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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

To Bait a Forktail Walkthrough: Cave Location & Eskel Horse Race Tips

Nathan Garvin
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If you fancy moving on with the main story in Kaer Morhen, then players will need to partake in the To Bait A Forktail quest. The main missing continues to help fellow Witcher brother, Eskel, who has some tasks for you before the Wild Hunt appears. Here’s a to Bait a Forktail Walkthrough,m to help you along that path.

To Bait a Forktail (level 19)

Time to take an ever-so-brief break from hunting down Witcher set diagrams and get back to the business at hand; helping Eskel. Return back north-east to the road south of the river and follow the tracks south, then south-east when the veer off the road. They’ll continue past some ruins (with lootables around them) before you’ll finally spot Eskel’s mount, Scorpion.

Investigate Eskel’s camp to score some Enhanced Draconid Oil, then examine some more tracks on the ground. Follow the tracks until they terminate a short while later, then search a nearby tree to pick up a scent trail. Apply some Draconid Oil to your Silver Sword, then follow the scent trail south-east, then east until you find more tracks, which eventually lead you to Eskel.

The two Witchers will banter a bit before being interrupted by the Forktail. How rude! Harass the Forktail (level eighteen) until it flies off, then chase it south-east. When you lose track of it, activate your Witcher Senses and examine a blood trail, then follow the bleeding Forktail uphill to the south.

Bait a Forktail: Cave Location

Scale some ledges and listen to Eskel chat about his horse until you eventually you’ll find signs that the draconid landed. Follow the new trail to the north and into a cave heading north-east down a slope into the cave housing the Forktail’s lair. At the first fork turn south, drop down a ledge, then continue into a small chamber. Loot a chest in a recess to the east then follow the trail up a ramp and scale another ledge to reach the Forktail’s lair. Finish the beast off, then collect the materials Yennefer wants from the Forktail - some “Forktail Spinal Fluid” . Yum.

Search the center of the chamber to find a chest containing the “Diagram: Enhanced Wolven Gauntlets”, then leave the cave.

Eskel Race Optional Objective

Once outside Eskel will challenge you to a race; pitting Roach against his Scorpion. Indulge him or not - he likes to ride slow until he’s near Kaer Morhen, so you don’t need to gallop until you cross the stream near the fort. Win the race and Eskel will give you a reward… but it’s nothing major, so don’t fret if you get sick of Roach constantly throwing the race at the end.

Objective Reward
For beating Eskel at a horse race 200 XP / Mountain Folk Boots
For slaying the Forktail 600 XP
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"Win the race and Eskel will give you a reward…"

If you refuse to take a reward you lost a XP points for the race too!

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"Win the race and Eskel will give you a reward…"

If you refuse to take a reward you lost a XP points for the race too!

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