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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

How to Defeat the Bruxa in Corvo Bianco

Nathan Garvin

The Bruxa is the beast that reaps havoc across the Corvo Bianco vineyard, and so, a witcher is a good way of taking back control of it. So, you have a new beasty to fight, and so, here come s tutorial on how to beat the Bruxa of Corvo Bianco in the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Expansion.

(1 of 2) Search the carnage at Corvo Bianco to identify the monster prowling about,

Search the carnage at Corvo Bianco to identify the monster prowling about, (left), which will allow you to prepare with Vampire Oil and Black Blood. (right)

Preparing for the Bruxa in Corvo Bianco

During the Main Quest The Beast of Toussaint you’ll need to head to Corvo Bianco to continue your investigation after a quick stop at the Cockatrice Inn. As you approach you’ll quickly find that things are amiss - assuming corpses aren’t part of the estate’s normal decorations. Investigate the corpses, an overturned wagon and a discarded cloak to identify the attacker, upon which you’ll be prompted to check your bestiary to make preparations.

Descend into the cellar under Corvo Bianco and follow the trail of carnage until you find its source - a Bruxa. Given your divergent goals, it becomes fairly obvious you’re not going to be friends.

Since you were able to identify your foe ahead of the battle you should have been able to prepare, and this fight will be much, much easier if you have a Black Blood potion ready to go. You should also apply Vampire Oil to your sword and consider having a Tawny Owl potion on hand, as well. Once you’re ready, head into the wine cellar to confront the Bruxa.

(1 of 2) Toss up a Yrden sign and block to thwart the Bruxa’s invisible assault,

Toss up a Yrden sign and block to thwart the Bruxa’s invisible assault, (left), then counterattack - between your silver sword and Black Blood you should have no trouble chipping away the Bruxa’s life bar. (right)

How to Defeat the Bruxa in Corvo Bianco

The Bruxa only has three attacks, only two of which you’ll see regularly - the Bruxas claw swipes and her screech attack. The Bruxa will generally create distance between you before charging up her screech, which projects a wave of sonic energy at you, and during this attack there’s generally little you can do except dodge to the side. That said, it’s pretty easy to dodge. Her claw swipes also wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for her speed and invisibility, which can make her a bothersome foe to fight. She doesn’t deal much damage, even on Death March she’ll take at least five or six attacks to kill you, but that’s small comfort if you’re having trouble hitting her.

You’ll need to neutralize her invisibility, and fortunately you have several ways of doing this. First, you can hit her with a Moon Dust Bomb, which will mitigate - but not elminate - her invisibility, and generally make it easier to track the Bruxa. Debuffs will also usually reveal her location, and Yrden’s slow not only accomplishes this, but also makes it easier to deal with her in melee due to the slowdown the sign inflicts. Finally you have the Black Blood potion, which will inflict poison on vampires who get near and prevent them from healing by drinking your blood. Since the Bruxa has a seldom-seen grapple attack where she’ll attempt to feast on Geralt to heal herself and she generally relies on close range claw attacks, Black Blood is worth its weight in gold for this fight.

(1 of 2) Dodge the Bruxa’s long range screech attack,

Dodge the Bruxa’s long range screech attack, (left), while Black Blood should punish the Bruxa if she gets thirsty. (right)

Drink a Black Blood potion and drop Yrden signs whenever you can, then stand your ground and block. When the Bruxa attacks, counter with fast attacks; you’ll likely only get a strike or two at a time before the Bruxa leaps away, but between the oil-enhanced silver sword and the damage Black Blood inflicts you shouldn’t have much trouble cutting the Bruxa down. When she leaps away, keep an eye on where Geralt is looking, as he’ll spot the Bruxa for you and dodge its screech attack. Keep Yrden up throughout the fight, use Quen’s Active Shield to heal yourself if needed, and if your stamina is low, use a Tawny Owl to keep topped off.

It may take a bit of time to kill the Bruxa, but with Vampire Oil, Black Blood and Yrden the outcome should never seriously be in doubt.

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