlin Coast” signpost to find that Hjalmar and his friends have left without you. How rude! Oh well, this signpost is still the fastest way to get off Undvik.

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