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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Deadly Crossing: Boatmaker's Hut

Nathan Garvin

In the wake of the Nilfgaardian invasion, law and order in Velen only reaches as far as the swords and pikes of those in power. Despite their claims to be a civilizing force, the Nilfgaardians rely on incompetent proxies or outright neglect much of their new conquest, and in these gaps ne’er-do-wells thrive, with bandits and looters clogging roads, villages and sacked villages throughout Velen. This page will cover the “Deadly Crossing” event near the Boatmaker’s Hut in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Quest Objectives

Starting Deadly Crossing: Boatmakers Hut

An island southeast of Crow’s Perch and east of Oreton now serves as a haven for bandits, disgracefully profiting just a stone’s throw away from where the Bloody Baron reigns. The only way to reach this island while keeping your feet dry is via a bridge on the northwestern edge of the island, which connects to the mainland. This bridge is just east of the Brickmaker’s Hut signpost. Approach and you’ll find that some Bandits are guarding the bridge in lieu of any legitimate authority - just get close enough and the quest marker will appear on your map. Like the other “Deadly Crossing” events, this quest doesn’t have an entry in the quest log.

Approach the bridge east of the Boatmaker’s Hut to find some Bandits have taken control of the crossing.

Deal with the Bandits Guarding the Bridge

Approach the Bandits and one will demand you pay for the privilege of crossing the bridge. Are bridges supposed to tilt like that? Whatever the case, it’s the only way across unless you fancy swimming. Fortunately, Geralt isn’t your average traveler, and as a Witcher he’s got his own way of securing passage. Pick the option ’See this medallion?“ and Geralt will call attention to his medallion, the symbol of his guild, and these Bandits might not be keen on maintaining a bridge, but they know what a Witcher is, and want no part of it. This will cause the Bandits to retreat up to the road to the Boatmaker’s Hut, where they’ll invariably come into conflict with and subsequently fall prey to the Ghouls there, if the necrophages haven’t been cleared out yet.

If you’d rather kill the Bandits yourself, you can instead pick the dialog option “Go ahead. Try to take my coin.”, which naturally provokes them. Dispatch the three Bandits (Lv3), all of which are armed with one-handed weapons and aren’t terribly noteworthy. This unfortunately applies to their loot, as well.

(1 of 2) Inform them you’re a Witcher to watch them grovel,

Inform them you’re a Witcher to watch them grovel, (left), or show them you’re a Witcher to watch them die. (right)

Find the Hidden Treasure

While the Bandits and their loot may have both been mundane, this wasn’t a completely fruitless endeavor. Use your Witcher senses near the northern edge of the bridge and you’ll spot some tracks running across the road. Follow these tracks west and south to the western south of the bridge and they’ll terminate near a chest near the shore. Unlike the Bandits, this chest can prove to be rather lucrative.

(1 of 2) Search some tracks north of the bridge,

Search some tracks north of the bridge, (left), and follow the tracks to a chest near the bridge. (right)

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MASSIVE UPDATE: 7th September 2016 ongoing

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