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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Cave of Dreams Walkthrough, Loot, Rewards & Choice Explained

Nathan Garvin

The Cave of Dreams is another side missions, which you can pick up around the Kaer Muire area of the map. You can grab this once you’ve freed yourself from the madman’s grasp and may undertake another classic Geralt mysterious mission in a foreign land. Here is a walkthrough for the Cave of Dreams, featuring loot and choices you can make.

The Cave of Dreams Walkthrough (Level 14)

That’s enough looting for now. Sail to shore (or walk there, if you skipped the sailing) and approach some Skelligers sitting on the shore near a boat. An uppity one rudely questions Geralt. You now have a choice to make. Either use Axii to convince him to let you pass (for bonus experience) or just pick one of the other two dialogue options to get past. It’s not really a choice, you just get some bonus rewards if you actually leveled your Axii sign up while leveling and getting attribute points.

Board the boat and talk to Blueboy Lugos, who is no more friendly than his crewmates were. Convince him to take you into the Cave of Dreams with him and say you’re ready to go and you - and Lugos’ best warriors - will head into the cave… after some proper introductions, of course, and a description of why the place is called the “Cave of Dreams”.

Objective Reward
For using Axii on Lugos’ crewmate 40 XP

Meet with Blueboy Lugos near the Cave of Dreams (left) then enter the cave and drink a concoction near a totem (right).

Venture into the cave with your hardy Skellige pals and drop down a ledge, where four Nekker Warriors (level fourteen) lurk. Geralt and the Skelligers both view these critters with contempt, and with good reason - they’re but a nuisance before the real dangers further in the cave. Kill them, then Geralt and the Skelligers will examine a totem and talk about the next phase of their plan. Concede to their herb-fueled scheme and after the effects of the concoction kick in you’ll be ready to face your “dreams”.

Objective Reward
For going on a ride 50 XP

Once you’re good and hallucinating venture north to witness a shared vision, then continue up either passage to the north-east or north-west, as they both lead to the same place. In an out-of-place court you’ll find some specters (level fourteen), who will attack after Uve’s nightmare plays out. Despite being ghosts, they fight like humans… and spectral shields are just as good as real ones at frustrating frontal assaults. Cut them down and some rocks will move out of your way to the south-west, providing a path forward.

Objective Reward
For surviving Uve Jabberjaw’s dream 50 XP

Defeat the spectral Skelliger warriors that haunt one of your companions (left). Blueboy Lugos faces a more familiar terror (right).

Continue south-west until you find another silly apparition in the tunnel to the south-west. If you keep going that direction, you’ll find another Skelliger’s dream, this time being beset by a pair of spectral Sirines (level thirteen). You should be well-versed in killing these beasties by now, and, if you did any of the optional exploration along the way, you’ve certainly fought off more than a pair of them before. The Sirines make an accusation against the Wolverine, one which will be explained away with little detail after the fight by one of his companions. Drunken slurs and patricidal accidents are what haunt these Skelligers, rather than any of the real crimes they’ve undoubtedly committed during a life of raiding and pillaging

Objective Reward
For surviving the Sirine dream 50 XP

Go north-west and some rocks will lower out of your way. Continue in that direction and dispatch a Water Hag (level thirteen), which is a fine change of pace compared to the misplaced monsters that haunt the Skelligers. After you get done dealing with what is just another aspect of daily life for a Witcher, continue west, then north-west to find another totem, just after Geralt voices his concerns. Approach it and Lugos will meet his nightmare - a rather mundane one, but something many can probably relate to. Defeat the spirit that haunts him (it’s on fire, and will pass that status on to you, but it does paltry damage compared to the Ifrit you may have fought earlier in Phillipa’s lair) and continue uphill to the north-west.

Objective Reward
For surviving Blueboy Lugos’ dream 50 XP

From the site of Blueboy Lugos’ daddy drama head uphill to the north-west, then drop down a ledge to reach the snowy site of Geralt’s nightmare, which is predictable enough. Defeat two Hounds of the Wild Hunt (level thirteen), who are now fond of summoning ice spikes to defend themselves. Once they’re gone attack their master, who is easy enough to defeat with the good old strong attack/dodge combo. After he’s sufficiently damaged you’ll be privy to a bit of banter and a cutscene, after which you’ll be woken up later by Blueboy Lugos. This ends the quest “Cave of Dreams” .

Objective Reward
For surviving your own dream 50 XP
For surviving the Cave of Dreams 80 XP

All this wandering around might have seemed frivolous, but it did serve a purpose… honest. Okay, maybe there was a bit more exploration than strictly necessary, but if you completed either “Possession” or “The Lord of Undvik” before this quest, it would have complicated matters. Best that you deal with it now.

Cave of Dreams Loot

Even though you’re done with Blueboy Lugos, there’s still treasure to be gained in these caves. Loot some skeletons in the chamber you wake up in, then head down a tunnel to the north-west to find two chests, a sack, and a skeleton to loot. Two more corpses lie in the eastern tunnel, but they’re not nearly as lucrative. Once you’re done looting, head up a ramp to the south and leave the cave. Funny thing, the cave seems a bit smaller when you’re not intoxicated…

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