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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Of Swords and Dumplings Walkthrough in Novigrad

Nathan Garvin

You should have plenty of weapon and armor diagrams by now, and you’re probably still a good ways away from being able to actually crafted any of the “mastercrafted” weapons, but there’s no point in putting off acquiring the services of a sword-smith competent enough to craft them. This is where the Of Swords and Dumplings Witcher 3 sidequest in Novigrad comes in, and it’s within the level range of quests that still give decent experience (level 24-ish). Time to finally help out Hattori in Novigrad.

In this of Swords and Dumplings Witcher 3 walkthrough, expect to find a detailed process of completing the mission. Moreso, we let you know other interesting things to watch for that’s generally helpful to your wider gameplay session, and more.

Here is everything you need to know about the Witcher 3’s Of Sword and Dumpling Quest.

Of Swords and Dumplings Walkthrough for The Witcher 3

Before we begin, If you forgot, the NPC that kicks this off lives near the center of the docks district, east of the Eternal Fire Shrine where you met Triss during “Count Reuven’s Treasure” and west of where the King of Beggars holds court. It’s also recommended you take on the Of Swords and Dumplings quest around level 24, but there’s some lee-way if you’re slightly under leveled.

To start the quest fast-travel to the “Glory Gate” signpost and cross the bridge to reach Novigrad. From there just follow the road north-west to reach the square where Hattori lives. Make your way into his shop and talk to the odd elf to get him to tell you his woes. Despite his obvious talents he’s been forced out of business by a more ruthless rival willing to play the racist card. All of Novigrad seems to have that one in their decks… anyways, at length he’ll ask you to escort him to a clandestine meeting where he might acquire the materials to forge again.

How to Get Into the Warehouse of the Swords and Dumpling Quest?

Once you’ve agreed to help him, head west to reach the northern crescent of the docks district. East of the “Novigrad Docks” signpost you’ll find a warehouse, outside of which you should rest until midnight. Once you’re in the right place and it’s night, follow Hattori south around the warehouse and through a door to meet the King of Beggar’s thugs. If this hasn’t worked maybe try waiting for another night and see if that works?

Once that’s done and you have got into the warehouse, negotiate with the thugs and play a hard-ass, and when they walk away you’ll get a timed decision. Say “Fine, no deal.” to secure your demands and a fine share for Hattori. Sadly, these successful and lucrative negotiations are broken up by Cleaver’s men. Kill the dwarven thugs (level twenty-three) then flee through a door to the east with Hattori. Head north under an arch and the King of Beggar’s thugs will tell you the score. Sadly, Hattori loses his nerve and bolts.

Objective Reward
For negotiating on Hattori’s behalf 20 XP / 20 Crowns

Hiring for Hattori

Return to Hattori’s shop and knock on the door to have a conversation with the flighty elf, who will beg you to aid him further. Only one thing can resolve this issue, now that Cleaver’s likely not too happy with Hattori and the King of Beggars will expect something to come of this deal - Hattori needs a bodyguard. Fortunately, he has one in mind.

Head to the Golden Sturgeon to find Hattori’s prospective bodyguard engaged in some fisticuffs. After you interrupt him, Sukrus will take his wrath out on you. Pummel him (level twenty-five) into submission and, like any good Skelliger, a little fight only improved his disposition. Later, over a cup of mead, tell him about the job and he’ll propose a favor for a favor… of course. Agree to help him and he’ll tell you your destination and the details of what he wants done.

Leave the tavern and head north along the coast, turning south onto a large dock when you get the opportunity. Follow the dock south-east to nearly the end, then board a ship to the north. Either Aard some barrels on the deck of the ship and fight off some Bandits (level twenty-three) or talk to the Trader on board and hit him with the Axii Sign.

Objective Reward
For using the Axii Sign on the Trader 40 XP

Return to Sukrus at the Golden Sturgeon and tell him the good news, then return to Hattori… but it seems like you’re not done yet. Hattori has muscle and means, but he still needs more material.

Objective Reward
For convincing Sukrus to help Hattori 10 XP / 10 Crowns
For talking to the now-protected Hattori 10 XP / 10 Crowns

Borrowing from van Hoorn

Go talk to Sukrus and tell him about the new task, then head to a meeting spot near the Golden Sturgeon, just beyond the bridge that connects the western end of the docks district to the central district. Rest until midnight again if you must, then talk to Sukrus again and he and Geralt will discuss plans.

Head north-west along the coast to find the warehouse you’re looking for, where you’ll find the Trader you assaulted earlier complaining to the guard outside. After the dwarf chases the merchant off you’ll be free to deal with the dwarf, whose response to you varies depending on what choices you made in the previous game - or what choices you said you made, in any case. If you sided with Iorveth at the end of the first chapter you’ll get a warm welcome from the dwarf, being a friend of a friend and all, and will be able to talk him into letting you into the warehouse for free. Otherwise, however, you’ll have to bribe him (200 Crowns) or use the Axii Sign on him to get past.

Objective Reward
For using the Axii Sign on the Guard 40 XP

Unlock and enter the warehouse, then activate your Witcher Senses to sniff out (literally) the crates you need to mark for Sukrus and his crew. The crates in question are along the north-western wall and in the corners along the north-eastern end of the warehouse. When the three crates are marked, leave the warehouse to find you’ve got some company.

Witness a surprising scene of brotherly comradarie, make a pointless timed dialogue decision, then fight off van Hoorn and his goons (level twenty-three). If you had just done this from the start, you wouldn’t have needed to have done all the other work for Hattori - violence tends to solve things like that. Oh well.

Finishing off the Of Swords and Dumplings Witcher 3 Quest

Now the violence is out of the way, return to Hattori to find him working again. Chat with him and he’ll promise to give you a taste of his craftsmanship, just rest a day and talk to him again to claim it. Best of all, you can now get him to craft master-quality weapons, which will definitely come in handy later. Be sure to purchase “Edwin Greloff’s Fourth Map” from him, as it’ll show you to way to the best Griffin gear in the game, starting the quest “Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 4” . You may also find the “Well-Preserved Notes by Hieronymus on the Witcher Gear” which starts the quest “Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1” … which you should have already completed, if you’ve read other parts of our guide.

Objective Reward
For allowing Hattori to return to his forge Blade from the Bits

Of Swords and Dumplings: How long to Wait and Bugs Worth Noting

Throughout this quest and then crafting a legendary sword, you will likely encounter some annoying wait bugs. If you have any problems with the wait parts of the OF Swords and Dumplings Witcher 3 quest phases, then you typically need to wait a full 24 hours. If a part of the mission requires you to wait till a certain time of day, then wait for the following day at that time frame or window.

If you have completed the quest and are waiting for the master craft to complete, you will need to typically wait a day or two. If that doesn’t work, try visiting the crafter and that may fix the annoying Of Swords and Dumplings bug. Sometimes the quest objective mission doesn’t update correctly.

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