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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Skellige - Fists of Fury: Champions of Champions

Nathan Garvin
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Now you’ve beaten all the mainlanders up, because thats what Geralt has the power to do, now its time to fight those viking pirate nerds instead. While Skeliige’s residents are much tougher in stature, nature and culture, they are still no match for a Witcher. Once again, expect Skellige’s Fists of Fury quest to offer match fixed gambling, intentionally throwing to some poor nerd, or just straight up beating the crap out of them to finish this questline off in style.

Important Items in this Area
Diagram: The Digger
Diagram: Nilfgaardian Guardsman Armor
Diagram: The Tamer

Fists of Fury: Skellige (level 30) Walkthrough

You’re now done with all the contracts in Skellige (only two left in the main game!), but there’s one last thing that ought to be done before you leave Skellige again. See, you’re the fist-fighting champion of Velen and Novigrad. Everybody acknowledges that you’re the baddest bruiser in the land… everybody except the Skelligers, anyways. That must change! You’d think that by being the champion of Novigrad you’d get a shot at the best Skellige has to offer, but sadly that’s not the case. You’re going to have to work your way up the ranks, defeat three scrubs, then - and only then - can you challenge Skellige’s champion.

First stop on this pugilistic patrol is Kaer Trolde, or more specifically, the tavern where Yennefer was staying. Outside of this tavern you’ll find a Fightmaster, who will set you up with your first fight with Valgard. Before you begin, however, he’ll take you aside and make a most un-Skelliger like request of you. Where’s your honor, man?! At least he knows he couldn’t win fairly, and honestly, who is Geralt to come between a man and his beloved? Promise to throw the fight or not, then follow through… or not. You lose nothing by letting Valgard impress his Eryka, but you don’t really gain anything, either.

Still, be wary of Valgar; he starts out the fight with a lightning-quick jab, which fighters in this tournament will do any time you’re close to them. The old tactic of countering your foe’s attack, then immediately responding with two quick punches of your own before dodging back holds for this fight, and for the rest of the tournament.

Objective Reward
For beating Valgar 25 XP / 70 Crowns / Diagram: The Digger

After Valgar falls you’ll be referred to your next two foes; Einar awaits you in Faroe and Grim can be found near Arinbjorn. Another Einar? Must be a popular Skelliger name. Fast-travel to the “Harviken” signpost and you’ll find your next opponent near the rest of the brawlers outside of Jutta’s house. Talk to the Fightmaster here and challenge Einar - Madman Lugos’ bastard. Despite having the blood of Madman Lugos in his veins, he’s no more of a threat than Valgar was.

Objective Reward
For pummeling Einar 25 XP / 70 Crowns / Diagram: Nilfgaardian Guardsman Armor

Next stop is Arinbjorn, so fast-travel there and head west around a house to find Grim and his Bookie. Talk to the Bookie and he’ll put you into a contest with Grim - a lumberjack who spends his off-seasons punching people in the face. Use what you’ve applied in previous fights and he should be no problem.

Objective Reward
For out-fighting Grim 25 XP / 70 Crowns

You’ve crushed your enemies, seen them driven before you, and heard the lamentations of their women! Well, maybe that’s a bit much, but you’ve punched a bunch of people better than they’ve punched you, and now it’s time to challenge the best fist-fighter in Skellige - Olaf. Fast-travel to the “Urialla Harbor” signpost on An Skellige and follow a road north-east out of town to find an arena north of the road. Head uphill to the western side of the recessed fighting pit to find a Bookie, who will tell you about An Skellig’s proud boxing history.

Agree to fight Olaf and head into the arena, and after a bit of chatter and drama, Olaf will show up and… yeah. The Bookie’s story about An Skellig’s history wasn’t just for show - they meant it when they said Duns Ursus fought beasts with his bare hands! Dun Ursus? Ursine? Seems that Geralt wasn’t joking when he said he’d fight like his life depended on it. This fight takes a slightly different skill-set than other fist-fights; you won’t be blocking Olaf, you just have to wait until he attacks and dodge out of the way, then capitalize on Olaf’s mistake to score two quick strikes before dodging out the way again. Repeat until you’re victorious, after which a man will approach you and ask if you want to go pro and challenge for the title of “Champion of Champions”.

Objective Reward
For defeating Skellige’s top three pugilists 50 XP / 90 Crowns / Gwestog
Trophy/Achievement Icon


Defeat Olaf, the Skellige champion of unarmed combat.

Trophy icon

Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions (level 11)

Well, you already defeat a damn bear, what can be worse than that? Agree to go pro and fast-travel to the “Hov” signpost on the eastern end of Spikerogg, where you’ll find that the Skelligers have turned the arena you freed from its resident ghost into the stomping grounds of its champion of champions. Talk to the nearby Bookie and this time Geralt will be wise enough to ask just what he’s going to be fighting this time… wisely, as it turns as, as the champion of champion is nothing less than a Rock Troll.

Agree to fight and you’ll head into the arena. As you may have guessed, you won’t be blocking any attacks, as a troll just has too much power behind it to make such a tactic effective. In fact, the Errant Troll (level twenty-eight) fights much like any other Rock Troll in the game with a few important differences; it won’t throw rocks and your fist strikes actually do a fine job of staggering it. The last bit allows you to dispense with your typical boxing tactics and fight aggressively, as you’ll likely interrupt most of its attacks if you land your strike first. Simply punch the troll repeatedly until it puts up its arm to block then dodge back and wait for it to lower its guard and perhaps to counter attack - this counter attack after raising its arm is just about the only attack you can’t knock it out of. If it does get any attacks off, you’ll just have to dodge, especially during its wild, swinging, multi-strike charge attack. Deplete the troll’s life bar most of the way and it’ll forfeit, making you the undisputed champion of champions and finally ending the fist-fighting questline.

Objective Reward
For becoming Champion of Champions 50 XP / 90 Crowns / Diagram: The Tamer
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Brawl Master

Complete all fistfighting quests in Velen, Skellige and Novigrad.

Trophy icon

From a Land Far, Far Away - Part 2 (level 13)

You’re now done in Skellige, save for a handful of high level map markers you can’t clear yet and perhaps some plot developments… but yeah, anyways, done for now. Fast-travel back to Novigrad, more specifically the village of Ursten south of Novigrad itself. From the signpost head down the road to the south-west to find a Warrior in need of help. When you talk to him he’ll ask if you’ve seen a foreign woman and a… plaetyn? Clearly he’s a foreigner himself, and he has less than gentle intentions for his fellow foreigners. Either tell him that you don’t know where they are, or outright refuse to help him. In the latter case he’ll attack, forcing you to end his hunt, permanently.

Whether you leave him alive or not head west to reach the coast, which is encompassed by a large search area. Head north along the coast, turning west when you can and run west along the northern end of the bay west of Ursten until you find a shipwreck. Activate your Witcher Senses and examine the crest on the eastern end of the ship’s hull to identify it as the sister ship to the one sunk in Skellige, then find some tracks to the north of the ship, which you can follow uphill to the north, north-west. Near an abandoned fortification you’ll spot a woman, who will waste no time in running off. Let her go and loot a chest well-hidden by some bushes, then climb a ladder to the watch tower to score some parcels.

Once you’re done looting head north around the fortification, then head downhill to the north-west to reach the beach. At this point turn south to find a cave near the “Widow’s Grotto” signpost, inside of which the foreign woman anxiously awaits. If you killed the foreign warrior earlier, she’ll thank you and leave. If you didn’t, he’ll show up and try to convince you to hand the boy and woman over. If you didn’t talk to the Warrior in Ursten… well, he won’t show up and make demands until after you’re done talking to the foreign woman, where you can give her the Letter Sealed with Impermeable Wax and the Captain’s Log you found in Skellige. If the Warrior shows up, either side with him or not, if you don’t, you’ll have to put him down. If you do, he’ll kill the foreign woman. Given the politics mentioned in the letters you picked up, this might have drastic ramifications for the future of the far away country some time in the future… but in the land of the nordlings, at the present, it’s of little consequence.

Objective Reward
For resolving a foreign dispute 50 XP

You’re now done with all the unfinished business that’s level thirty or lower. You should possess all the Witcher Diagrams save those for the Wolven set, and there are only two Witcher contracts left to do. All in all, you’ve done almost everything there is to do in the main game, it’s time to focus on Ciri for a while.

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"then climb a ladder to the watch tower to score some parcels." We already loot this parcels in this part of guide: https://www.gamerguides.com/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt/guide/walkthrough/novigrad/the-wilderness-south-of-novigrad#bandit-camp-level-9

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"then climb a ladder to the watch tower to score some parcels." We already loot this parcels in this part of guide: https://www.gamerguides.com/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt/guide/walkthrough/novigrad/the-wilderness-south-of-novigrad#bandit-camp-level-9

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